You might be aware that Sanha has posters/pamphlets/leaflets which they distribute in order to promote their tarnished reputation. Sanha has recently ‘warned’ the community regarding slaughtering rumours on poultry and meat products as its heading states. Our objective is to inform the community of being aware of such rumours.

Too many rumours in the Muslim community abound due to the corrupt state of the Ummah. The fact that Rainbow and Early Bird chickens are Haraam is a fact. Sanha is not really trusted by the intelligent ones. All intelligent people have already realised that Sanha is making a wild claim that their chickens are Halaal. Let us give you an example of Sanha feeding the Ummah Haraam meat.

In 2008, The NIHT inspected the ANCA chicken plant which was at that time certified as Halaal by Sanha. Although Sanha does not certify ANCA currently, it is necessary for Muslims to know that Sanha did feed the Ummah haraam meat in the past and currently, it is also doing so. So what happened at ANCA?

The NIHT established that 87% of the chickens were Haraam. The Majlis did not say so! Mufti A.K. of CII did not say so! The Jamiat Gauteng did not say so! Mufti Ilyas did not say so! Moulana Olgar did not say so! The Jamiat Northern Cape did not say so! But Sanhas sister-body, NIHT said so! They inspected the plant without Sanha knowing about it. And they discovered that Sanha was feeding the Ummah Haraam.

Sanha boasts to the Ummah of its professionalism. Where was Sanha’s supervisor at ANCA? The slaughterers also gave affidavits that Tasmiyah was not recited on every chicken and that the birds were not properly cut. And all of this at a speed of ‘only’ 16 birds per minute. If you have intelligence, then you can form your own fatwa regarding the status of Rainbow, Earlybird and all the other carrion plants. What is so difficult in understanding that they are Haraam. In fact, Mufti Ebrahim Desai knows very well that the slaughterers don’t read Tasmiyah on all the chickens at Rainbow. We were informed a few days ago that Mufti Motara of Azaadville doubts Rainbow Chickens. So even the silent supporting Ulama of Sanha doubt Sanha. In fact, Mufti Motara does not trust Sanhas beef at all and does NOT eat Sanhas beef. So what do you expect us to say when so many senior Ulama are doubting Sanha?

It is of no benefit for Sanha to simply say that the people of Truth are spreading rumours when there is so much proof against Sanha. Have you read Sanhas 223 page document. If you read it, you wont trust Sanha because this document today goes against Sanha although Sanha tried to smash the MJC with this document. In this document, you will find that everything what we are saying against Sanha, Sanha said against the MJC. When the MJC did the wrongs, then Sanha was right. Now, when Sanha is doing the very same wrongs which the MJC did, then all of a sudden Sanha remains right and we are accused of spreading rumours. Is this called justice? Do not hesitate to write to us and we will Insha Allah email you a copy of the 223 page document which will shock you and make you realise that Sanha knew that the Ummah was eating Haraam, yet they did NOT inform the Ummah!

All the Ulama know that commercial chickens are doubtful. Yet, Sanha certifies them as Halaal. An Aalim who says that Sanha is trustworthy is not being honest in his opinion. He knows that a lot of things which Sanha has certified as Halaal, are not Halaal according to him. Shellac and ethanol are conspicuous examples of this.

Sanha says that the slaughterers are speaking lies. On the issue of ANCA, even the NIHTs’ inspection of Sanhas plant confirmed that the Sanha chickens were Haraam. It is very easy to accuse the people of Haqq of bribing the slaughterers, whereas the slaughterers were not bribed. If you are interested in evidence, then write to us.

Mufti A.K. Hoosen of CII does not trust Sanha. Now just look at that. Now when Ramadaan time comes and a fatwa is given that one should be careful what meat one uses for one’s pastries, then we are declared as rumour-mongerers. We said that even Mufti Motara does not trust Sanhas beef. Great Ulama such as Mufti A.K. and Mufti Ilyas have written that Rainbow is Haraam. They inspected Sanhas plants themselves and have retracted their views of Halaal! Was Mufti A.K. and Mufti Ilyas also bribed to say that Rainbow is Haraam?

We have Fikr (concern) for our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. We don’t want them to use haraam meat in the preparation of savouries for Ramadaan. Eating Haraam and doubtful foods in Ramadaan is much more worse. Now let us analyze the reality. When Sanhas Ulama go for pre-planned inspections, then everything is Halaal. But, when Ulama who are not associated with Sanha undertake an unannounced unfettered inspection, then a lot of Haraam is discovered. Kindly view confessions below of unannounced inspections.

Ulama Confessions:

“It was also clearly observed that the slaughterers only passed the knife very superficially over the necks of the chickens. On closer inspection it was found that many, if not most of the birds were just nicked with the knife. In many cases the knife of the slaughterers barely cut the skin on the necks of the poor chickens.”

“The birds came relentlessly (moving swiftly on the conveyor belt). The slaughterers held the birds’ necks with their left hands and slit the necks. The slaughtering was done very lightly. In fact, so lightly, that I and my other colleagues saw plenty of chicks with only nips in the necks. We examined a few thoroughly and they did not have even a single vein cut. Only the skin was cut.”

Are these Ulama liars? Does anyone in the world have any proof to come forward and say that the above two confessions of the Ulama are false when these two Ulama had seen it with their own eyes -the reality at a Sanha plant??? The inspections of the Ulama who are not associated to Sanha are more reliable and more credible. The views of the Ulama who support Sanha are not valid as they are merely spreading Sanha rumours. Dozens of slaughterers have testified against Sanha. Were they all bribed? To advertise on Sanhas front page of its so-called halaal gazette, one needs to pay R40 000-00. So, why was Sanha unable to bribe the slaughterers when they earning so much ‘bucks’?

There is so much evidence from even Sanha supervisors to prove what we are saying. Thus according to the Shariah, commercial chickens are Haraam. Abandoning tasmiyah and not cutting the necessary neck vessels is confirmed. Now when such a deluge of evidence is in front of us, do you expect us to say that Rainbow is Halaal? Do you expect us to say that Sanha is Islamically credible?



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