The following is an interesting dialogue between a modern lady and an intelligent young girl (15 years) on the purdah topic.

MODERN LADY: Your father is keeping you imprisoned in the four walls of the house. Don`t you feel that you are in a jail?

PURDAH-NASHEEN GIRL: They keep criminals under lock and key in a jail while they keep diamonds and gold in a safe. I am Papa`s diamond which he keeps in this holy sanctuary (the home-safe). Furthermore, a jail is always locked and under guard while our home is open. The prisoner wants to flee from prison. The prisoner is frustrated and full of grief in prison while I am at peace and rest inside our home. The thought of escaping does not arise in my mind. While prisoners cherish the idea of breaking out of prison to gain freedom, I cherish the safety and peace of these four walls of the home. A fish is at rest inside water, not outside.


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