A: It is not permissible to listen to any of the so-called ‘Islamic’ Radio Stations.

As far as the Shaitaani so-called Islamic Radio Stations are concerned, the following Haraam acts are associated with them:

  • Women on air: According to all the Fuqaha, it is not permissible for a woman to project her voice. The manner in which women speak over these so-called Islamic stations is absolutely Haraam. Only a jaahil opines the opposite of it being permissible. It is a clear exhibition of jahiliyyah prostitution.
  • Discarding and total violation of Hijaab. It is not permissible for a woman to leave her home in order to participate in a radio program as a presenter, etc. Furthermore, these Shaitaani radio and TV stations violate the laws of Hijaab in several ways.
  • Interviewing women and giving mini biographies of women.
  • Indulging in Photography, Videos, etc.
  • Facebook links and linking people to much Haraam.
  • Airing and propagating Baatil views in the name of Islam.
  • Associated with the Ulama e Soo and The Mudhilleen. We can point out that each and every so-called Islamic radio station in South Africa is associated with evil Ulama. Insha Allah, in the future, we will tackle each radio station separately.
  • Participating in Haraam shows, souks, awards, and functions.
  • Associated with the halaal certifiers such as Sanha, MJC, ICSA, NIHT, etc. All of them are faasiq. They know this themselves.
  • Propagating Bid’ah acts such as congregational loud thikr.
  • Engaging in much futility and drivel.
  • The Radio stations of Shaitaan in the guise of Islam are guilty of imitating the Kuffaar in many of their programs. Their emulation and mimicking of kuffaar presenters and broadcasters is indeed very despicable. Tashabbuh is Haraam and dangerous for one’s Imaan. And, this is a million times worse for Muslim women who mimic kuffaar women like clowns in their  They make apes and fools of themselves when they  attempt to capture the natural mannerism of kuffaar women in their voices  when making their devilish  radio presentations and announcements.
  • Advertising and Promoting Haraam.
  • Allowing Shias, salafis, fussaaq and other rubbishes to come on air.
  • Zina of various degrees on the radio station.
  • Allowing women to phone in during programs. The Molvis and Muftis of these stations are indeed very be-hayaa. It makes us wonder – What did their Ustaads even teach them in Madrasah?
  • Women and men cracking jokes together.
  • Women reading out recipes and news. It is difficult to even believe that ‘Ulama’ come on these stations when they know that so many men are listening to the womenfolk. Did Hazrat Ayesha Radhiyallahu Anha read out recipes and news to the menfolk? Those who come on these radio and TV stations are not worthy of the ‘Ulama’ title. They are among the worse
  • And one of their worst acts is their competitions and dramas in Ramadaan. Can these stations ever be termed ‘Islamic’?
  • Treating the great night of Eid like an amusement night when the reality is that this night is greater than even Lailatul Qadr.
  • Haraam Nazms and Nasheeds. According to all four Math-habs, Nazm Jalsahs and singing Nazms, Naats, etc. for a public audience is Haraam. But these shayaateen of the Radio Stations are not interested in the truth. They are experts at presenting lame excuses and spinning baatil so that it appears halaal to the ignorant masses.
  • Justifying all the Haraam they are involved in.

In this way do they destroy the most auspicious Nights of the year, and along with this destruction, do they ruin the Imaan and Morality of the ignorant masses.

The above are merely a few evils and Haraams associated with these so-called ‘islamic’ radios, which are in fact the ‘forces’ of Shaitaan. These stations are flagrantly and openly aiding evil. It is obviously not permissible to increase the listenership of a radio station which promotes and indulges in such open Haraam acts. It is not permissible to listen to even the ‘good’ of these so-called stations. Your Imaan is in danger with these stations. They will always present all their baatil and falsehood as the truth. As a layman, you will fall in their Shaitaani trap.

According to the principles of Fiqh, warding off harm is incumbent and is  given preference over the acquisition of benefit. The harms and evils of these radio stations outweigh the good by far. Thus, it is not all permissible to listen to these so-called ‘Islamic’ stations. The Ahaadith mention about Allah Ta’ala descending to the first Heaven on these nights while the people are ruining themselves by wasting the holy and valuable nights listening to the evil radio stations and participating in haraam radio competitions. Instead of engaging in ibaadat, they listen to the haraam radios broadcasting their shaitaaniyat. Is this how we as Muslims are supposed to behave?

It is Haraam for men to listen to the womenfolk. Likewise it is haraam for women to listen to men singing nazams. It is Haraam to listen to the Nazms, especially for women. There are many more evils associated. They are in fact leading people astray.


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