There is a great need for an Aalim/Mufti/Sheikh to understand the disposition and objective of the Shariah before he answers any queries. When one issues a fatwa, then a person is actually saying that Allah and his Rasul Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam are saying so-and-so. Therefore, a person needs to think very carefully before he issues any Mas’alah or Fatwa. Undoubtedly, issuing fatwas is very dangerous and not the work of everyone. In fact, most Ulama are not capable of issuing proper fatwas.

The Shariah stipulates that the Eidgah is an open field located on the outskirts/boundaries of the town. It is not in the middle of the town. Furthermore, it is Sunnah to go to the Eidgah.

The argument that a sports field, school ground, university campus, etc.  is a Sunnah Eidgah is ludicrous. The following reasons explain why:

  • It is within the town. Sports fields and school grounds are not on the outskirts. It is regarded as part of the town/city.
  • A haraam venue. A stadium is not a halaal venue. Just as how a brothel, casino, cinema, pub, church, etc. are Haraam venues so too are a sports field/stadium, school ground, university campus, etc. These are not halaal venues.
  • Soccer, cricket, baseball, basketball, etc. are haraam. Going to secular school, university, ‘muslim’ school, the so-called ‘islamic’ schools, etc. is Haraam. By performing Eid Salaah at such immoral venues, people gain the impression that kuffaar sports, public schools and the so-called ‘muslim’ schools are halaal.
  • Major sins which have become acceptable and respectable norms are committed at these venues. These are  places upon which the wrath of Allah descends. A Muslim should hate such a venue of sin. A venue of sin cannever be an Eidgah even if no sins will take place at the Eidgah.
  • When the Musjid should not be used for Eid Salaah, then to a greater extent such evil places should not be used for Salaah. We also don’t understand how a haraam venue could surpass the Masjid for the Eid Salaah?
  • A Muslim should not be present at mal’oon places. These sportfields and school grounds are Mal’oon (accursed) places.  Allah’s’ curse is on them. What virtue is there on such grounds?
  • There is no need to use any of these places since there are ample empty grounds on the outskirts available for Eid Salaah. If there is no empty ground available, then the best of places, i.e. The Musaajid are available. The worst of places are not places which should be used for Salaah. A venue of sin and immorality cannot be equated to the Sunnah Eidgah.
  • Desensitizing an Imaani attribute of Hayaa. A Muslim has much Hayaa and this Hayaa prevents him from visiting a haraam place/venue. Thus, a Muslim will not even buy bread from a pub. A Muslim will not sell popcorn to those who are few steps away from the cinema entrance. His Imaan produces such an aversion for sin in him which compels him to stay away from such accursed places. By choosing a haraam venue, the Hayaa has to be very corroded and the Imaan
  • When an evil venue is chosen for a holy act such as Salaah, then this indicates much disrespect for Salaah.
  • The Sunnah Eidgah is abandoned, and this is fisq.
  • When even the Musjid is not to be used unnecessarily for Eid Salaah, then by what stretch of logic, is a Haraam sportsfield to be used for Eid Salaah?


Some arguments have been presented in defence of Eid Salaah on sportsfields, school grounds, etc. Each and every argument is drivel and misdirected. We came across an article from the UK where the performance of Eid Salaah on sportsfields, school grounds, etc. is defended. The writer clearly lacks in understanding of the Shariah.. In addition to it being unacademic, the way in which the writer reasons and presents proofs, point to the fact that he has a salafi temperament. He refers directly to the Qur’aan and Hadeeth for masaail, but does not understand that neither does he have the competency for ijtihaad, nor is ijtihaad on decided Shar’i issues permissible in this age. Some of their baseless arguments are as follows:


Some people aver that “It is reported that Ibn Abbas (R.A.) would perform his Salaah in churches if no idols or pictures were present. [Bukhari vol.1 pg.62] Thus if Salaah could be performed at the places of the Jews and Christians, it could similarly be performed at the parks, sports fields etc. (The Salaah will be absolutely valid without any decrease in the rewards).” (end of argument)


  • Firstly, it is not permissible to refer directly to the Qur’aan and Hadeeth for Masaail. The argument presented in this manner indicates the salafi tendency of the molvi.
  • Secondly, whilst the Salafi wishes to create the impression that his view of Eid Salaah at stadiums, etc. is based on Hadeeth, it is rather his personal opinion bereft of Qur’aanic and Hadith support which shall soon be examined and laid bare.
  • Thirdly, There is a difference between the validity of the Eid Salaah and the Sunnah Eidgah. Whilst Salaah would be ‘valid’, i.e. discharged at a sportsfield, it is not permissible to use a sportsfield as an Eidgah. The Sunnah Eidgah should not be confused with the Eid Salaah. We are speaking of an appropriate venue and not of the validity of the Salaah.
  • It seems as if the salafis have presented this Hadeeth of Ibn Abbas Radhiyallahu Anhu because according to the Fuqaha, one is not allowed to even enter a church or synagogue. This is explicitly mentioned by the Hanafi Fuqaha. When one is not allowed to even enter a church, then how can Salaah be performed in a church!
  • The salafi-type qiyaas presented is fallacious. If idols, pictures, crosses, etc. are removed from a church, then too a Muslim should not perform his Salaah in a church. One does not require brains to understand this fact.
  • Hazrat Ibn Abbaas Radhiyallahu Anhu’s action is an exception. The ‘church’ was merely an empty building. It was not a church like today. It was merely a building which was used as a church unlike the sportsfields, school grounds, campuses, which are currently used for Haraam.
  • Furthermore, the action of Ibn Abbaas is not meant for emulation. It merely indicates the validity of the Salaah in the absence of idols, pictures, etc. being present. We are not arguing about the validity of the Eid Salaah on a sportsground. We did not say that the Eid Salaah on a sportsground should be repeated. All what we are saying is that a sportsfield, campus, etc. is not a Sunnah Eidgah!
  • Since, the Fuqaha have ruled that it is not permissible to even enter a church, the action of Ibn Abbaas Radhiyallahu Anhu may not be interpreted to negate this Shar’i order.
  • The molvi’s averment that “Thus if Salaah could be performed at the places of the Jews and Christians, it could similarly be performed at the parks, sports fields etc.” is corrupt. What is the proof from the Fuqaha that Salaah could be performed in a church or synagogue? The molvi is not a Mujtahid. He is not a Faqeeh. Hence he speaks drivel in conflict of what the Fuqaha have stated. When it is Haraam to even enter a church, then how could it be possible for one to even perform Salaah in such a Shaitaani place? The molvi lacks proof for his claim.
  • A person will be rewarded for the Eid Salaah,but one will not attain the thawaab of the Eidgah at a sportsfield, campus, school ground, etc. How can the thawaab of a Sunnah Eidgah be attained when a sportsground, etc. does not qualify as a valid Sunnah Eidgah???
  • The Hadith of Ibn Abbaas Radhiyallahu anhu does not abrogate the Masnoon practice of the Eidgah. The qiyaas (reasoning) which seeks abrogation of a Law of the Shariah is corrupt and fallacious.


Continuing his drivel, he states: “The bazaar is also a place where many undesirable and un-Islamic activities take place. However, if the Salaah is performed at such a place the rewards are still earned totally. It is reported in a narration of Saheeh Bukhari that: “The Salaah performed with the congregation in the Masjid is twenty five times more superior than the Salaah performed at home or in the bazaar (alone).” (ibid) From the above it is clear that Salaah could be performed at the bazaar except that due to it being performed individually the rewards of jamaat (congregation) will not be obtained. However, if the Salaah is performed with the congregation even in the bazaar, the rewards will be twenty five times more than performing it individually. The bazaar has been described in the Hadith as the “worst place on the earth”. When Salaah could be performed at such a place (and the rewards still be attained) it could similarly be performed at the parks, sports fields and the like thereof without the rewards being decreased.”        

Our response:

  • We never argued with regards to the validity of the Eid Salaah at a shopping mall. But validity should not be confused with permissibility.
  • The Eidgah is to be an open field where the built-up area ends. The comparison of an Eidgah to a Bazaar is ludicrously bizarre.
  • We also did not dispute about the rewards of the Salaah. We are speaking of the Eidgah. The rewards of the Eidgah are not attained.
  • It is a not a question of whether Salaah could be performed in a bazaar or not. It is about Eid Salaah being performed at the Eidgah. If Salaah could be performed in the bazaar, it does not mean that Eid Salaah should also be performed in the bazaar or sportsfield.
  • When one performs Salaah with Jamaat in the bazaar, one gets the reward of performing Salaah with Jamaat. One does not get the reward of performing Salaah at the Musjid. In fact, if one does not go to the Musjid, one would be sinful. Without a valid reason, it is not permissible to perform one’s Salaah, albeit with Jamaat, at any other place besides the Masjid. The Masjid is the place for Salaah – not the jamaat khanas at the shopping malls. So just as one would not receive the Thawaab of the Musjid when one performs Salaah at the marketplace, malls, etc. in the same way, one will not receive the thawaab of the Sunnah Eidgah if one performs Eid Salaah at a school’s field. On the contrary, one will be sinful for leaving the Masjid if one does not have a valid reason for not performing Salaah in the Musjid. Similarly, one will be sinful for abandoning the Sunnah Eidgah and utilising an accursed venue such as a schoolfield, sportsground, campus, etc. for Eid Salaah.
  • The salafi arguer then clearly proves his lack of understanding by saying: When Salaah could be performed at such a place (and the rewards still be attained) it could similarly be performed at the parks, sports fields and the like thereof without the rewards being decreased. We are not arguing about the rewards of the Salaah. And what is his basis for claiming that the reward is not decreased for performing Salaat in an accursed place?  Despite the bazaar being the worst of places, it is a place of lawful need which even the Ambiya frequented. School grounds, sportsfields, campuses are never ever regarded as a necessity in Islam. On the contrary, they are accursed places of sin and immorality.
  • The salafi molvi also perpetrates skulduggery by saying that Salaah could be performed at a bazaar. Validity and permissibility of performing Salaah in the bazaar do not cancel  the compulsion of performing Salaah in the Masjid with jamaat. The permissibility of Salaah in the bazaar is an act totally separate from performing Salaah in the Masjid. This argument is completely fallacious.  Eid Salaah should not be performed at even a Musjid –leave alone a bazaar , and moreso an evil accursed venue.
  • Furthermore, shopping malls are not designed as places of Salaah. The place of Salaah is a Musjid. A Muslim only frequents the bazaar, mall out of necessity. One is allowed to go to such places out of necessity – real necessity. Going to the malls for a walk or to pass time is Haraam. There is much Haraam there. When one is not allowed by the Shariah to visit places of Haraam, then by what stretch of Islamic logic, could one actually utilise a Haraam venue for one’s Salaah when there are so many halaal alternatives. Performing Salaah in the mall unnecessarily instead of the Musaajid, is not permissible. A person who is unfortunately trapped in an accursed mall due to need, has no alternative other than performing Salaah there to avoid it becoming qadha. It is not permissible for him to set out from home with the express intention of performing Salaah in  the abode of the Devil. Eid Salaah is not to be performed in the Musjid – forget even the malls and the haraam sportsfields, the evil school grounds, the shaitaani campuses, and the devil’s stadiums.


The lost molvi  then presents the following irrational argument: “Often at such fields religious gatherings take place. A totally religious environment is created. Salaat is also performed. Can it be said that the reward of the Salaah performed there will decreased in any way!?”


Yes, it will be drastically decreased. The Venue for Salaah is the Musjid, not the haraam place where kuffaar, fussaaq, fujjaar and scum revel and frolic. It is incorrect to use a shameless venue for one’s Islamic gatherings. This is the fundamental error – holding a Deeni activity in a shaitaani venue. These fields are cursed. The wrath of Allah descends upon them. There is so much haraam in kuffaar sports that it makes a person wonder at the ignorance and intellectual deficiency of professed ‘scholars’ who are unable to understand that all these acts are Haraam.  Just as how a cinema or casino zina resort should not be used for an Islamic function, the same way Eid Salaah should not be read at such evil places.

We also do not and did not and are not arguing about the rewards of the Salaah. We are speaking of the Eidgah – not the Salaah. Hosting the Eid Salaah at such venues confers acceptance and permissibility, albeit false, to these  evil places. Everyone is aware that there is no proper Hijaab at the so-called ‘Muslim’ schools; that pornography is taught, and other evils such as music, pictography, haraam sport, etc, are integral to secular schools. The so-called Muslim schools are Haraam. But even Ulama lack Islamic intelligence. They shamelessly send their  children to Jahannam by admitting them to these immoral cauldrons of hell.

Recently, some ‘Ulama’ had a function at one of these so-called “Muslim” schools in the name of Moulana Qaasim Nanotwi Rahimahullah. Choosing the ‘muslim’ school as a venue for an Ulama function indicates the mental corruption of these  Ulama who organised and participated at such a function. It is not possible for an Aalim of the Haqq to have been present at such a function if he had a proper understanding of the Shariah and knew of the evils of ‘Muslim’ schools. Much Haraam takes place at these Muslim schools and yet the Ulama wish to utilise such a venue for their function. After all, it was a merrymaking function and it is obviously not difficult for us to understand why Moulana Qaasim Nanotwi Rahimahullah had stated  that the majority of the Ulama in his time were Ulama e Soo. In today’s time it is 95% or maybe even 99% of the Ulama who are Mudhilleen (misleaders) taking people straight into Jahannam via Shaitaan’s National Highway of propagating, defending and indulging in  Bid’ah and Baatil, and also remaining silent in the face of Baatil.

The slight digression was necessary to highlight the  evil of the venues which are selected  for the Eid Salaah.


The salafi molvi then states: “The above discussion leaves no doubt that any open field on the outskirts should be used as a Musalla. By performing the Eid Salaah in the Masjid, a Sunnatul Mu’akkadah is omitted and the wisdom and benefits of the Musalla is lost.”

He clearly mentions outskirts, but these parks, sportsfields, school grounds, university campuses are within the built-up area. They are not on the outskirts. When one performs Eid Salaah in the Musjid for no valid reason, then one will be discarding a Sunnatul Muakkadah! So do you think you will be fulfilling a Sunnatul Muakkadah when you perform Eid Salaah at a Mal’oon detested sportsfield which awaits Allah’s impending Athaab? Obviously No! it seems as if the molvi lacks wisdom and he does not understand the harms when one hosts an Eid Salaah at a shameless venue of the devil such as Stadiums, sports fields, school grounds, campuses, resorts, ghost parks, etc. When one will be leaving out a Sunnah by performing the Eid Salaah in a Musjid, then we are unable to understand the stupid wisdom of how it would be possible for one to be upholding the Sunnah when one performs Eid Salaah at the venue of the devil???

The Musjid has  a greater right than the venues of the devil in the absence of a proper Sunnah Eidgah – not a sports field, school ground, university campus, stadium or animal park. This fact could be better understood from the Shaafi’ view that the Musjid is adfhal (better.of greater merit) for the Eid Salaah than even the Eidgah.


The self-proclaimed ghost-mujtahids say that Eid Salaah must be on a field. However, they have failed to understand that when the Shariah says a field, it does not mean a mal’oon or evil ground. Furthermore, the Shariah stipulates that it should be where the built-up area ends. Thus, it is in fact a Bid’ah to have Eid Salaah at evil grounds. This displaces the actual Sunnah. We find many salafi-type Ulama contradicting themselves in this regard such as the salafi molvi whom we are refuting in this article.

Furthermore, don’t quote to us the views of this Aalim and that Aalim. If their views are in conflict with the Shariah, then their views will be set aside. We are not Muqallids of the Ulama of Nizaamud Deen, Dhabel, Paalanpur, Patta-pur, Alaska, Iceland, China, Antarctica or anywhere else in the world. We follow the Fuqaha whose verdict is the final word, for they understood the Shariah better than all the myriads of  hollow ‘scholars’ of this age.

Revive the Sunnah of the real Sunnah Eidgaah on the outskirts and let us stop looking for silly excuses. Twice a year, we are not prepared to stand up for the real Sunnah Eidgaah, then when will we ever be ready to defend and uphold the Sunnah of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. A Shaitaani venue or evil place can never be a Sunnah Eidgaah!



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