Allah Ta’ala commands all women in Surah Ahzaab, Aayah 33 to remain at home: “And remain in your homes (O Women!)”. The Shariah states that a woman may only come out of her home for necessities. The Shariah itself determines the necessities. In this era, 99% of female emergence does not come within the scope of ‘necessities’.

The Fuqaha are unanimous that women have been commanded to remain at home. It is Waajib for them to remain within the confines of their homes:

  • “… undoubtedly women have been ordered with qaraar fil buyoot (to stay always at home) and they have been banned from khurooj (emerging from the home) because there is fitnah in khurooj.” …….and it is very rare that the gatherings of females are free from fitnah.” (Mabsoot)
  • “And most certainly they (women) have been ordered with qaraar fil buyoot (to stay always at home) Allah Ta`ala says:

And remain firmly to your homes” (Sharah As-Siyarul Kabeer)

Allamah Ibn Hajar Haitami Rahimahullah, A very-high authority in the Shaafi’ Math-hab, has issued a detailed Fatwa wherein he states that it is Haraam for women to attend the Musaajid and the Bazaar. We have mentioned this Fatwa in detail on our website. When it is not permissible for women to attend the Masaajid, then how can it be permissible for a woman to attend a women’s day celebration!


The evil program of SANZAF is shamelessly advertised as follows: “SANZAF hosts a Women’s Day Celebration Sunday 30 August 2015 @ Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa. From 09:30am : Limited tickets still available @ R250 per person Women from all walks of life will be given all round five-star treatment at this morning of love and pure inspiration from the delicious brunch to the dynamic motivational speakers. Call xxx or zzz on 021 xxx 0zz5”

The function is Haraam because of the following evils:

  • It is in violation of the Qur’aanic command of women remaining at home.
  • The emergence of females from the home for invalid reasons, which is sinful. A women’s day celebration is an evil, kuffaar, lewd practice. It is pure fisq and fujoor. When women are not allowed to emerge from their homes to attend the Musjid, how can it ever be permissible for them to participate in this kuffaar practice of  evil, fisq and fujoor?
  • The celebration is in emulation of the Kuffaar. Women’s day celebrations are haraam. Thus, it is haraam for even men to attend this vile function of immorality. There is no such a thing as a women’s day in Islam! Every single day is a woman’s day and a man’s day.
  • Women will look at men and men at women. Both acts are Haraam!
  • The dressing of women which is also un-Islamic. The modern Abaaya is shameless.
  • The venue is immoral. The Crystal towers Hotel is a zina venue.
  • Women driving cars is also not permissible because it is in complete negation of Hijaab.
  • A woman’s voice is also Hijaab. Her voice possesses the ability to incite passion in man. She may not unnecessarily speak to men. Speaking to a ghair mahram is zina of the tongue. Nabi (sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “And, the tongue – its zina is speech (with lust).”
  • And the worst crime is that SANZAF portrays itself to be an ‘Islamic’ organization, but it holds Haraam functions and even boasts about such Haraam on its website.
  • Haraam photography. (Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said that the person who will receive the worst punishment on the day of Qiyaamah, will be those who make/take pictures/photos.)
  • Intermingling of sexes which is Haraam according to all Math-habs.


Keeping in mind what has been stated above, we should be very careful as to whom we should give our Zakaat.  Zakaat is Fardh. When it comes to discharging our Zakaat, we cannot trust faasiq organizations. A Faasiq should not be appointed as one’s wakeel (representative) in the discharge of one’s Zakaat. SANZAF is a faasiq organization. They openly break the laws of Allah such as their flagrant sin of photography, which they openly and heartlessly publicize without any fear for Allah. The evil women’s day celebration organized by this miscreant Zakaat-collecting entity confirms the haraam status of  SANZAF.  It is not permissible to entrust Zakaat or even Lillah funds to SANZAF. The flagrant commission of kabeerah sins conforms the fisq and fujoor of SANZAF.





The Glorious Qur`aan, every Muslim knows, is the Kalaam (Word) of Allah Ta’ala. There is nothing more sacred than the Sacred Kalaam of Allah Ta’ala. It is the Muslim’s highest and dearest object of reverence. Any act which detracts from the loftiness and sanctity of the Qur’aan Majeed is accursed and invites the Wrath of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The Qur’aan Majeed as everyone is aware, has been in this Ummah for over 14 centuries. The institutions of Qiraat and Hifz were initiated by Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and continued down the centuries to the present day. The highest grade of Qurrah (Qur’aan reciters) and Huffaaz were produced in millions in the history of Islam. But never in the annals of Islam was the Qur’aan subjected to the nafsaani mockery and shaitaaniyat which the present day evil people parading as learned men and religious guides perpetrate purely for despicable worldly and emotional aims and objects. The incentive of money as prizes is a dastardly evil.

The glory, grandeur and loftiness of Allah’s Word are miserably put up for sale in despicable displays accompanied by a host of evil activities.  Allah Ta`ala states:

“Do not trade My Aayaat for a miserable price.” (Surah Baqarah: 41)

 It is mentioned in the Hadith: “Verily, Allah elevates some people with this Kitaab (Qur’aan), and He disgraces others with it.”) Muslim – Ahmed – Daarimi – Ibn Maajah- Baihaqi)

“If the Qaari recites Qur’aan for the sake of money, there will be no reward for him.” (Shaami – 6: 57)  On the contrary, there is athaab (punishment) for trading the Qur’aan for the miserable price of monetary gain and nafsaani aggrandizement.

Some of the evils which are associated with the Qiraat and Qur`aan competitions are:

  • The Qur’aan is recited as an act of public entertainment.
  • Beardless Qaaris will darken the gathering with their unholy presence.
  • The judges in the competition at times will be clean-shaven – fussaaq of the first order.
  • Then you might also find the presence of the evil shaitaani so-called ‘Islamic’ radios.
  • Picture-making and videoing and maybe even ‘live’ on ITV (Iblees TV) or TV-Shaitaan.
  • Intermingling of sexes usually take place even if there’s “separate facilities”.
  • The Qur`aan will be subjected to mockery and this is what a competition constitutes.
  • Riya (ostentation) and Takabbur (pride).
  • Then such competitions might even be held in the holy month of Ramadhaan.
  • And there might be even female participation whereas a woman`s voice is purdah.
  • The Qur`aan-e-Kareem is recited for the sake of monetary prizes or a few miserable rands.
  • The element of Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar is conspicuous.
  • Evils as mentioned above are vindicated and promoted in the name of the Holy Qur`aan.

A question we may ask ourselves to evaluate these contests: Do these competitions have any resemblance with the Un-Islamic Hollywood and Bollywood and the other Kuffaar awards (such as MGT-Muslims Got Talent) or not? How does today’s nafsaani competitions by faasiq Qaaris compare with what the Sahaabah did? And did the Sahaabah stage public group events of this nature?

Therefore, Qur`aan competitions are not permissible. It is making a mockery of Allah’s Kalaam. The photography, riya, etc. are added factors of prohibition which aggravate the mockery. The Qur`aan is not for such purposes. The Qur`aan is not for winning worldly and nafsaani prizes and to see who can read better and nicer. The Qur`aan has to create khushu’ and strengthen the bond with the Aakhirat, not the dunya. But in these satanic competitions, the Qur’aan is made an object of public entertainment.


Q: Do the Huffaaz and Qaaris who participated in the Midrand Qur’aan Memorization Competition come within the scope of the following Hadith?

Once Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said to the Sahaabah:”Seek protection with Allah from Jubbul Huzn (The Pit of Grief).”

The Sahaabah said: “O Rasulullah! What is Jubbul Huzn?”

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “It is a valley in Jahannum. Every day Jahannum itself petitions Allah Ta’ala four hundred times to save it (from Jubbul Huzn’s heat).”

Someone asked: “O Rasulullah! Who will enter it?”

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The Qurraa’ (plural of Qaari) of Riya (show/ostentation), who display their deeds. Verily, the worst of the Qurraa’ by Allah are those who visit the wealthy.” (Ibn Maajah).

A: Yes, these Qaaris come within the scope of the Hadith which you have mentioned above.

In this Hadith a dire warning is sounded to the Qaaris of our era. Qaaris who participate in qiraa’t competitions, who recite for the public to gain money and acclaim are the serfs of the wealthy. Their sights are set on the wealth of people. They recite the Qur’aan Majeed for monetary gain. Most of them are distinguished fussaaq with clean shaven faces or sporting telescopic ‘beards’. They are destined for Jubbul Huzn. It is haraam to attend their qiraa’t sessions, and it is not permissible to organize such qiraa’t competitions and sessions.

May Allah Ta’ala save us all from Jubbul Huzn. Ameen


One of the worst tragedies had taken place last weekend in South Africa. It is much worse than earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. The damage, which this tragedy has caused, is almost irreparable. Thousands of Muslims have in fact publicized that they have thrown away their Islam because of this tragedy. It is the tragedy of the Turkish Masjid – the kaafir Gulen’s ‘musjid’.

The Turkish Masjid has become a venue for the publication and dissemination  of much Haraam. It has been established to undermine Islam. A Masjid is the House of Allah, but it has been treated last weekend and in the past also as a Kaafir style hall! This is how the Gulen’s temple-masjid is being utilized. Practically speaking, the Gulen’s masjid is not for Islam and true Muslims.  Gulen’s masjid is for Fussaaq and for Zombies. It is not for people of the truth. It is just like a ‘church’ which has minaarets. Nothing else.

It is sad to observe that Muslims are silent with regards to the Haraam Hifz competition which took place last week at the Nizamiye Complex in Midrand. We will now highlight all the Haraam acts which took place at the Qiraat competition over and above all the other Haraam acts mentioned on page 1 of this article.

  • A Haraam expo took place at the Nizamiye complex where food, fashion and fun was advertised.
  • A Faasiq group called ‘Ask Nanima’ publicized it. The Ask Nanima gangsters are fussaaq who aggravate the mockery of the Qur’aan. Stay far away from them as Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “When a faasiq is honoured, the Arsh of Allah shudders.” It is Waajib to boycott their functions, programs and their home industry expos. Never ever support them and never ever visit their website. In fact, you should criticize them and condemn their evil. Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar is the obligation of all    They promote a lot of Haraam acts and Haraam products.
  • Ladies Facilities for the competition and expo are Haraam! Women are commanded in the Qur’aan to remain at home. They are only allowed to leave their homes for necessities. Attending expos, Hifz competitions, etc – not only are they not necessities, they are haraam activities, sacrilegious of the Qur’aan.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – the person who will receive the worst punishment on the Day of Qiyaamah is the one who indulge in picture-making of people and animals. There are numerous Ahaadith severely condemning this act, and there is complete unanimity of the Fuqaha of all Math-habs on its prohibition.
  • The Master of the ceremony was Faasiq, Mudhil, viz. Mr. Menk.
  • The Masjid was like a cinema with a big TV screen.
  • There were photographers right in the Masjid.
  • The Huffaaz that participated were Fussaaq – the type destined for Jubbul Huzn.
  • The Qaaris who participated were Fussaaq. They are Basheer Patel, Ayoob Essack and Rashid Dhabelia. A person who takes photos is a Faasiq. One who participates in evil functions and competitions is a faasiq. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “When a faasiq is honoured, the Arsh of Allah shudders.”
  • It was like a kaafir-style awards evening or Miss Shaitaanah event held in the House of Allah. The ‘Musjid’ was disrespected and dishonoured. Its sanctity was brutally defiled.
  • The following five Shayaateen ‘graced’ the function as well: VOC – voice of the clowns, CII – Channel Shaytaan, Radio ‘Islam’ (more appropriately, Radio Shaitaan) – The Radio of the Joburg NNB Jamiat (No Name Brand Jamiat), Radio Al-Ansaar (i.e. Radio Ansaarush Shaitaan), The Nasaara Radio Station and ITV (i.e. Iblis television) – the favourite channel of deviates and ulama-e-soo’.
  • Faasiqs such as Anver Surty delivered an address in the Musjid!


An Ahmaq ‘Ifta’ student from one of the Darul Iftas has attempted to defend the haraam Qur’aan competitions by arguing that hosting a Qiraat Competition and giving prizes to the best readers would be permissible. It will not be considered to be copying the Kufaar as a precedent if it is found in the competitions that the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum engaged in. However, it should be added that in the manner in which the competition is hosted and the prizes that are given, any emulation of the Kuffaar must strictly be avoided.”


  • We have presented many reasons above why a Qiraat/Hifz competition is not permissible. Qiraat competitions never existed in the history of Islam. There are many evils and Haraam acts associated to Qiraat competitions.
  • As far as prizes are concerned, Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “He who recites the Qur’aan, using it for the acquisition of (worldly gain) from people, will be resurrected on the Day of Qiyaamah with his face as bones bereft of flesh.” (Kanzul Ummaal – Faydhul Qadeer – Mishkaat) The recent Hifz competition held at the Midrand Masjid comes within the scope of this Hadeeth.
  • Then the Ifta student speaks rubbish by saying that it wont be Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar since a precedent is found in the competitions of the Sahaabah. Firstly, did the Sahaabah have Qiraat competitions? Secondly, Did the Sahaabah stage a public event for their competitions? Thirdly, why is Qiraat competitions only a recent event when the Qur’aan is in this Ummah for more than 14 centuries? Fourthly, The Qur’aan is not meant for Nafsaaniyyat and public shows. The Sahaabah did not compete in good deeds for the sake of worldly prizes and worldly name and fame. Fifthly, what are the precedents and what resemblance does present-day competitions have with the perceived so-called ‘precedents’? There is simply no precedence for the Bid’ah Qiraat and Hifz competitions of Nafsaaniyyat and Shaitaaniyyat!  The Ahmaq has sucked from his thumb falsehood with which he  blemishes the Sahaabah.
  • The Ifta student states that any emulation of the Kuffaar must be strictly avoided. But, these public qiraa’t shows and Qiraat and Hifz competitions are in emulation of the Kuffaar. The organizers of these ‘competitions’ behave like kuffaar. They take photos. Prizes are announced. Women also attend and it is even broadcasted by the Ulama e Soo. Not a single one among the Ulama e Haqq approves these Qiraat and Hifz competitions. Any Sheikh or Molvi who says that the Midrand Hifz competition is permissible, can never be an Aalim of the Haq! Every facet of the accursed competition was in emulation of the kuffaar.

May Allah Ta’ala guide and protect us and the community from the evil and deviation of the mudhilleen parading as ‘ulama’.




Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Verily, I fear for my Ummah such Aimmah (muftis, molvis and sheikhs) who are mudhilleen (men who mislead others).”

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam has voiced his fear for the deviation of the Ummah by the ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’, so it is the duty of true Ulama to expose the ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’. True concern for the Ummah will not allow a real Aalim/Mufti/Sheikh to remain silent about the ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’. How can we allow others to mislead the Ummah? There is a need to thoroughly expose such deviates who mislead the Ummah.

The ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’ are the scholars for dollars – the ulama-e-soo’ who mislead the masses with their corrupt ‘fatwas’ in total conflict with the Shariah. The adjective (sifat) of ‘Mudhilleen’ used by Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam with the noun (mowsoof) of ‘Aimmah’ for the coining of the title of ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’, in fact explain that the Ulama-e-Soo’ adopt stratagems, tricks, shenanigans and skullduggery in order to mislead others. One of the common tricks of the Ulama-e-Soo’ of this era is the utilization of Islamic terminology and nomenclature for hoodwinking the unwary and ignorant  public.

The usage of the name “Madinah” for the Bid’ati’s institution dhalaal is extremely misleading. Many organizations love to use Islamic-sounding names for their associations and their wares which serve the purpose of duping the public into believing that they are Islamic or that their products or courses are valid and correct in the Shariah. An example of this is the so-called Halaal organizations which are the agents of Shaitaan. They are deviates and they wish that others should likewise become deviates like themselves. They don’t realize that the truth cannot be hidden as the Haq will always triumph immaterial of it sounding ‘ghareeb’ (strange) to the public and irrelevant of its number of followers.

In Cape-Town especially, the Ulama need to wake up. The majority of the Ulama nowadays are Faasiq Bid’atis involved in a variety of Bid’aat. Furthermore, a Bid’ati always defends his Bid’ah because Shaitaan has manipulated his thinking. Hence, he is unable to understand the villainy of Bid’aat which Shaitaan has presented to him in order to mislead the masses.

Many people will not understand our criticism and condemnation of the errant ‘Madinah’ institute. Thus, there is a need to elaborate. The following haraam misdeeds are found in the Mudhilleen:

  • Photography – this is found par excellence in the Ulama-e-Soo’. Skype and ITV is included here. According to the Hadith, the worst of people will be the people of pictures on the Day of Qiyaamah!  The deviates justify  their haraam  photo-pictures by ludicrously comparing it  with a reflection in the mirror. Can’t  they understand the difference between a mirror reflection and a photo?
  • Non-Observance of Proper Hijaab – This is famous amongst the Mudhilleen and the Ulama-e-Soo’ and the so-called Cape Town Sheikhs or ‘shakes’. They don’t even know what is Hijaab! Women are not allowed to leave their homes, except in cases of necessity. There is an  avalanche of dalaail for Niqaab and women staying at home, but some people remain blind and stubborn. Even the wives of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam covered their faces.
  • Facebook – a perfect place to find the Shayaateen in the form of the mudhilleen sheikhs and molvis!
  • Bid’aat such as Mowlood, Seerah Jalsahs, Customary loud thikr in congregation, Handshaking after Salaah, which includes hugging and shaking hands after Eid Salaah and the Nazm Jalsahs,  and so-called ‘islaahi’ jalsahs, etc.
  • Soccer Tournaments, Netball Tournaments, Souks, Fun fares, haraam kuffaar sports in general, etc.
  • Giving a green light and being totally silent about the Haraam secular schools. And not to forget their so-called ‘Muslim’ Schools. No wonder the Ummah can’t understand true Islam.
  • Mudhilleen supporting each other and being affiliated with the carrion clique such as The Sanha Shaytaan , The MJC devils, NIHT, ICSA, VOC-voice of the clowns, Radio Shiah-Shaytaan in Cape Town (Radio 786) and Jo’burg Radio Shaitaan (Radio ‘Islam’), Radio Nasaara, Channel Shaytaan, etc.

The above is merely a few signs of the Mudhilleen. There are other signs as well. Analyzing the above haraam factors and evils, one will find that the so-called ‘Madinah’ institute deserves a distinction from Shaytaan for being a public victim of each one of the above evils. Yet, these mudhilleen have dubbed their institute as ‘Madinah’ Institute. We are sure that if we study this ‘Madinah’ Institute deeply, we will find them to be amongst the worst agents of the devil in this country.


The Madinah Institute’s 12-page brochure of 2015 is filled to the brim with flaws. They offer a ‘one year intensive course designed under the guidance of’ deviate ‘Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Husayni An-Ninowy’. Let all the dumb students who attend this course understand very well that they will never  attain the qualification of a genuine Aalim by pursuing the  extremely deficient  crash course  provide by the institute of deviation.   The one year stint which this ‘Madinah’ Institute offers is misleading. The fact that they would ‘qualify’ as ‘scholars’ in one year indicates how stupid ‘scholars’ they would be. They would emerge from this institute of deviation with the idea of being Ulama who are the inheritors of the Ambiyaa as the misleading brochure portrays. How can they be the inheritors of the Ambiyaa when they don’t even observe the laws of Hijab and are involved in Facebook immorality?


Another salient feature of the misleading sheikhs and mudhilleen ulama is that when they know that the public is involved in wrongs, they remain silent like ‘dumb devils’. But, when it comes to speaking in the tune of the public, then they justify haraam acts like ‘vocal devils’. One of the admission requirements of this baatil college is ‘12th Grade or equivalent.’ It is so obvious that secular schools are Haraam and majority of the Muslim public is dwelling in deception in this regard. The evils of conventional secular schools are undeniable.

The secular ‘educational’ institutions are dens of zina and of vice of all kinds. The process of prostituting daughters by parents commences from the time the children are sent to primary school. One third of the lives of children is squandered in the evil environment and evil suhbat (companionship) of primary school, high school and university where the coup de grace in the destruction of morals and even Imaan is delivered.


Since studying at the so-called ‘Madinah’ Institute,  is not permissible , it is likewise haraam to squander your R36 000 down the drain in order to gain a worthless  certificate and ludicrous ‘Ijaazah’  from this so-called ‘Islamic’ college. One will observe that they are involved in a variety of Haraam activities. Don’t waste your money on these scholars for dollars. Each and every so-called sheikh is a deviated professional faasiq at this institute of dhalaal (deviation).


The propagation of immorality is part and parcel of the Ulama-e-Soo’s campaign. They are the main causes of all the zina in our Muslim community. Not observing proper Hijaab leads to zina even if a woman is in Niqaab. It is much worse if a woman is not in Niqaab. Intermingling of sexes is Haraam. It is Haraam for ghair mahrams to interact with one another. This is found excessively in all schools and universities – even the so-called Islamic ones.

Propagating lewdness and zina, the shameless devils states: “Madina World Madina Institute Students around the world are connected to each other via the latest social network mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Viber. The Global Madina Institute Family through it’s Intensive Seminars connects students in Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, and USA.” Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Viber are not for the Ulama. It is a forum for deviates and the Ulama-e-Soo’ and for those whom the Qur’aan describes as ‘donkeys loaded with books’. In one year, a person qualifies at the Madinah Institute as a donkey ‘loaded’ with hardly any books.


The rubbish shayaateen claim that its cauldron of immorality ‘is a place where your spiritual journey will flourish and help you grow deeper into your faith and serve humanity. Fosters academic excellence and manifests the line of truth and moderation commanded by the Qur’an and Sunnah.’ There is something really amiss in the brains of a hijaabless person who makes such a claim. What the hell do they know about moderation commanded by the Qur’aan and Sunnah when the Qur’aan and Sunnah clearly command that women must remain at home and that photography is Haraam? They foster haraam relationships and manifest the line of baatil in order to serve the people of Baatil and grow them deeper into Bid’aat which very simply facilitates that the journey to Jahannam will flourish!


Ninowy is in the league of the deviates such as Hamza Yusuf, Suhaib Webb, Ismail Menk, Moron Abu Laith, etc. Their participation in Bid’aat, their indulgence in photography and Facebook, and their reckless abandonment and neglect of Hijaab and anti-Hijaab propagation clearly confirm their deviate status which is known in Qur’aanic terms as ‘donkeys loaded with books’ and in our customary parlance, they are known as Deviate Fake Scholars for Dollars.

Instead of their views being based on Qur’an and Sunnah, their baseless baatil opinions are grounded in baseless opinions of desire. They are not all accredited by renowned Islamic Institutions of Islamic Learning.

Ninowy’s book on Meelaad/Mowlood is likewise baseless. Mowlood is Bid’ah! Not a single verse or Hadeeth proves the permissibility of Meelaad. A detailed article will Insha Allah be published on the evil of Mowlood as well as on Nazm Jalsahs and Seerah Jalsahs.

Had there been a basis for Mowlood in the Shariah, the Sahaabah would have been the very first to have a Mowlood. The Sahaabah understood the Qur’aan and Hadeeth better than Ninowy, the MJC Fussaaq, the entire Cape Town, Laudium, Lenz and Durban,   all the Barelwi Bid’atis, and all the Bid’ati deviates of  the whole world. Yet, the Sahaabah did not have Mowlood. There is no basis for this Bid’ah in the era of  Khairul Quroon. May Allah save us from the evil of these Mudhilleen. (Ameen)




Hadhrat Ubaidullah Bin Umar Qawaareeri (rahmatullah alayh) who was the Ustaad of Imaam Bukhaari (rahmatullah alayh) and of Imaam Muslim (rahmatullah alayh), narrated:

“I always performed Isha Salaat with Jamaat. I had never missed Isha with Jamaat. Once, whilst entertaining a guest, I missed Isha Jamaat. I set out into the streets of Basra searching for a Musjid where Isha Salaat had perhaps not yet been performed. However, I could not find a single Musjid. Isha had already been performed and the Musaajid had been closed.

     I was much grieved to have missed the Isha Jamaat.  It occurred to me that in the Hadith it is mentioned that the Salaat performed with Jamaat is 27 times superior to the Salaat performed alone. U therefore performed Isha Salaat that night 27 times in the expectation of receiving the reward of Jamaat.

            That night in a dream I saw myself on horseback together with a group of horsemen in a race. In the race, my horse trailed far behind. Regardless of my endeavours, I could not catch up with the group. An observer remarked: “Don’t burden the horse unnecessarily. You will never reach them.” I asked: “Why?” He said: “Because you had missed your Isha’ Jamaat whilst all of them had performed Isha’ with Jamaat.” I am overwhelmed with grief for this huge loss which I had sustained