Allah Ta’ala commands all women in Surah Ahzaab, Aayah 33 to remain at home: “And remain in your homes (O Women!)”. The Shariah states that a woman may only come out of her home for necessities. The Shariah itself determines the necessities. In this era, 99% of female emergence does not come within the scope of ‘necessities’.

The Fuqaha are unanimous that women have been commanded to remain at home. It is Waajib for them to remain within the confines of their homes:

  • “… undoubtedly women have been ordered with qaraar fil buyoot (to stay always at home) and they have been banned from khurooj (emerging from the home) because there is fitnah in khurooj.” …….and it is very rare that the gatherings of females are free from fitnah.” (Mabsoot)
  • “And most certainly they (women) have been ordered with qaraar fil buyoot (to stay always at home) Allah Ta`ala says:

And remain firmly to your homes” (Sharah As-Siyarul Kabeer)

Allamah Ibn Hajar Haitami Rahimahullah, A very-high authority in the Shaafi’ Math-hab, has issued a detailed Fatwa wherein he states that it is Haraam for women to attend the Musaajid and the Bazaar. We have mentioned this Fatwa in detail on our website. When it is not permissible for women to attend the Masaajid, then how can it be permissible for a woman to attend a women’s day celebration!


The evil program of SANZAF is shamelessly advertised as follows: “SANZAF hosts a Women’s Day Celebration Sunday 30 August 2015 @ Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa. From 09:30am : Limited tickets still available @ R250 per person Women from all walks of life will be given all round five-star treatment at this morning of love and pure inspiration from the delicious brunch to the dynamic motivational speakers. Call xxx or zzz on 021 xxx 0zz5”

The function is Haraam because of the following evils:

  • It is in violation of the Qur’aanic command of women remaining at home.
  • The emergence of females from the home for invalid reasons, which is sinful. A women’s day celebration is an evil, kuffaar, lewd practice. It is pure fisq and fujoor. When women are not allowed to emerge from their homes to attend the Musjid, how can it ever be permissible for them to participate in this kuffaar practice of  evil, fisq and fujoor?
  • The celebration is in emulation of the Kuffaar. Women’s day celebrations are haraam. Thus, it is haraam for even men to attend this vile function of immorality. There is no such a thing as a women’s day in Islam! Every single day is a woman’s day and a man’s day.
  • Women will look at men and men at women. Both acts are Haraam!
  • The dressing of women which is also un-Islamic. The modern Abaaya is shameless.
  • The venue is immoral. The Crystal towers Hotel is a zina venue.
  • Women driving cars is also not permissible because it is in complete negation of Hijaab.
  • A woman’s voice is also Hijaab. Her voice possesses the ability to incite passion in man. She may not unnecessarily speak to men. Speaking to a ghair mahram is zina of the tongue. Nabi (sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “And, the tongue – its zina is speech (with lust).”
  • And the worst crime is that SANZAF portrays itself to be an ‘Islamic’ organization, but it holds Haraam functions and even boasts about such Haraam on its website.
  • Haraam photography. (Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said that the person who will receive the worst punishment on the day of Qiyaamah, will be those who make/take pictures/photos.)
  • Intermingling of sexes which is Haraam according to all Math-habs.


Keeping in mind what has been stated above, we should be very careful as to whom we should give our Zakaat.  Zakaat is Fardh. When it comes to discharging our Zakaat, we cannot trust faasiq organizations. A Faasiq should not be appointed as one’s wakeel (representative) in the discharge of one’s Zakaat. SANZAF is a faasiq organization. They openly break the laws of Allah such as their flagrant sin of photography, which they openly and heartlessly publicize without any fear for Allah. The evil women’s day celebration organized by this miscreant Zakaat-collecting entity confirms the haraam status of  SANZAF.  It is not permissible to entrust Zakaat or even Lillah funds to SANZAF. The flagrant commission of kabeerah sins conforms the fisq and fujoor of SANZAF.



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