Hadhrat Raabiah Basriyyah (rahmatullah alayha) was in the last stage of earthly life when Hadhrat Maalik Bin Dinaar (rahmatullah alayh) came to visit her. The following discussion took place in her last moments before departing from this earthly abode:

MAALIK: “What had caused distress to you in this world?”


MAALIK: “Do you desire anything?”

RAABIAH: “Yes, I desire Maghfirat (Forgiveness).” MAALIK: “Do you desire anything from the world?” RAABIAH: “I have been desiring fresh dates for the past 30 years, but have not ate any to this day.”

(Hadhrat Maalik thought): She appears to be a guest of a few moments. How can I obtain fresh dates in this little time? As he was thinking, a bird with a fresh date in its beak appeared and dropped the date near to Hadhrat Maalik. He took the date and presented it Hadhrat Raabiah. When she raised a query about the date, Hadhrat Maalik explained that a bird had miraculously arrived with the date.

RAABIAH: “Perhaps the bird plucks the date from someone’s orchard. It is therefore not proper to eat it.”

Hadhrat Raabiah (rahmatullah alayha) then ordered everyone out of room. Everyone left and the door was closed. After a short while, everyone outside heard a voice reciting the last verse of Surah Fajr: “O Thou Soul at rest! Return to your Rabb pleased (with Him), and He pleased with you.”

On hearing the voice reciting the aayat, the people entered and discovered that Hadhrat Raabiah (rahmatullah alayha) had departed from this world to reach her Beloved Rabb. On account of a doubt she refused to satisfy a desire of 30 years.


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