SANHA, MJC, NIHT, ICSA, ZAMHA and all other carrion halaalizers ‘certify’  and ‘approve’ halaal, haraam, health-hazardous, nauseating and doubtful products as Halaal. They target anything, which crawls, flies or could possibly go down the stomach. In order to ‘survive’, they charge fees. Without charging ‘fees’, a scholar for dollar will cease to exist. In simple terms, these SANHA fees are worse than the e-tolls.

One needs to analyze all actions, transactions and dealings from within the parameters of the Shariah. The question of certification fees boils down to the following questions. Is the Divine concept of Halaal a commodity? Can the word Halaal be sold or not? And this is precisely what all of these so-called Halaal organizations are doing! They are selling the Qur’aanic institution of Halaal and Haraam for a few miserable cents.

At the outset, it must be emphasized that SANHA does not provide any valid service to either the Muslim community or to individual traders. Certifying maitah (carrion) such as the meats of Karan Beef, Rainbow and other commercial Chickens, Spur, Mochachoes, KFC, etc., which is haraam, is never a service accepted in Islam. On the contrary, the consequence of such a corrupt, haraam imagined ‘service’ is the fire of Jahannum. Thus, all fees charged by SANHA are haraam.

There is an avalanche of evidence to prove that commercial chickens are Haraam! The fact that Sanha is not prepared to allow any Aalim or Mufti who is not associated with Sanha to undertake an unannounced inspection of any of Sanhas carrion plants is enough evidence to show that Sanha is hiding something very ‘valuable’.

These certification fees consist of:

  • Money extracted from traders for so-called ‘halaal’ certificates and mock inspections of the
  • Money which the kuffaar chicken plants have to pay for halaalizing their

Since the entire SANHA operation is Islamically fraudulent, misleading and deceptive, it is haraam, hence all the money which SANHA acquires from traders and chicken plants is haraam. It is extremely short-sighted, to say the least, that there exists a valid Shar’i Ijaarah contract between SANHA and the traders, and SANHA and the carrion chicken plants.

Whilst this is the factual position, let us now make the stupid and baseless assumption that the chickens are halaal. Should this be the case, then too, there is no valid Ijaarah contract. Sending a person to inspect the premises to ensure that haraam products are not stocked is not a duty which the trader imposes on SANHA. It is not a service ordered by the trader. It is an obligation on the one who issues the certificate to ensure that violations are not committed. Thus, SANHA will be acting as a government inspector or as a policeman. The police department cannot impose a fee on a person or institution for any inspection its officers undertake to ensure that the trader/institution does not deal in drugs or rotten pork, etc.

If the government’s health inspector regularly inspects the shops of traders to ensure that they do not sell rotten carrion, the health department cannot demand a fee for such inspections. They are merely fulfilling their duty by making the inspection. In exactly the same way, SANHA will be merely executing its duty to ensure that the terms of its carrion certificate are being complied with.

The expenses which SANHA incurs in making inspections have to be borne solely by the carrion purveyor itself. No trader who surreptitiously sells haraam meat will be happy with any inspection of his premises. This confirms that the inspector is the worker of SANHA, not of the trader who holds the carrion certificate. It is palpably clear that the fees SANHA extracts from traders are acquired without their happy consent. They pay against their wishes. Islamically it is extortion.

Ijaarah in this context means the hiring of someone who renders a service for which the person is then paid for. Every service is not a valid Ijaarah. For example, the services of a prostitute are Haraam. Just as it is Haraam for a woman to sell her body, which has been bestowed unto her as an Amaanat from Allah Ta’ala, likewise it is Haraam to sell the word Halaal which is Allah Ta’alas property. Just as our bodies belong unto Allah Ta’ala, the Divine laws of the Shariah also belong unto Allah Ta’ala. Whilst the prostitute really offers a ‘service’, albeit an immoral Haraam one, Sanha does not offer any service. Whilst her ‘fee’ is in lieu of a haraam ‘service’, Sanhas fees are in lieu of no-service. Thus, SANHA is worse than these prostitutes.

The lip-service and proclamation of something being halaal is not remunerable according to Islam. It is ludicrous to charge a fee for proclaiming that the products of a Muslim are halaal. It is not a ma’qood alayh in terms of the Shariah. Ma’qood Alayh means something upon which a person can make a transaction. In simple terms, it is the item, which is sold, or the service, which is rendered.

Anyone may understand that a Fatwa cannot be sold immaterial of how much advice and information it contains. It is not a valid Ma’qood Alayh. The same applies to Halaal certification. Selling Halaal certificates is selling the Deen for the miserable carrion gains of the world. In fact, it is worse to sell a Halaal certificate to a kaafir who does not even know what is Istinjaa – leave alone him even being aware of all the strict laws of Halaal and Haraam. When the Muslim public is so ignorant of Halaal and Haraam, then what do the Kuffaar know about Halaal and Haraam?

The Kuffaar believe that Halaal is that upon which a Halaal logo appears. They know very well that the Halaal logo attracts stupid and very stupid Muslims. They believe that their business will increase if it is publicized as Halaal. They are also aware that on a regular basis Sanha makes announcements to its stupid followers of outlets which are ‘not Halaal certified’ even if in reality the plant or outlet happens to be 100% Halaal. Everyone understands Sanha’s motives with its “not Halaal Certified” publicity stunts. Hence, they choose Halaal certification even if it is a rip-off.

Traders pay the fees because they are stupid. Since their Imaan is deficient, they believe that their Rizq will be curtailed if SANHA spreads the rumour that their products are not halaal. SANHA has resorted to this type of innuendo thuggery to diminish confidence in traders who refuse to submit to SANHA’s ‘halaal’ certificate pressurization and demand for haraam fees which according to the Shariah is extortion. There are many traders who will vouch for this haraam attitude and action of SANHA.

Since the inspecting organization is carrying out inspections in the interests of its own monetary agenda, there is no ma’qood alayh for contracting a valid Ijaarah agreement. The claim of Ijaarah is pure garbage. Inspection is an external imposition – imposed by the carrion outfit. It is not a service emanating from the trader who requires this performance for which he is happily prepared to pay a fee, e.g. paying a worker for cleaning his shop. No trader is happy to pay a stupid SANHA inspector for the nuisance of a silly ‘inspection’ which is devoid of Shar’i substance, and which is imposed on the trader against his will by the carrion vendor.

SANHA levies different types of extortionist fees on Rainbow, etc. Inspection fees are charged separately. Under different headings, SANHA charges a variety of fees which are all haraam. The very bottom line is that the ‘services’ which SANHA purportedly performs for traders and carrion chicken plants are not services of the traders. If for argument’s sake it be conceded that these mock ‘inspections’ are services, then the latter will be services for the SANHA clique, not for the traders nor for the carrion plants.

It is a fact that it is Waajib upon every Muslim to exercise extreme caution when it comes to halaal-and-haraam matters. The Dua of a person who eats Haraam food is not accepted. The Qur’aan emphasizes the relationship between Haraam food and Shaitaan, and between Halaal food and virtuous deeds. Thus, it is the duty of every Muslim to make sure himself that the products he consumes are Halaal.

It is also a fact that one cannot charge another person a fee simply for saying that his products are Halaal. Slaughtering according to the Shariah (Thabah) is practically Fardh. One cannot charge another person a fee for ensuring, proclaiming and publicizing that the person has carried out a Fardh or Waajib act in accordance to the Shariah. This is so obvious.

Some people imagine that Sanha has the right to charge fees. They imagine that there exists a valid Shar’i Ijaarah contract between SANHA and the traders, and SANHA and the chicken plants.   But, hitherto, Sanha has not presented even one proof from Fiqh to prove that it is a valid Ijaarah contract whilst in reality it is Haraam exorbitant fees of extortion.

To say that the Haraam Rainbow chickens are Halaal, Sanha charges a fee per chicken. This clearly shows that it is money-making racket. Let us give an example.

Sanha charges R3-50 per beef carcass. More than 500 cows are slaughtered a day. But let us take 500 and times it by R3-50 which is R1750-00. Let us say R1500 per day and for a month this is equivalent to a minimum of R35000-00 only on the carcass fee from one beef plant which Sanha certifies. What about the licensing fees, inspection fees, supervision fees, administration fees, travelling fees, advertising fees, ‘faeces’ fees – all humbug fees, etc., etc. Sanha cannot say that it costs them R35000-00 to travel monthly to the carrion beef plant for a mock inspection. Sanha does not pay the slaughterers.

Is Sanha prepared to show the public a detailed audit of its income from each and every plant, outlet and food store it certifies and approves? Sanha must prove exactly how much it earns from one Rainbow plant per month and then from Karan Beef, and so forth.

The fact that one Halaalizing organization can offer cheaper fees than another halaalizing organization bears testimony to the fact that the halaalizing industry is a carion money-making industry. How does the following sound to you? According to SANHA, you must pay R3-50 per beef carcass, but one simply needs to pay R2-00 per beef carcass by another organization?




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