There is an avalanche of upcoming Haraam events in Cape Town. These events are described as ‘Muslim’ events. But not even one of these events is Islamic. These events are all in conflict with several laws of the Shariah. They are in conflict with Qur’aan, Sunnah and even Islamic Logic. These events are painted with several names such as spring breakfast, fundraising dinner, Eat n’ treat, High Tea, Silat, etc.

The programs violate the following laws of the Shariah:

  • The entire Hijaab system is abandoned and violated.
  • There is no barrier, curtain or wall between the men and women – this is openly in conflict with the Qur’aan. (Surah Ahzaab Verse 53) The weak argument of ‘lowering’ the gaze is not a licence to break the laws of Hijab.
  • Even, if there is a barrier, it is not permissible for women to participate in these functions, events, fundraisers, etc. Allah Ta’ala commands women to remain at home and only emerge from home for a real Shar’i necessity. None of these Haraam events come under the scope of a Shar’i necessity!
  • Luring women into the public domain for a function which is filled with Haraam acts. This is in conflict with the institution of Hijaab.
  • Women not covering their faces. According to all four Math-habs, it is WAAJIB (i.e. practically FARDH) upon a woman to cover her face in public and in front of any ghair mahram-strangers. The Qur’aan also proves that a woman should cover her face.
  • Women dressed up in immoral Abayas and Jeans and Tops. Jeans and Tops is the shameless dressing of Kaafir prostitutes which some shameless ‘Muslim’ females have adopted. Clothing which reveal the shape of a woman’s body is absolutely Haraam, especially in public. Hijaab is a concept and should not be restricted to certain dress items.
  • Haraam photography. The ones who will receive the most severe punishment on the Day of Qiyaamah are the one’s involved in pictures and photos.
  • Videoing which is so obviously Haraam.
  • Intermingling of the sexes. There is so much proof that intermingling of the sexes is Haraam.
  • Women attending the Masaajid. This is unanimously Haraam according to the Fuqaha of all four Math-habs. The Shaafi Fatwa is as follows: And, no one will hesitate in prohibiting women (from the Musjid and emerging from the home in general) except a ghabi who is a jaahil, and who lacks ability in understanding the subtleties of the Shariah …………The correct verdict is categorical Tahreem (i.e. haraam for women to come to the Musjid), and this is the Fatwa. And, this in a nutshell is our (Shaafi’ Math-hab).” – Allamah Ibn Hajar Haitami.
  • The speakers are all Faasiq. When it comes to Deeni matters, then one should be very careful from who one attains one’s Islamic knowledge.
  • Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar – most of these functions resemble the conferences, seminars, functions, and events of the Kuffaar. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said that Muslims will imitate Kuffaar right into the lizards hole.
  • The laws of Hijaab are belittled and brutally murdered at these functions. We speak of ISIS and we speak of Muslims such as the Palestinians being murdered by the Kuffaar, but we murder the laws of Hijaab and Niqaab and we treat all of this lightly. In fact, we have murdered Islam and its Shariah. Why are we so hypocritical and so ignorant of our religion? Why do we find fault with what the Fuqaha said. A good example is our attitude towards Ibn Hajars fatwa regarding women attending the Masaajid!
  • Many women drive cars. This is also Haraam. One does not need brains to understand the evils in women driving. A person who can’t understand why it’s wrong for a woman to drive is very ignorant.
  • Haraam nasheeds. It is not permissible to sing for a public audience. Please see our website for a detailed article on this topic of Nazms and Naats.
  • Music which is so obviously Haraam.
  • Men looking at women and vice-versa. This is a very shameless Haraam act. No wonder there is so much Zina, wife-swopping, etc. in our Muslim communities. It starts off with a gaze, even if it’s unintentional.
  • Functions and events are hosted by evil Ulama who behave like Juhala.
  • Haraam carrion FOOD and Haraam soft-drinks such as JIVE, PEPSI, TWIZZA, FANTA and COKE, ETC. All soft drinks, cooldrinks, fizzydrinks and cold-drinks are Haraam
  • Merrymaking in the name of ‘Islam’. What a mockery to the Qur’aan and Sunnah!
  • Haraam acts of Bid’ah like Salami, Moulood, and congregational Zikr and Jikr without any Fikr for the laws of Allah and his Rasool Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.
  • All of this is done for money. These are the fake scholars for dollars. The Deen and Allah’s laws of Hijaab are sold for a few cents.
  • Men listening to the voices of women. This is also Haraam! Without necessity, it is Haraam for a man to listen to a woman’s voice. The Shariah declares that it is Haraam to greet or even respond to the Salaam of a ghair-Mahram.
  • Assisting Muslims towards sin and encouraging females to leave their homes for the sake of attending these Haraam functions.
  • The rubbish speaker is able to view the women and the women can view him. Or the men are able to view the lady speaker. This is extremely shameless and immoral. The ‘Ulama’ who are part or who agree to such functions cannever be Ulama. They are instead Juhala-e-Soo’ which are worse than the Cape Town Ulama-e-Soo in which most of Cape Town’s so-called Shaafi Ulama fit.
  • Haraam kuffaar sports and games.

Here are some of the Haraam functions:

  • Masjid Food-fairs, Spring Breakfast, High Tea, fundraising dinners, charity dinners
  • Arabic speaking courses. Marriage courses/retreats and one year intensive courses
  • Souks and fetes
  • Cancer, Mind, and other Workshops under different names and titles.
  • Martial Arts (even if it is for Ladies only)
  • Pampering Time, romantic picnics, braais and tea gardens
  • Royal Banquets, open days and graduations
  • Summer sunset Nasheed shows, comedy festivals
  • Spiritual Retreats, Naqshabandi Chill and Chow, Mawlids, Arwaagh and Loud Thikr gatherings.
  • Peace and unity conventions and other silly conferences.
  • Interfaiths and galas
  • Weddings and all the stupid functions that go with it.



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