In certain quarters, ‘Family Eidgahs’ are hosted on the Day of Eid. Men, women, children and all gather at a certain venue and ‘Eid Salaah’ is performed. Men and women intermingle, the venue is not a proper Eidgah, and many other evils take place. An introduction to the Sunnah Eidgah as well as details regarding the impermissibility of the so-called Family Eidgah follows.


Firstly, what is an Eidgah? The Shariah stipulates that the Musallah/Eidgah is an open field located on the outskirts/boundaries of the town. It is not in the middle of the town. It is sinful not to have a proper Eidgah.

The Musallah need not be Waqf ground. Any open land on the outskirts where the buildings come to an end, will be a Shar’i Musallah if the Eid Salaat is performed there. Open fields in built up areas, with buildings surrounding, are not proper Shar’i Eidgahs. In some places, sports fields or school grounds are used for Eid Salaat. While the Salaat performed on such land is valid, the Sunnatul Muakkadah requirement of the Musallah is not discharged. Furthermore, it is Sunnah for males to go to the Eidgah.


Secondly, only adult males and mature boys of understanding should attend the Eidgah. Children – 7 years and below – and babies should not be brought to the Eidgah. As far as girls and women are concerned, it is Haraam for them to attend the Eidgah, the Masaajid, the shopping malls, etc. We have written an entire article against women attending the Eidgah. Kindly view it our website.

The Fatwa of the Shaafi Math-hab: According to Allamah Ibn Hajar Haitami Rahimahullah, it is Haraam for women to attend the Masaajid, Eidgah, Shopping malls, etc. He clearly states: “.And, no one will hesitate in prohibiting women (from the Musjid, the Eidgah, the shopping malls, and emerging from the home in general) except a ghabi (moron) who is a jaahil, and who lacks ability in understanding the subtleties of the Shariah …The correct verdict is categorical Tahreem (i.e. haraam for women to come to the Musjid), and this is the Fatwa. And, this in a nutshell is our (Shaafi’ Math-hab).” (Kifaayatul Akhyaar)

The Fatwa of the Hanafi Math-hab: Allamah Kaasaani Rahimahullah states: “The Fuqaha have unanimously agreed (enacted Ijmaa`) that indeed there is no concession for Ash-shawaabb to emerge (khurooj) for Jumu`ah, Eidayn and Any Salaah because of the statement of Allah Ta`ala: And (O Women) remain firmly in your homes)’ And the command of qaraar (remaining steadfastly at home) is a prohibition of roaming/travelling/parading around and on the grounds that their khurooj is indisputably a sabab (means) of fitnah. And fitnah is haraam and whatever leads to haraam is also haraam!!!” (Badaai us Sanaai) (The term as-shawaabb means young women, and ash-shawaabb are not confined to teenage girls. All those females who are not aged hags and who hold sexual attraction come within the scope of ash-shawaabb.)


From the above two-mentioned points, it is clear that the ‘Family’ outing which takes place on the holy day of Eid is neither an Eidgah – nor any type of Islamic gathering. It is Haraam for the following reasons:

  • The venue of an amphitheater, stadium, etc. is not a valid Sunnah Eidgah. We have written a detailed 6-page article regarding the Sunnah Eidgah. Kindly view it on our website.
  • The attendance of women is Haraam. We have written an entire booklet on this. It is against all four Math-habs. Women must remain at home.
  • Intermingling of the sexes. This is unanimously Haraam. Not observing proper Hijaab is in fact opening the doors of Zina. There is much Zina in the Muslim community. The men and women are so shameless that they hug/kiss/embrace other men’s wives and daughters which is also a form of Zina and in complete violation of the Shariah.
  • Looking at the opposite gender. This is Haraam and extremely shameless. The Ni’mat of the Eyes is an Amaanat bestowed unto us by Allah. Misusing it is ingratitude and a great sin.
  • The dressing of many people on the day of Eid is in conflict with the Shariah. The Sunnah Kurtah is abandoned and the Kaafir style of jeans, suits, shirts and pants is adopted.
  • The dressing of women is totally in conflict with the Shariah. Allah commands in Surah Ahzaab that women should don the Jilbaab. The pure wives (Azwaaj-e-Mutahharaat) of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam used to wear the Jilbaab. The Jilbaab is such a garment which covers a woman from head to toe including the face with one of the eyes exposed. The Jilbaab is Waajib upon very woman when she leaves her home for a necessity. Women are allowed to leave their homes only for necessities. The fancy Abaayas worn outside the home, are Haraam and shameless.
  • The laws of Hijaab are obviously violated. A Haraam function/gathering is incapable of upholding the Qur’aanic laws of Hijaab. Despite the wives of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam wearing a Jilbaab which did not reveal the shape of their bodies like the shameless Abayas of this era, Allah Ta’ala commanded that there should be a screen/curtain/wall between them and ghair mahram males! Allamah Baghawi who is a Shaafi, has mentioned this in his Tafseer. This is mentioned by the Mufassireen in detail. (Aayat 53 of Surah Ahzaab).
  • The Niqaab: Even if a woman wears the waajib Jilbaab and the waajib Niqaab, then too it is Haraam for her to leave her home for this event as explained above. However, most women don’t cover their faces. This is indeed very shameless. According to all four Math-habs, even the Shaafi Math-hab, it is Waajib-necessary for a woman to cover her face. Ibn Hajar Haitami mentions the Shaafi Fatwa in his Tuhfah: “YES! She who is certain of the gaze of a stranger (ajnabi) falling on her, for her it is laazim (incumbent) to conceal her face from him, otherwise she would be assisting him towards haraam, thus she would be sinning.” It is obvious that men ‘ogle’ and ‘stare’ at women at these Haraam functions. After all, it is a Haraam function which is meant to attract immoral attention of the opposite sex.
  • The emphasis on the Shariah is that women should conceal themselves. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam asked Hazrat Faatimah Radhiyallahu Anha ‘what is the best thing for a woman’. She responded that no male should see a female and likewise she should not see any male. At the mock Eidgahs, the women apply make-up, lipstick and wear attractive clothing.
  • Perfume: Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said that a woman who applies perfume and passes by a gathering of men, is a prostitute. Thus, it is observed that women who attend the Eidgah, behave like prostitutes. They have much prostitute tendencies within them.
  • Shameless dressing: ‘Jeans and tops’ and ‘tops and pants’ are for the Kuffaar – not for Muslims. Love for Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam demands that we dress up Islamically. The modern-day Abaya reveals the shape of a woman’s body. These Abayas are absolutely haraam for appearance in public. Instead of concealment, it offers more attraction!

It is a despicable and immoral Bid’ah. There is no such a thing in Islam as a family so-called Eidgah. Our Eidgahs and Masaajid are becoming more like churches and Kaafir functions just like the Haraam weddings which take place amongst us!




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