Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “ Fuhsh (Shamelessness) is not found in anything except that it uglifies it and Hayaa (Shame) is not found in anything except that it beautifies it.

The logo of the Jamiat Fordsburg – deceptively known as ‘Jamiatul Ulama South Africa’or more appropriately the Jamiat of Ebrahim Bham, who recently participated in the Haraam Kufr funeral service of Kathrada, appears on a poster in some shops advertising a very shameless event in the name of Deen.

Do these so-called Moulanas and so-called Muftis of the Fordsburg Jamiat know anything about Hijaab/Purdah? It seems as if they don’t know. The majority of the Muslim Public enjoy Haraam ‘fun’ events like ‘walks’ or ‘braais’ in the name of Burma, Syria, Rohingya, etc. For a better understanding, we present some quotes from the Fiqh Kitaabs which would Insha Allah be beneficial for all of us:

  • “… undoubtedly women have been ordered with qaraar fil buyoot (to stay always at home) and they have been banned from khurooj (emerging from the home) because there is fitnah in khurooj.” (Mabsoot)
  • “And most certainly they (women) have been ordered with qaraar fil buyoot (to stay always at home) Allah Ta`ala says: (And remain firmly to your homes)” (Sharah As-Siyarul Kabeer – 1:136)
  • “ The Fuqaha have unanimously agreed (enacted Ijmaa`) that indeed there is no concession for Ash-shawaabb to emerge (khurooj) for Jumu`ah, Eidayn and Any Salaah because of the statement of Allah Ta`ala: (And remain firmly to your homes)’ And the command of qaraar (remaining steadfastly at home) is a prohibition of roaming/travelling/parading around and on the grounds that their khurooj is indisputably a sabab (means) of fitnah. And fitnah is haraam and whatever leads to haraam is also haraam!!!

(The term ash-shawaabb means young women, and ash-shawaabb are not confined to teenage girls. All those females who are not aged hags and who hold sexual attraction come within the scope of ash-shawaabb.)

(Check Badaai-us Sanaai – 1:275, 2:331 – Maktabah Rasheediyyah)

It should now be clear that for women to emerge from their homes for a ‘funwalk’ or a so-called fund-raising ‘walk for humanity’ is not permissible. It is Haraam and shameless to participate in such walks. In fact, much intermingling of the sexes takes place at these type of walks. The talk of separate routes is deception. The following quote from CII will give you an idea of how corrupt the Fordsburg Jamiat is:

“An Naasiraat, meaning The Helpers, was formed in 2003 with the help and guidance of Ml Yusuf Patel and Ml Mohammed Ali of Jamiatul Ulema Mpumalanga. An Naasiraat are currently the only Women’s forum that are affiliated to the Jamiat.”

Yusuf Patel and Mohammed Ali of Middelburg are two Shaitaans of SAUF! They lure women out of their homes for reasons not acceptable according to the Shariah! These corrupt Jamiat Molvis are murdering the Hijaab system. Mufti AK Hoosen has thus correctly called Yusuf Patel a Kalb (dog). In fact, if ml Patel is a real Aalim, he will openly tell the whole world that he is worse than a dog! According to some Ulama such as Mufti AK and others, these Jamiat Fordsburg Molvis, Radio Islam and Sanha are Scholars for Dollars. Below we present to you an article written by a Moulana regarding the ‘Walk For Humanity’ event.

Walk For Humanity–An un-Islamic Walk

walk for humanity

(20 Rajab 1438/18 April 2017)

The above poster is advertising a walk which is held by An-Naasiraat (women’s community forum) and supported by Jamiatul-Ulama Fordsburg. It is undoubtedly sad to witness how far away from the way of the Sahaabiyaat the women of today have drifted. In fact, a total blind eye and deaf ears have been casted by today’s women regarding the pure lives of the Sahaabiyaat and the importance of the rules of Purdah.

It is indeed lamentable to observe how a Jamiat which consists of Ulama, which are called the Waratha-tul Ambiyaa’ (the heirs of the Ambiyaa’) in the Hadith, are part of such an evil event held for raising funds etc. for countries which are facing droughts, famine and war.

With regards to such Ulama who play a role, take part, support, and advertise such and other similar Haraam and un-Islamic events and walks, the Hadith clearly states:

“A time will soon dawn when the worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be their Ulama. From them will emerge fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them.”

This walk is un-Islamic. What has made these Ulama to go forth in support of an event which is un-Islamic? Among the responsibilities of the Ulama is to bring the masses close to Allah Ta’ala-to link them with Allah Ta’ala. And this will never be accomplished when un-Islamic ways are adopted. The work of the Ulama is to explain to the masses the meaning of Taqwa and how to implement this in their life. The task of the Ulama is to stress upon the women to remain in their homes and observe Purdah, not to call them for a walk in which they will be displayed on the streets for every Tom, Dick and Harry, Ahmad and Yusuf to see them. Why don’t these Ulama ponder and reflect over the end results of such evil events?

The End Results…

The end results of Ulama or any individual Aalim supporting or participating in these type of walks will be that they leave the masses into believing that such walks are permissible and Islamic. They leave the masses into believing that those Ulama who criticize such events and discourage Muslims from participating are extremists and old-fashioned. They leave the masses into believing that Ulama must promote and deal with such contemporary issues in similar ways.

It is not befitting of the Ulama body to support and participate in this event. But it should not surprise anyone, especially those who by now have understood as to which Ulama bodies promote and propagate the Haqq and which propagate Baatil. For it was a member (a Moulana) of the abovementioned (Ulama) organization who participated in the interfaith prayers held at the Kathrada funeral a few weeks ago. Hence, their support of un-Islamic walks etc. shows nothing but no-confidence in their rulings, following and programmes. Remember, such Ulama are not worth following or supporting. (A detailed article regarding Bham’s participation in the Haraam Kufr Kathrada funeral service will soon be published Insha Allah – Jamiat NC)

The Truth Is…

We are sure that our Nabi (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) did not organize, nor did he call on the Sahaabah to join him in a walk which would begin from Masjid-e-Nabawi to a 3, 6 or 8kms distance with a separate route for men and women. Rather, Nabi (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) resorted to Du’a. The Muslims of that time were in much more difficulties than our current situation. The Kuffaar were always in discussions of wiping Islam from the surface of the earth. Yet, not once was such a walk organized. Never were the Sahaabiyaat called out of their homes and walk in an anti-Purdah way on the streets.

Remember, this Ummah will only see success when success is sought for in a correct, Islamic and Halaal way. Any Haraam way of inviting the Nusrat (Help) of Allah Ta’ala is hopeless. To cry for help whilst adopting a Haraam and/or un-Islamic way will instead of attracting the Rahmat (Mercy) of Allah Ta’ala, draw the Ghazab (Wrath) of Allah Ta’ala. Remember, Allah Ta’ala has Ghairat (self-respect). He dislikes seeing the Ummah seeking His Divine Aid while indulging openly and freely in ways which are un-Islamic, prohibited and Haraam.

Therefore, the only solution to the current tides and currents which have turned against this suffering Ummah is what Nabi (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) taught us in his Mubaarak practical life. Before the battle of Badr, it was a small, weak and ill-equipped 313 Muslim soldiers which faced 1000 strong, well-equipped, armed and mighty army of the Kuffaar. Nabi (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) made Du’a that night by saying, “O Allah! If this small army of Muslims are destroyed, You will not be worshipped on earth.” He repeatedly, with a sincere heart, made this Du’a. No walk was arranged. No females were called to join where a separate route was arranged for them. No call was made to lace up their takkies. No entrance fee was asked for. No breakfast was sold at the end-point.

Thus, this Ummah was taught by its guide-Nabi Muhammad (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)-that Du’a should be made when the Ummah is going through difficult times. Du’a should be made in the privacy of one’s home, instead of calling the women out of the confines of their homes and allow them to parade on the streets for a stupid walk for humanity. Du’a should be made individually, instead of calling the Ummah to walk on the streets and become oblivious of the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala.

There is an increase of such events in which Muslims are invited to attend in order to contribute to Muslims which are in need of assistance. All such events are baseless, un-Islamic and not permissible to attend. If sincerity was the basis, every Ummati would have resorted to private, secret and humble Du’as and contributions. But to display the ‘care’, ‘concern’ and ‘considerations’ Muslims have for less-fortunate Muslims is making a mockery of themselves and senseless. When the Ummah comes back on Salaah and Sunnah then each Ummati will see the quick effect of his/her simple Du’a which he/she will make.

We ask Allah Ta’ala to guide the Ulama of this Ummah so that they can in turn guide the masses towards Taqwa and Tawakkul, Aameen.

Allah Ta’ala commanding women to remain indoors, says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“And remain resolutely in your homes, and do not make a display (of yourselves) like the exhibition of jaahiliyyah.”

Nabi (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) says regarding such women,

“A woman who applies perfume and passes by a gathering is like an adulteress.”

The days of silence are over. It is upon us to speak out the bitter truth and to make Amr bil Ma’roof and Nahi anil Munkar (encourage good and forbid evil). This is the quality with which this Ummat has been sent. And on the basis of this quality is this Ummat praised in the Qur’aan Majeed,

“You are the best nation selected for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong (i.e. make Amr bil Ma’roof and Nahi anil Munkar).”



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