Below is a letter which was sent to a ‘Mufti’ of the Fordsburg Jamiat – the very same Jamiat which has Ebrahim Bham as its ‘secretary-general’. For certain reasons, we have intentionally concealed the name of the ‘Mufti’ who is/was part of the Ifta Department of the Jamiat.

It is already a month now – Sh’abaan 1438 – and this ‘Jamiat Mufti’ has not even acknowledged the letter which was sent to him.

Many Ulama-e-Haq have gained experience that let alone receiving a response, one will not even obtain an acknowledgement of receipt of the letter. The Haq is just too much for the Mudhilleen and the Ulama-e-Soo. Thus, they are unable to defend Baatil and resort to Shaitaani silence.

We Shouldn’t forget that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has said:

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah such Aimmah (muftis, molvis, scholars and sheikhs) who are mudhilleen (men who mislead others).”

“He, who remains silent when the Haqq is trampled upon, is a dumb Shaitaan.”

‘Mention the faajir with that in which he indulges so that the people stay away from him even if he is a man of status and position.’



Mufti xxxxxxxxxx

7 Rajab 1438 – 5 April 2017

1. You are more aware than me of the fact that your Jamiat issued a statement of the burial of Kathrada. Whilst the Shaitaani ‘Radio Islam’ tweeted that Kathrada died on 27 March, your Jamiat publicized that the burial would take place on 29 March 2017. And accordingly, the burial was delayed.

Is this acceptable according to the Shariah?

2. You know that there was a Haraam interfaith prayer at the Haraam Kaafir-type funeral service of Kathrada. Faasiq Ebrahim Bham participate in the interfaith prayer. Could you please express your views on this issue?

3. Faasiq Ebrahim Bham told the ANC that it is permissible to bury the Kathrada fellow in the Christian section of the cemetery. Are you aware of what Faasiq Bham had told the ANC? Please advise your views on this issue as well.

4. Kathrada was buried next to a Kaafir – some Christiaan Frederick Beyers Naude chap as the Shaitaani Radio Islam has publicized with photos of the Haraam tombstone of Naude! What do you say about this?

5. Furthermore, much Haraam was perpetrated at the funeral function. Kindly view the Haraam programme below as well. Please advise on the following Haraam acts which undoubtedly took place:

• Intermingling of the sexes.

• Interfaith prayers?!

• Photography.

• Videoing

• Praising Kathrada – a Faasiq!

• Women at the Cemetery.

• Looking at the opposite sex.

• Eulogies

• Music!!!

• Roses on the grave – Radio ‘Islam’ publishes a photo also! Palestine flag on grave………

• Kuffaar in the Saffs of the so-called ‘Janaazah Salaah’

• Janaazah Salaah performed by Faasiq Ebrahim Bham!

• Muslims listening to Kufr prayers!

• Being part of a gathering of  Kufr prayers of reverends, archbishops, gurus, rabbis, etc! Is this Deen? Is this Imaan?

• Radio Islam broadcasting the funeral and Kaafir-type funeral service with photos on the internet.

• Songs by Kuffaar!!!

• Regarding the above as permissible!

• And Much more Haraam…… such as women speakers, etc etc

Please elaborate on each of the above. What is the Shariah ruling on each of the above?

Was Salaam

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