Q: Is it permissible to send messages like ‘Happy Islamic New Year’ or Muharram Mubaarak or ‘Aashura Mubaarak’ or wish people good for the Islamic New Year?

A: No, it is not permissible. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said “He who imitates a nation, is part of them.”

It is the way of the Kuffaar to congratulate one another for the new year.

We as Muslims should abstain from Kuffaar customs.

We crying about Burma, but we follow Kaafir customs!

How then is Allah’s help going to come to this Ummat when we are not prepared to abandon all un-Islamic customs and all Haraam acts which bring about the wrath and punishment of Allah. May Allah make us realise our sins. Ameen


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