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“And do not approach near to Zina. Verily, it is shameless and an evil way.” (Qur’aan)

In the above-mentioned Aayat, the intensity and vehemency of the prohibition are such that Allah Ta’ala has prohibited Zina together with all those acts which lead to Zina. To say unto someone ‘do not go close to a specific deed’ is a much more emphasized manner than to tell someone not to commit that specific deed.  For example: To say ‘don’t go even close to stealing’ has more emphasis than to say ‘do not steal’!

Acts which lead to the actual act of Zina are looking at Ghair Mahrams, talking to Ghair Mahrams, touching Ghair Mahrams, intermingling of the sexes, cracking jokes with Ghair Mahrams, flirting, dressing like a prostitute, being in contact with Ghair Mahrams on social media, females unnecessarily emerging from their homes, listening to the singing of a Ghair Mahram, females exposing their faces to Ghair Mahrams, etc. etc. Any act which leads to Zina is shameless according to the Shariah as stated in the above Aayah. In short, abandoning the proper Hijaab system is shamelessly opening the doors to Zina (fornication/adultery).

Whilst proper observance of strict Hijaab closes the doors of Zina, neglecting or discarding any aspect of true Shar’i Hijaab simply flings the doors of Zina open. Just look at the amount of Zina taking place in the Muslim community! This is because we don’t make proper Hijaab. We look down upon those that make proper Hijaab. We take out faults from those who follows the laws of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah and some morons even declare those who observe proper Islamic Hijaab as fundamentalists, radicals, extremists, etc.

Just observe the amount of Zina which Muslims – students, workers and teachers – are involved in at schools, universities, shops, offices, etc. This is not a secret to anyone. Various degrees of Zina take place even in a mixed school or university environment during broad daylight apart from the actual act of Zina which takes place after classes in the boarding rooms, etc. which is the effect of not making proper Hijaab due to being in a Haraam un-Islamic school, college or university environment. When we say that it is Haraam to send your son or daughter to a secular school or a university, then people make incredulous noises.

Let them make a joke and a mockery out of the laws of Allah. Allah is independent! Allah is not in need of us. Islam is not dependent upon us. We are in need of Allah. We are in need of Islam. We are in need of Hijaab. By turning our backs onto the laws of Hijaab which are mainly for our worldly and spiritual benefit, we are merely inviting Allah’s punishment which takes its form in different ways. May Allah save us and May Allah make us understand the importance of observing proper Hijaab meticulously and diligently.


Much intermingling of the sexes takes place at the Hartley Fair. This is shameless and the way of Shaitaan. This undoubtedly leads to Zina. They are so audacious that they even publish photos which clearly depict the shameless intermingling of the sexes. Furthermore, many corrupt so-called molvis will be part of the Fair. The Fair is also regarded as ‘Islamic’ by many. This is deception. The Mudhilleen are misleading the Muslim public. The Mudhilleen are:

  • CII – they call themselves Channel Islam, but is it Islamic to be part of a Fair where so much Haraam and so much ‘Zina’ takes place. Zina of the ears, eyes, tongue takes place at this Fair!
  • Radio ‘Islam’ – They are amongst the worst of Shayaateen! Where is Mufti Siraj Desai, Mufti Zubair Bhayat now to criticize the Haraam Fair? Can’t Radio Islam understand that it is Haraam to honour Fussaaq Shayaateen such as Waleed Bata, Zain Bhika, etc?
  • Radio Al-Ansaar –They are treading the path of deviation by indulging openly in photos, videos, intermingling of the sexes, Haraam souks, promoting Salafis like Kamdar, etc. etc.
  • Salaamedia – another Faasiq organization who don’t seem to know what is Hijaab!
  • And many other Shayaateen, Mudhilleen and Ulama-e-Soo!


This is what Sanha claims! But see their tweet: “It’s here once again Starting this Sat, 29th April, the Hartley School 3 day fair in Durban Visit our stand there for the latest in Halaal”

The latest in Halaal! What a joke! Is it Halaal for Sanha to participate and be part of a Fair which comprises of so much Haraam??? Can an Ulama organization which tramples on the laws of Hijaab, ever be trustable? Can such Fussaaq ever be transparent? The only thing transparent of Sanha is their Shaitaaniyyat and their Fisq! What is the Fatwa of Sanha’s Ulama Council and Sanha’s Ulama team on the Hartley Fair?

Kindly view our article: ‘Ulama-e-Soo – Sanha’s Shaitaani legacy’. Once again, where is Mufti Zubair Bhayat to make a clarion call that the Hartley Fair is Haraam! But again, how will Zubair Bhayat speak against his Sanha friends??? Will Zubair Bhayat be able to speak against his SAUF buddies like Ebrahim Bham, Ayyub Ishaaq of Darul Uloom Zakariyya, Suliman Ravat, Shabbir Menk and their cohorts?


Much Haraam takes place at these fairs, souks, etc. Kindly view articles below on our website where one will find detailed explanations of Haraam acts which take place at these souks, fetes, fairs, etc.

  • Haraam Un-Islamic events, especially in Cities like Cape Town, Durban, and Joburg.
  • Is the Qur’aan an object of entertainment? Is the Masjid the House of Allah or an entertainment Centre?
  • Singing and listening to Nazms and Nazms, Naats/ Qaseedah Jalsahs
  • The Auspicious Nights of Ramadaan and indulgence in futility and Haraam – especially the Shaitaani Radio Stations.
  • Seerah Jalsah – Ebrahim Bham, Suliman Moola, Radio Islam, Nurul Islam, etc.
  • Tala’ash Shaytaanu Concert
  • Fundays, Fetes & Souks
  • Family Eidgahs
  • Qiraat, Qur’aan and Hifz competitions
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 Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “He who increases the number of a crowd is of them. He who is pleased with an act of the people is a partner in its commission.”





A: Mufti Zubair Bhayat is part of Sanha, so what do you expect? If you criticize Sanha, you cant be part of Sanha! Why is Mufti Motara not part of Sanha? Simply because Mufti Motara regards Rainbow chickens to be questionable! Tell Sanha to publish the letters they received from Azaadville explaining all the Haraam acts which take place at Sanha’s plants such as Rainbow, Earlybird, etc.

Mufti Zubair Bhayat shared the same platform with Faasiq Ebrahim Bham at the SAUF conference of Mudhilleen in 2016 which the corrupt Fordsburg Jamiat praises so much. SAUF wants women to attend the Masaajid, women must be part of their Jamiats, etc. Mufti Motara recently criticized the issue of women attending Masjids at the Abna-e-Qadeem program in Azaadville. Mufti Motara’s criticizm goes against the Middelburg-UUCSA, Ebrahim Bham, MJC, Radio Islam and the Fordsburg Jamiat!

Ebrahim Bham recently attended the Haraam Kufr funeral service of Kathrada! Insha Allah, a detailed article will soon be published on this. So, when Zubair Bhayat is capable of sharing a platform with people like Bham & Co. then you should expect the worst from such a ‘Mufti’.

If Zubair Bhayat was from the Ulama-e-Haq, Ebrahim Bham would have not been able to share the same platform as him, Sanha would have long ago kicked him out and the Shaitaani Radio ‘Islam’ would have given him the boot.

Zubair Bhayat and Mufti Ebrahim Desai were together with Moulana Olgar when they visited the Rainbow plant whereby the slaughterers clearly stated that they are unable to read Tasmiyah on every chicken. Despite this, only Moulana Olgar spoke the Haqq and declared the chickens Haraam.

Zubair Bhayat has been unable to respond to even one of the arguments which the Ulama-e-Haq presented with regards to the Haraam meat which Sanha certifies as Halaal! Sanha was caught out feeding the Ummah Haraam Rainbow, Haraam Earlybird and Haraam Anca chickens. Caught out red-handed thrice by three different councils! Come on man! Let justice prevail.

Zubair Bhayat and his ilk are misleading the Ummah. Despite Zubair Bhayat being aware of the Haraam Kathrada Funeral service, he did not criticize it, but instead published an article in praise of Kathrada who was a Faasiq!

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “He who remains silent when the Haqq is trampled upon, is a dumb Shaitaan.”

The above Hadeeth clearly shows that Zubair Bhayat is a dumb Shaitaan. How will Zubair Bhayat ever be able to speak against Ebrahim Bham? If he speaks against Ebrahim Bham, do you think Sanha will honour him? Ebrahim Bham is with Sanha!

The so-called ‘Darul Ihsan’ speaks of justice! Is it justice to the Deen to praise the Sanha Fussaaq who even say that you can put a Halaal sign on a hot cross bun? Is it justice to be part of a Radio Station such as ‘Radio Islam’, but not criticize their wrongs openly. Why did Mufti Zubair Bhayat not criticize the Haraam Kathrada Funeral Service? Is this called justice?

So, there is no conundrum here. Ulama-e-Soo like Zubair Bhayat praising Sanha does not make Sanha credible. Rather show us – which Ulama-e-Haq praises Sanha – if you happen to find any. There is not a single Aalim of the Haqq which praises Sanha, which is part of Sanha, and which remains silent against the Fisq of Sanha and the Haraam carrion which Sanha certifies as Halaal.

The fact that Zubair Bhayat is part of the Sanha- Shaitaani Radio ‘Islam’ – Ulama-e-Soo, is clarion!

The fact that Sanha is feeding the Ummah Haraam carrion, is also clarion!




Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “He who increases the number of a crowd is of them. He who is pleased with an act of the people is a partner in its commission.”

Why did they even call their radio station Radio “Al-Ansaar”? Al-Ansaar means helpers – more appropriately helpers of the Deen. They are supposed to bring people closer to Deen, but Al-Ansaar is doing the direct opposite. They are promoting and assisting people towards the destruction of their Imaan and their Deen. Every year the souk comes, but very few Ulama and very few non-Ulama speak against it, whereas it is the duty of every Muslim to stand up and speak against these evil souks.

Keep in mind the Hadeeth mentioned above. Why is it that we attend such functions? Why is it that we refrain from ‘helping’ others from falling into sin of these souks? Why do we allow Shaitaan to kick us around in this immoral manner that we attend these Haraam souks without any fear for Allah and without any conscience that our deeds are presented Mondays and Thursday to Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam!!! How grieved won’t the Mubaarak heart of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam be that his Ummati flagrantly breaks the laws of the Shariah by attending Haraam functions, fêtes, souks, etc.???

We have already written a detailed 24-page A5-booklet against the Al-Ansaar Souk of 2015. It is available on our website. The evils, immorality, be-hayaa-i and Haraam-status of the souk is undeniable. We will briefly mention some evils which would take place at the 2016 immoral souk as well as point out SOME of the many sins at these places which incur the curse of Allah Azza Wa Jal:

  1. ARTISTS: We have elaborated in much detail on this issue in the 2015 Souk and the 2015 Mass Mawlid booklets. There is absolutely no difference of opinion among all Authorities of all four Math-habs, from the era of the Sahaabah, that singing for an audience is haraam. Such a singer is Mardudush Shahaadah (i.e. his testimony is not acceptable in the Shariah). Explaining this issue, Allamah Ibn Nujaim states the reason: ‘because he gathers people for a major sin’ – Bahrur Raaiq. Professional singing is Haraam according to all four Math-habs. It is Haraam to listen to the following Shayaateen:
  • Khaled Siddiq
  • Rao Brothers
  • Unity
  • Khuddamul Islam
  • Aspire
  • Muhammed Shaik
  • The so-called ‘Soutul Iman’.

We will briefly add the following Mass Mawlid and Nazm/Naat/Nasheed Jalsa Shayaateen:

  • Milad Raza Qadri
  • Qamarun – Mustafa Atef
  • Shaheer Karrim
  • Waleed Bata
  • Inayet Petkar
  • Imran Dahya
  • Owais Qadri
  • Ahmed Bukhatir
  • Shahid Al-Kone
  • Zain Bhika
  • so-called Haafiz Abu Bakr
  • so-called ‘Qari’ Ziyaad Patel
  • And all other Fussaaq and Shayaateen singers who sing for public entertainment.

The local and international nasheed artists are Fussaaq according to the Shariah. Check the rulings of the Fuqaha of the four Math-habs for yourself to realize the truth. Kindly view our article on Nazm Jalsahs on our website for easy understanding and comprehension of the issue pertaining to singing for an audience or singing for entertainment. The prohibition is crystal clear.

  1. MUSIC: Al-Ansaar states: “the show which aims to provide an alternative entertainment for the Muslim community at large, is by far the largest of its kind in South Africa.”

This is the condition of Al-Ansaar whereas Hadhrat Ibn Mas’ud (radhiyallahu anhu) narrated that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Beware of listening to musical instruments and singing, for verily, both these acts germinate nifaaq (hypocrisy) in the heart just as water causes vegetables to grow.” (Kaf-fur Ru’aa’)

Is Al-Ansaar really serving the Ummah or should they rather be called Ansaarush Shaitaan (the helpers of Shaitaan)? The Qur’aan declares music as Sautush Shaitaan (the voice of Shaitaan)! Allowing music at the souk is clearly Fisq and according to some Fuqaha, regarding music as Halaal is KUFR!

  1. FASHION SHOW: Let Ismail Kamdar and the entire Al-Ansaar team say from the bottom of their hearts if Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam would agree to a fashion show. If anyone is capable of saying that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam would agree (Nauthubillah) to fashion shows, then such liars are making themselves Kaafir for openly attributing lies to Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam and the Shariah! Thus, there should be no doubt that Al-Ansaar is not an Islamic organization and it is palpably clear that the Souk is Haraam and the Faasiq Al-Ansaar is aiding in the destruction of the Deen!

The above is enough to show that it is Haraam, but there are many more sins and Haraam acts such as:

  • Listening to Haraam
  • Singing for entertainment
  • Women listening to men singing
  • Listening to music
  • Promoting music
  • Female emergence from the home.
  • Violating the laws of Hijaab
  • Intermingling of the sexes
  • Women exposing their faces in public
  • Comedies and shows
  • Merry-go-rounds and fun fairs
  • Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar
  • Photography
  • Videoing
  • Promoting and advertising sin
  • Haraam Muslim brigade
  • Defending the Haraam
  • And much more Haraam

Since it takes place in the Natal province, why is it that there is not a single Fatwa-article on the Askimam website of Mufti Ebrahim Desai and not a single article on the Jamiat KZN website regarding the SOUK. Both, Mufti Ebrahim Desai and the KZN Jamiat have relinquished their duty of Nahi Anil Munkar against the Haraam Al-Ansaar Souk. The KZN Jamiat and all the other Ulama-e-Soo should take their retirement packages and retire officially and publicly announce that they no more belong to the Ulama fraternity instead of misleading the public with their silence and corrupt methodologies of ‘unity’ and ‘hikmat’!





Allah Ta’ala says: “And do not go even near to Zina.  Verily, it is shameless and an evil way.”

In another Aayah, Allah Ta’ala states: “Do not incline towards the Zaalimeen (oppressors).”

There is no place for be-hayaai (shamelessness) in Islam. Islam is a beautiful religion. And shamelessness is ugly and filthy. Hijaab is a beautiful quality which is practically  Fardh upon all. For the achievement of such beautiful Islamic values, it is necessary for Muslim parents to inculcate and develop the praiseworthy quality of Hayaa and Hijaab into their children from the cradle. However, since Muslim parents are themselves so shameless, they create aversion and hatred for Hijaab in the hearts of their young children. Thus, most Muslims behave and conduct themselves like be-hayaa Kuffaar!

The Zina Day of Valentine’s Day is a day for shameless Kuffaar, not for even fussaaq Muslims.  It is absolutely not at all for Muslims. Those who claim to be Muslim, should not have the slightest  truck  with this immoral Valentine’s Day. It is an evil day to be celebrated by Zaanis (adulterers) and Zaaniyahs (adulteresses). In the above Aayat, Allah Ta’ala has warned us to stay very far from the ways of the  Kuffaar.  Many people have already tasted the devastating consequences of haraam relationships, which is the consequence of following the ways of the Kuffaar.

The very first Aayah states that we should not even approach near to Zina. Zina is abhorrently  Haraam and everything which leads to Zina is abhorrently Haraam. The reason for the flood of zina is the abandonment of the Hijaab system. 99% of Muslims break the laws of Hijaab. With a television at home, one cannot  even  dream of observing the laws of Hijaab as one is involved in watching women, and women watching men.  Everything is  Haraam on TV, videos, movies, cinema, etc.

Amongst the evils in which Muslims are involved on the Haraam behayaa-shameless Shaitaani Zina Valentine’s Day are:

  • Zina. The actual act of adultery/ fornication. The punishment for Zina is very severe. In this world, if Zina is established, then the stoning of death (Rajm) is the punishment. The punishment of stoning to death or 100 lashes indicates the severity of committing Zina that a person has to be stoned to death or lashed so many times in order to acquire ‘purification’ from the filthy act of Zina! In the Aakhirat, Jahannam is the punishment where their bodies will stink like sewage.

The following is part of a lengthy narration which took place on the night of Me’raj: “Then he passed by people who had in front of them cooked meat in a pot, and in another pot rotten uncooked meat. They were eating from the pot containing the rotten uncooked meat ignoring the cooked meat. Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) asked: ‘Who are these people?’ Jibreel (Alaihis Salaam) replied: ‘They are people of your Ummat who have lawful and pure wives yet they turn to impure women and spend the night there. Similarly this is the condition of that woman who leaves her lawful and pure husband and goes to an impure man where she spends the night.’

  • All the steps which lead to Zina, are also regarded as Zina. Immorality is not supposed to be  found in Muslims. But Muslim parents are the major cause for destroying the Islamic morals  their children by sending their children to Jahannam right in this world. The schools and universities are Jahannam for a Muslim. It is absolutely Haraam to send one’s children to secular schools, Muslim schools, colleges, technikons or universities! These Kaafir schools and universities are ‘hotbeds of Zina’!

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam has mentioned that the eyes commit zina and their Zina is looking (at Haraam such as ghair mahrams); the hands commit Zina and their Zina is touching (Haraam such as ghair mahrams); the feet commit Zina and their Zina is walking (towards Haraam); the mouth commits Zina and its Zina is kissing and speaking  immoral filth; and the heart desires and wishes and the private parts either accept/confirm this (i.e. commits the actual Zina) or it rejects (all the preceding acts of Zina of the eyes, hands, feet, mouth, etc. and stays away from the actual Zina).

  • Zina of the eyes. Looking at the opposite gender. It is Haraam to look at ghair Mahrams. Even the first ‘intentional’ gaze is Haraam. Despite knowing that ghair-Mahrams are approaching us or that our eyes would fall on ghair Mahrams, we simply don’t care. We enjoy Haraam and have no shame whatsoever Allah Ta’ala is looking at us. Where is the ghairat (honour) which we Muslims supposed to possess? Have we forgotten that the eyes which Allah has bestowed unto us, are His Ni’mat which may not be abused? Why have we become so insensitive to the laws of Allah?
  • Zina of the ears. Listening to the voice of ghair-Mahrams. This is a major disease. Phoning gahir Mahrams is Haraam. We should make Taubah for this and all sins.
  • Zina of the tongue. The Shariah prescribes strict Hijaab between ghair-Mahrams. It is Haraam to make Salaam to ghair-Mahrams. Speaking to ghair-Mahrams is Zina of the tongue which is Haraam!
  • Zina of the heart. When a person does not observe Hijaab properly and he entertains Shaitaani and lustful thoughts regarding a ghair-mahram man or woman, then the heart inclines towards that woman/man and  she takes enjoyment from such inclinations. We should fight our Nafs, otherwise it is also a type of Zina.
  • Zina of the hands. It is extremely shameless to shake the hands of a ghair-Mahram. This is absolutely Haraam. Furthermore, some are even more shameless. They touch/hold and fondle ghair-Mahrams. All these acts lead to the actual Zina. It is mentioned in Surah Yaseen that the hands and feet will speak against such people on the day of Qiyaamah when the tongues will be sealed. Texting and whatsapping ghair Mahrams are also part of Zina!
  • Zina of the feet. Walking towards ghair Mahram women, etc.
  • Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar (Imitating/emulating the Kuffaar). It is Haraam for Muslims to imitate Non-Muslims in their Haraam valentine’s day activities or to behave like Kuffaar on this day of Zina.
  • Boyfriends-girlfriends. This is absolutely Haraam and one of the key stepping-stones towards the actual act of Zina. A Muslim should be dignified. The girlfriend-boyfriend concept is a be-hayaa concept for people interested in Zina. It is Shaitaaniyyat and a path to Jahannam.
  • Valentine’s Day cards and messages. It is Haraam to send Valentine’s Day cards, sms’s, mms’s, whatsapp messages, tweets, emails, etc. The custom of valentine’s Day is a baseless Haraam custom.
  • Haraam functions and parties. It is Haraam to have valentine’s day parties, dinners, braais, dances, balls, family-gatherings, etc. We are Muslims and we should not behave like the enemies of Islam!
  • Roses. This is another Haraam custom. Giving out roses on the Zina Day of Valentine is Haraam.
  • Wearing red on Valentine’s Day. This is absolutely Haraam. Remember: we are Muslims!
  • Wastage of money. Spending on issues and things related to valentine’s Day such as buying flowers, having functions, giving out chocolates, etc. is Haraam. Those who waste are the family of Shaitaan.
  • Selling Valentine’s Day products. It is Haraam to sell valentine’s day cards, teddy bears, roses, mugs, pens, and other specific Valentine’s day gifts. Don’t contaminate your income with Haraam. Likewise, it is also Haraam to buy, advertise or to be involved in any way whatsoever with such Haraam. In short, we as Muslims should boycott Valentine’s Day. This is the demand of true Imaan!
  • Violating the laws of Hijaab. The purpose of Hijaab is the moral purity and spiritual upliftment of the Ummah. Without Hijaab, the Ummah will be morally depraved as it currently is. Most Muslims break the laws of Hijaab. We have forgotten that one day we are going to die, and Allah is going to ask us about this. Breaking a law of Allah is very serious. We should treat Hijaab seriously.

But the very opposite of Hijaab is be-hayaai (shamelessness). Without observing proper Hijaab, we are opening the doors of Zina. And that is why there is so much Zina in our Muslim communities amongst unmarried and married people to the extent of even wife-swopping and prostitution! The filthy immoral and promiscuous Valentine’s Day is totally in conflict with the pure system of Hijaab.

Furthermore, people don’t know what is Hijaab. Hijaab is not just a scarf. The highest form of Hijaab is that a woman should remain at home. If there is a valid necessity recognised by the Shariah, then she may leave her home on condition that she does not intermingle, her entire body is covered, her face and hair are covered and that she wears a Jilbaab – not an Abaaya, outside her home!

Hijaab is not meant to attract the opposite gender. Hijaab in fact keeps ghair Mahrams apart. And colours like red and pink are very attractive. There is no way that it could be permissible for a woman to wear pink and red when she leaves her home or in front of ghair Mahrams. The Shariah also prescribes that ghair Mahrams should not be in the same room. This is also violated by most Muslims!

A Muslim woman who has hayaa, will not allow a ghair Mahram to see her face. In fact, she abhors even a ghair Mahram looking at her shadow, never mind even her clothes. Most Muslim girls dress  like prostitutes. Jeans and tops are not for Muslim women. It is for the immoral prostitutes. Jeans and tops reveal the shape of a woman’s body and a woman who wears such clothing is cursed in Islam.

  • Photography. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam has mentioned that the persons who will receive the most severe punishment on the Day of Qiyaamah, are those involved in pictures. May Allah save us and may He grant us Hidaayah to stay away from all animate photos and pictures. Taking, keeping, sending, publishing, sharing, etc., digital or non-digital pictures of animate objects is Haraam! The angels of mercy do not enter the home which has such pictures. That is one of the reasons why TV, videos, movies, cinema, facebook, etc. is so evil. They are the weapons of Shaitaan and Dajjaal!
  • Intermingling of the sexes. How many Muslims abstain from Haraam intermingling? We greet and even speak to ghair Mahrams. This is shameless and unbecoming of true Muslims. Everyone complains about the sad plight of the Ummah, but we are the very same Ummatis who break the laws of Allah as if we going to live forever and that we will never die and see the Qabr. Every single person will taste Maut. Death is inevitable. We are only going to live in this world once. So let us prove to one and all that we really love Allah and His Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam by oberving the laws of Hijab strictly and without being concerned of what Fussaaq have to say about Hijaab.

We are ordered by the Shariah to make strict Hijaab, but 99% of the Ummah does not want to observe this law of Allah. We find an avalanche of stupid excuses to justify Haraam intermingling and the shameless abandonment of the laws of Hijaab. So, how then is the Ummah expected to progress? Allah’s punishment is around the corner and every soul shall taste what he has sent forth for himself.

It is best to make Taubah and begin observing the laws of Hijaab before it is too late……

The above details are a few reasons why Valentine’s Day is Haraam. It is Haraam and shameless for a Muslim to be associated with Valentine’s Day in any way whatsoever. Even printing cards and assisting others as well as Kuffaar towards valentine’s Day is Haraam. It is Haraam to sell Valentine’s Day products even to Kuffaar. Zina is evil and shameless. Homosexuality, lesbianism and promiscuity have no place in Islam!

Chocolates: It is necessary for all Muslims to exercise caution with regards to chocolates. There are many Haraam chocolates on the market. Most of the chocolates are doubtful. A Kaafir cannot be trusted when it comes to food. In fact, even Muslims cannot be trusted as many Muslims lie and conceal the truth. Therefore, one must be careful what one eats.

Chocolates containing shellac are Haraam. Shellac is derived from an insect. May Allah save us from consuming such filth. Another haraam ingredient used in the flavourings, is ethanol or other types of alcohol. Most chocolates contain flavourings. And the ‘law’ states that any alcohol less than 0,5% does not have to be stated in the ingredients. It is regarded as ‘alcohol-free’.

But, Islamically, it is not ‘alcohol-free’. It is Haraam! The same applies to soft-drinks, ice-creams, etc. One needs to be careful with regards to all of these commercial products. Other chocolates contain vanillin. This is also a doubtful product. Some sweets contain Haraam gelatine. Even the gelatine from Pakistan is not trustworthy. One cannot rely in this age on the Halaal certifiers because they are only concerned about money and their reputation and how many people they can ‘approve’ and ‘certify’.

They have no concern for the Deen whatsoever. There is a huge amount of scholars for Dollars in this age. One is the halaal-certifiers. The other is the Haraam so-called ‘Islamic’ finance scholars. And another is the Salafis who have their programs and courses at halls, centres, etc. All of them are selling the Deen. We are sure that some moron scholars are not against Valentine’s Day. Nowadays, these Shayaateen are finding excuses to make every Haraam thing Halaal.

Saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. It is Haraam to say Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Christmas, Happy Easter, etc. We have to view things within the Islamic context. Good character lies in following the ways of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam whereby opposing Kuffaar ways is integral to beautiful Akhlaaq. With regards to these Haraam type of sayings, one faasiq so-called ‘Mufti’ Abu Layth character from Birmingham has attempted to defend such Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar by claiming via implication that saying ‘Happy Christmas’ is good character taught to us by Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. (Nauthu Billah)

Attributing a lie deliberately to Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam is a sign of Kufr. The fact that he quotes moron Qardawi is enough to show that he is lost. Only lost characters quote Qardawi and other morons in their so-called ‘Fatwas’ of baseless opinion. But the moronic self-professed faasiq of Birmingham who dresses up and looks like a Kaafir and also happens to be a Zindeeq is unaware that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Most assuredly, you will follow the ways of those before you inch by inch, cubit by cubit so much so that if they enter into a lizard’s hole, you too will certainly enter it.” The Sahaabah asked: “O Rasulullah! (Do you mean) the Yahood and the Nasaaraa?” Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Who else?” (Bukhari, Muslim, etc.)






It is a response to Mr. Dangor who portrays himself to be an authority of the Shariah.
A brief outlook of the book:
Divisions in the Muslim Community  –  Page 4
Fatwas of Individual Muftis – Page 6
Contradictory Fataawaa and Confusion – Page 7
Respect for Ikhtilaaf – Page 9
The Halaal Issue  – Page 11
The Halaalizing Certifiers – Page 13
Machine Slaughtering – Page 14
Gelatine and Shellac – Page 15
Haraam Yoghurts – Page 16
Machine Slaughtered Carrion – Page 18
UUCSA – Page 20
MMB (Marriages Bill) – page 23
Polygamy – Page 29
The MOON Debacle – Page 31



Rasulullah (sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:  “He who is silent about the Haqq is a dumb Shaytaan.”

The ‘Roggeland Duiwel-land Country Estate/House’ in Paarl has become a venue for much Haraam. The saddest and most dishonourable part of it is that the Roggeland Devil House is operated by Muslims. It is supported by Planet Mercy South Africa which is a Ninowi Bid’ati Shia initiative! Planet Mercy indulges in many Haraam activities in the name of fundraising, etc. It is Haraam to support Planet Mercy.

Concerning Ninowy, we had already written an article regarding this deviate which is available on our website. Furthermore, Deviate Ninowy has Shia inclinations. He is not a valid leader to the Muslim community. He might be a leader amongst the Shias and the Bid’atis – but not for those who follow the Deen. If you follow Ninowy as how he is currently with many corrupt ideologies and beliefs, then note well that you will be misled!

Very soon, the Roggeland devils would be hosting another Haraam merrymaking function which they deceptively dub as “Tala’al Badru Alayna – Eat! Pray! Love!” The “eat-pray-love” designation indicates their corrupt inclinations. What do these devils mean by ‘pray’?

They are undoubtedly Shaytaan’s prey. Hence, they do not have a conscience towards the Deen. It is Haraam piled upon Haraam. What ‘love’ and harmony can there be when we indulge in Haraam events?

 ‘Network Events’ is an organization founded by some devil. The evil events which it propagates in the name of Islam really makes us wonder if they really even know anything about Haraam and Halaal. The level of ignorance amongst Muslims is just too high and Muslims are not prepared to accept the truth. Instead, they look for corrupt Ulama and scholars for dollars who sing to their tune like MJC, SANHA, Ninowy, Taha Karaan, the Madinah Institute, the Fordsburg Jamiat, BMJ, Darul Uloom Pretoria, Ghazali School, Imam Suyuti Institute, CTIEC, IPSA, ICSA, NIHT, VOC, the so-called Islamic radio and TV stations, Mustafa College, Shaafi Institute, the Moslem schools, etc.

The Tala’al Badru function is a Haraam event because of the following:

  1. Habibia Siddique Muslim Brigade: Music is Haraam. Imitating the coons is Haraam. In fact, this faasiq brigade looks like a medley of clowns and coons merely to entertain the fussaaq. The one who initiated this brigade is the devil himself. There is nothing Islamic about this brigade. They dress up like Kuffaar and they are a bunch of miserable Shayateen.
  1. Music: Music is absolutely Haraam. Hadhrat Naafi’ (radhiyallahu anhu) narrates:

“Once when Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) heard the sound of a shepherd’s flute, he placed his fingers in both ears (to block the sound of the music), and he diverted his mount from that path. (As they rode on), he would say: ‘O Naafi’, can you still hear (the sound)?’ I would say: ‘Yes.’ He would then continue riding. Only when I said: ‘I can no longer hear it’, did he remove his fingers from his ears. Then he returned to the road. He then said: ‘I saw Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) doing like this when he had heard the flute of a shepherd.” (Ahmad and Abu Dawood)

      This was the reaction of the devotees of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). They could not tolerate the voice of shaitaan. When music dinned into their ears, they literally plugged their ears with their fingers. By what stretch of reasoning and on what basis of shame and honesty can it be claimed that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had permitted music and singing? He had described it as the voice of shaitaan. He would plug his ears to block the sound of shaitaan’s voice entering his ears.

  1. Tasleema Allie: This is a faasiqah Bid’ati Aunty. It is Haraam for women to speak publicly. All the Fuqaha agree that it is Haraam for a woman to project her voice. Lady presenters are Haraam! This is the way of the Kuffaar – not Islam!
  1. Top Ten Nasheed presenter of VOC (Voice of the Clowns): In Islam, there is no such a thing as top ten Naats or top ten Nasheeds or top ten Qiraats. This is Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar. Furthermore, professional singing of Nazms is Haraam. And this top ten nonsense refers to these Faasiq professional singers. These Nazms of today are absolutely Haraam. Even the singers have no respect for the laws of the Shariah. Hence, they and their listeners trample upon the laws of the Shariah. The top ten presenter of VOC is also a third-class Faasiq.
  1. Qari Idris Rajab: Another corrupt so-called Qaari. Majority of these Qurraa whom the public bring to South Africa are fussaaq involved in shaving the beard, photography, allowing themselves to be videoed, etc. Naina is also a faasiq munaafiq. These Qaaris have sold the Qur’aan down the drain for the carrion gains of the world.
  1. Aswaatul Madinah Band/Musician: Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said that Music breeds hypocrisy in the heart just as water grows plants! Those who listen to music should make Taubah (repent) that they will never ever again listen to music and ask Allah to remove the hypocrisy from their hearts. Don’t deceive yourself by believing that you are pure if you listen to music. A heart contaminated with music is a hypocritical heart. Hypocrisy is definitely found in those who listen to Music. We fully believe in what Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said.
  1. I’jaaz Nasheed group: Another group of fussaaq. These modern-day Nasheeds are not permissible. They resemble kaafir songs. They resemble the Bid’ati Nazms and Naats of the faasiq Qadri Bid’atis and their ilk. Some even have back-ground sounds like ‘Allah-Allah’ which is pure Nafsaaniyyat. There is no benefit in excuses and Shaitaani tricks to defend these Haraam Nasheeds. The purpose of these background sounds is for entertainment which is Haraam. Many of these so-called Nasheeds and Nazms resemble Bollywood songs and Arabian music! Inna lillaahi Wa inna Ilayhi Raaji’oon.
  1. Women leaving their homes: It is Haraam for women to exit their homes for reasons which are not deemed necessary according to the Shariah such as participating in public events. The Qur’aan prohibits such female emergence. In fact, this event is so evil that it is Haraam for men also to take part. There is absolutely no Hijaab at these fundraising events of Shaitaaniyyat.
  1. The Jilbaab and Niqaab: Even if a woman wears the ‘Fardh’ Jilbaab and the ‘Fardh’ Niqaab, then too it is Haraam for her to leave her home for this event as explained above. However, most women don’t cover their faces. This is indeed very shameless. According to all four Math-habs, even the Shaafi Math-hab, it is Waajib-necessary for a woman to cover her face. Ibn Hajar Haitami mentions the Shaafi Fatwa in his Tuhfah: “YES! She who is certain of the gaze of a stranger (ajnabi) falling on her, for her it is laazim (incumbent) to conceal her face from him, otherwise she would be assisting him towards haraam, thus she would be sinning.” It is obvious that men ‘ogle’ and ‘stare’ at women at these Haraam functions. After all, it is a Haraam function which is meant to attract immoral attention of the opposite sex.
  1. Shameless dressing: Jeans and tops and tops and pants are for the Kuffaar – not for Muslims. Love for Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam demands that we dress up Islamically. The modern-day Abaya reveals the shape of a woman’s body. These Abayas are absolutely haraam for appearance in public. These concerts are meant for the kuffaar. Hence, people will dress up like the Kuffaar at these gatherings.
  1. Intermingling of the sexes: This is a major sin. It is shameless to mingle with ghair-Mahrams or anyone to whom it is permissible to get married to. Intermingling leads to Zina.
  1. Wasting Time in Haraam: This is also a sin. We don’t own life. Life is a trust of Allah. Yet, we waste it in Haraam functions and shameless events. Allah Ta’ala has taken an oath on time. But we are at a loss because of indulging in Haraam functions of this type. Only those who utilise their time fruitfully in the obedience of Allah and encourage people towards good, are successful.
  1. Photos and Videos: This is also Haraam. The ones who will receive the most severe punishment on the Day of Qiyaamah are the one’s involved in pictures and photos.
  1. Zina of the eyes: Looking at ghair-Mahrams of the opposite gender which is Haraam.
  1. Zina of the ears: Listening to the voices of ghair Mahram women. The woman’s voice has the ability of inciting lust and passion in a man’s heart.
  1. Wastage of Money: Those who waste money are the brothers of Shaytaan as the Qur’aan says. On the Day of Qiyaamah, we will be questioned regarding our wealth. How did we earn it? How did we spend it? It is clear that it is Haraam to attend this Shaitaani concert. The tickets sold by Networks SA are tickets to Jahannam.
  1. Futility: Futility wastes time. It does not behove a Muslim to indulge in futility. Kuffaar sport, kuffaar games and merrymaking are not for those who are really concerned about the Qabr, Qiyaamah, The Bridge of Siraat, Jannah and Jahannam. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “The beauty of a man’s Islam is that he shuns futile acts.” There is nothing exciting in this Haraam concert. It is undoubtedly an evil show and party organized by misguided people.
  1. The Haraam Venue: The venue is evil. This Roggeland does not obey Allah’s laws of Hijaab mentioned in 7 Aayats of the Qur’aan and over 70 Ahaadeeth. Segregation of the sexes is Waajib. They also indulge in Haraam buffets where men and women are mixed. Thus, it is stupid and an insult to intelligence to claim that “Venue: this gorgeous Roggeland Country Estate. The only Halaal Estate in the Winelands. Find out about its rich Islamic Heritage…” It has a Shaitaani heritage. That is why it is able to host evil, shameless and haraam concerts and shows in the name of Deen. Even the weddings it hosts, are absolutely Haraam. These picnics and birthday parties are all Haraam!
  1. Corrupt Madaaris and Masaajid run by Fussaaq: The Madaaris and Masaajid who participate in this Haraam function are indeed signs of Qiyaamah. What can these misguided Madaaris teach the Children? No wonder the Muslim Ummah is so corrupt! They must learn to teach the young ones about Hijaab and Haraam functions. So many laws of Allah are violated at this Eat-Pray-Love Concert of the Devil. But the problem with these Madaaris and Masaajid, is that the laws of Allah are violated even at these Madaaris and Masjid venues which supposed to be Islamic. The Madaaris are treated like kaafir schools. The Masjids are treated like Churches.
  1. Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar: This event and concert is in emulation of the Kuffaar. It is Haraam to raise funds in this manner. Nowadays, most fund-raising activities are Haraam. 99,9% of all these charity and fundraisers are filled with Shaitaaniyyat, Nafsaaniyyat and several Haraam acts. We have forgotten Allah and we only interested in Haraam parties.
  1. VOC-Voice of the Cape Clowns: It is incumbent for the Muslim public to boycott Voice of the Cape. Don’t listen to VOC. Voice of the Cape is a station which propagates Haraam. They have shia inclinations just like Radio-Shia-786. Radio 786 even plays Music. We want to please Allah, but we break his laws. There are 4 Aayats and over 40 Ahaadeeth to prove that all types of Music is Haraam. This VOC and Radio-Shia-786 are involved in much Haraam. They are amongst the worst devils in Cape Town together with the Madinah Institute, The CTIEC, the MJC and a few other organizations. They are the main cause for misleading the Muslims in Cape Town. The ‘Sheikhs’ and Ulama who support these Radio stations are indeed shayaateen misleading the public.
  1. Misleading the public: The event is described as a ‘Muslim’ event. This is not a ‘Muslim’ event. This is a kaafir event. Any Muslim who fears Allah will not participate in this evil event. Everyone who participates in this Haraam concert is a Faasiq and a Faajir according to the Shariah. Openly sinning in public is Fisq. Don’t be fooled by the miscreants who are organizing such a Haraam event!
  1. Calling people towards Haraam: There is much Haraam already as mentioned above. It is Haraam to invite and encourage people towards wrong and evil. Music is Shaitaaniyyat. These organisers of the Haraam event are devils. The Qur’aan prohibits assisting one another in sin. Thus, it is very evil to say “Join us for a symphony of Nasheed, Qasaid, Naats & more from Sunset to a moonlit sky.” The Night is NOT meant for such Haraam nonsense and for Haraam games and partying.

These Haraam functions of merrymaking and fun will not bring people closer to the Deen. Haraam takes people away from Deen. It takes a person further away from Allah Ta’ala. These Haraam functions invite the wrath of Allah Ta’ala. May Allah guide us towards the truth and may He save us from attending these Haraam functions and events. Ameen.







SANHA, MJC, NIHT, ICSA, ZAMHA and all other carrion halaalizers ‘certify’  and ‘approve’ halaal, haraam, health-hazardous, nauseating and doubtful products as Halaal. They target anything, which crawls, flies or could possibly go down the stomach. In order to ‘survive’, they charge fees. Without charging ‘fees’, a scholar for dollar will cease to exist. In simple terms, these SANHA fees are worse than the e-tolls.

One needs to analyze all actions, transactions and dealings from within the parameters of the Shariah. The question of certification fees boils down to the following questions. Is the Divine concept of Halaal a commodity? Can the word Halaal be sold or not? And this is precisely what all of these so-called Halaal organizations are doing! They are selling the Qur’aanic institution of Halaal and Haraam for a few miserable cents.

At the outset, it must be emphasized that SANHA does not provide any valid service to either the Muslim community or to individual traders. Certifying maitah (carrion) such as the meats of Karan Beef, Rainbow and other commercial Chickens, Spur, Mochachoes, KFC, etc., which is haraam, is never a service accepted in Islam. On the contrary, the consequence of such a corrupt, haraam imagined ‘service’ is the fire of Jahannum. Thus, all fees charged by SANHA are haraam.

There is an avalanche of evidence to prove that commercial chickens are Haraam! The fact that Sanha is not prepared to allow any Aalim or Mufti who is not associated with Sanha to undertake an unannounced inspection of any of Sanhas carrion plants is enough evidence to show that Sanha is hiding something very ‘valuable’.

These certification fees consist of:

  • Money extracted from traders for so-called ‘halaal’ certificates and mock inspections of the
  • Money which the kuffaar chicken plants have to pay for halaalizing their

Since the entire SANHA operation is Islamically fraudulent, misleading and deceptive, it is haraam, hence all the money which SANHA acquires from traders and chicken plants is haraam. It is extremely short-sighted, to say the least, that there exists a valid Shar’i Ijaarah contract between SANHA and the traders, and SANHA and the carrion chicken plants.

Whilst this is the factual position, let us now make the stupid and baseless assumption that the chickens are halaal. Should this be the case, then too, there is no valid Ijaarah contract. Sending a person to inspect the premises to ensure that haraam products are not stocked is not a duty which the trader imposes on SANHA. It is not a service ordered by the trader. It is an obligation on the one who issues the certificate to ensure that violations are not committed. Thus, SANHA will be acting as a government inspector or as a policeman. The police department cannot impose a fee on a person or institution for any inspection its officers undertake to ensure that the trader/institution does not deal in drugs or rotten pork, etc.

If the government’s health inspector regularly inspects the shops of traders to ensure that they do not sell rotten carrion, the health department cannot demand a fee for such inspections. They are merely fulfilling their duty by making the inspection. In exactly the same way, SANHA will be merely executing its duty to ensure that the terms of its carrion certificate are being complied with.

The expenses which SANHA incurs in making inspections have to be borne solely by the carrion purveyor itself. No trader who surreptitiously sells haraam meat will be happy with any inspection of his premises. This confirms that the inspector is the worker of SANHA, not of the trader who holds the carrion certificate. It is palpably clear that the fees SANHA extracts from traders are acquired without their happy consent. They pay against their wishes. Islamically it is extortion.

Ijaarah in this context means the hiring of someone who renders a service for which the person is then paid for. Every service is not a valid Ijaarah. For example, the services of a prostitute are Haraam. Just as it is Haraam for a woman to sell her body, which has been bestowed unto her as an Amaanat from Allah Ta’ala, likewise it is Haraam to sell the word Halaal which is Allah Ta’alas property. Just as our bodies belong unto Allah Ta’ala, the Divine laws of the Shariah also belong unto Allah Ta’ala. Whilst the prostitute really offers a ‘service’, albeit an immoral Haraam one, Sanha does not offer any service. Whilst her ‘fee’ is in lieu of a haraam ‘service’, Sanhas fees are in lieu of no-service. Thus, SANHA is worse than these prostitutes.

The lip-service and proclamation of something being halaal is not remunerable according to Islam. It is ludicrous to charge a fee for proclaiming that the products of a Muslim are halaal. It is not a ma’qood alayh in terms of the Shariah. Ma’qood Alayh means something upon which a person can make a transaction. In simple terms, it is the item, which is sold, or the service, which is rendered.

Anyone may understand that a Fatwa cannot be sold immaterial of how much advice and information it contains. It is not a valid Ma’qood Alayh. The same applies to Halaal certification. Selling Halaal certificates is selling the Deen for the miserable carrion gains of the world. In fact, it is worse to sell a Halaal certificate to a kaafir who does not even know what is Istinjaa – leave alone him even being aware of all the strict laws of Halaal and Haraam. When the Muslim public is so ignorant of Halaal and Haraam, then what do the Kuffaar know about Halaal and Haraam?

The Kuffaar believe that Halaal is that upon which a Halaal logo appears. They know very well that the Halaal logo attracts stupid and very stupid Muslims. They believe that their business will increase if it is publicized as Halaal. They are also aware that on a regular basis Sanha makes announcements to its stupid followers of outlets which are ‘not Halaal certified’ even if in reality the plant or outlet happens to be 100% Halaal. Everyone understands Sanha’s motives with its “not Halaal Certified” publicity stunts. Hence, they choose Halaal certification even if it is a rip-off.

Traders pay the fees because they are stupid. Since their Imaan is deficient, they believe that their Rizq will be curtailed if SANHA spreads the rumour that their products are not halaal. SANHA has resorted to this type of innuendo thuggery to diminish confidence in traders who refuse to submit to SANHA’s ‘halaal’ certificate pressurization and demand for haraam fees which according to the Shariah is extortion. There are many traders who will vouch for this haraam attitude and action of SANHA.

Since the inspecting organization is carrying out inspections in the interests of its own monetary agenda, there is no ma’qood alayh for contracting a valid Ijaarah agreement. The claim of Ijaarah is pure garbage. Inspection is an external imposition – imposed by the carrion outfit. It is not a service emanating from the trader who requires this performance for which he is happily prepared to pay a fee, e.g. paying a worker for cleaning his shop. No trader is happy to pay a stupid SANHA inspector for the nuisance of a silly ‘inspection’ which is devoid of Shar’i substance, and which is imposed on the trader against his will by the carrion vendor.

SANHA levies different types of extortionist fees on Rainbow, etc. Inspection fees are charged separately. Under different headings, SANHA charges a variety of fees which are all haraam. The very bottom line is that the ‘services’ which SANHA purportedly performs for traders and carrion chicken plants are not services of the traders. If for argument’s sake it be conceded that these mock ‘inspections’ are services, then the latter will be services for the SANHA clique, not for the traders nor for the carrion plants.

It is a fact that it is Waajib upon every Muslim to exercise extreme caution when it comes to halaal-and-haraam matters. The Dua of a person who eats Haraam food is not accepted. The Qur’aan emphasizes the relationship between Haraam food and Shaitaan, and between Halaal food and virtuous deeds. Thus, it is the duty of every Muslim to make sure himself that the products he consumes are Halaal.

It is also a fact that one cannot charge another person a fee simply for saying that his products are Halaal. Slaughtering according to the Shariah (Thabah) is practically Fardh. One cannot charge another person a fee for ensuring, proclaiming and publicizing that the person has carried out a Fardh or Waajib act in accordance to the Shariah. This is so obvious.

Some people imagine that Sanha has the right to charge fees. They imagine that there exists a valid Shar’i Ijaarah contract between SANHA and the traders, and SANHA and the chicken plants.   But, hitherto, Sanha has not presented even one proof from Fiqh to prove that it is a valid Ijaarah contract whilst in reality it is Haraam exorbitant fees of extortion.

To say that the Haraam Rainbow chickens are Halaal, Sanha charges a fee per chicken. This clearly shows that it is money-making racket. Let us give an example.

Sanha charges R3-50 per beef carcass. More than 500 cows are slaughtered a day. But let us take 500 and times it by R3-50 which is R1750-00. Let us say R1500 per day and for a month this is equivalent to a minimum of R35000-00 only on the carcass fee from one beef plant which Sanha certifies. What about the licensing fees, inspection fees, supervision fees, administration fees, travelling fees, advertising fees, ‘faeces’ fees – all humbug fees, etc., etc. Sanha cannot say that it costs them R35000-00 to travel monthly to the carrion beef plant for a mock inspection. Sanha does not pay the slaughterers.

Is Sanha prepared to show the public a detailed audit of its income from each and every plant, outlet and food store it certifies and approves? Sanha must prove exactly how much it earns from one Rainbow plant per month and then from Karan Beef, and so forth.

The fact that one Halaalizing organization can offer cheaper fees than another halaalizing organization bears testimony to the fact that the halaalizing industry is a carion money-making industry. How does the following sound to you? According to SANHA, you must pay R3-50 per beef carcass, but one simply needs to pay R2-00 per beef carcass by another organization?





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Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Expose the faajir regarding the evil in which he indulges so that people remain safe from him.”


“When you observe a Deeni danger in a person of worldly pomp and rank, then proclaim it (to the masses), and do not be deterred by his pomp and rank. Verily, Allah is your Supporter and your Helper, and the Helper of the Deen. When you act in this way (i.e. fearlessly proclaiming the Haqq), they will hold you in awe and not become audacious in flagrant commission of bid’ah in front of you.

In matters of the Deen if you see someone flagrantly committing evil, then expose him to the people so that they do not follow him, and so that they remain aloof of him. Verily, Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: Expose the faajir regarding the evil in which he indulges so that people remain safe from him.”

The advice of Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullah alayh) based on the Hadith he cited is to name and expose miscreant Ulama and leaders who flagrantly practice fisq, fujoor and bid’ah. The purpose of naming and criticizing them is to save the masses from becoming ensnared in their evil. The Ulama who conceal the Haqq for nafsaani motives should reflect on this advice, and do some soul searching, for then they will understand the despicable sin of Kitmaanul Haqq which they are committing.


Everyone knows that the ‘Public Relations Officer’ of Sanha is E.B.I Lockhat. He is a faasiq. He takes photos. He shaves his beard. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “the Arsh of Allah shudders when a faasiq is honoured.” Despite Sanha praising their Ulama e Soo’ team, sanha’s ‘public relations officer’ is a faasiq. Why is it that the entire Sanha ‘ulama’ team and their entire ‘ulama’ council does not object to the appointment of a faasiq as your ‘public relations officer’??? The answer is obvious. The ‘ulama’ who are part of Sanha are the Ulama e Soo – Mudhilleen.


Why is it that the Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng found out that Sanha was feeding the Ummah haraam Earlybird Chickens? They undertook an unannounced inspection? Where was Sanhas Ulama council and Ulama team to make sure that the Ummah is not fed Haraam meat?

In this suffocating age of Kitmaanul Haqq (concealment of the Haqq), trampling on the Haqq and satanic interpretation of the Deen by the evil shayaateen, the Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar of The Ulama e Haqq would come as a fresh breeze.

Regarding the clique of mudhilleen, Rasulullah (sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:

        “Verily, I fear for my Ummah the Aimmah mudhilleen. (The Imaams and ‘ulama’ that mislead)”

The mudhilleen are such agents of Shaytaan who prowl on the surface of the earth in the guise of Ulama.  While these “shayaateen fi jusmaanil ins” (devils in  human bodies – Hadith) are here to stay since this dunya has been created to be the abode of conflict between Haqq and baatil – vice and virtue – it does not behove the many Ulama-e-Haqq to seek refuge in silence for fear of controversy. Controversy and disunity for Allah’s Sake are natural consequences of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar.  This earth is meant for controversy, and controversy is the logical effect of the propagation of the Tauheed of Islam. It is essential for the Ulama to heed Allah’s praise for those who remain steadfast and unflinching on the Haqq. He says in the Qur’aan about them:  “They do not fear the insults of those who insult.”





·  Central Islamic Trust

·  Council of Ulama – Eastern Cape

·  Darul-Ihsan Islamic Services Centre –  KZN

·  Darul Waqaf Islamic Trust

·  Jamiatul Ulama South Africa

·  Majlisud Dawah Wal Islah

·  Northern Cape Halaal Board

·  Mudhil Muhammed Suliman

·  Mudhil Junaid Adam

·  Mudhil Zubair Bayat

·  Mudhil Ebrahim Essop

·  Mudhil Abbas Ali Jeena

·  Mudhil Ismail Allie

·  Mudhil Rafiek Ahmed Hassan


·  Mudhil Abdullah Minty

·  Mudhil Abdur Rahman Pandor

·  Mudhil Abraar Ahmed Varachia

·  Mudhil Adbul Rehman Sirkot

·  Mudhil Alie L Kgaphola

·  Mudhil Anees Moegamed Kara

·  Mudhil Arqam Ahmad

·  Mudhil Bilal Ebrahim Nicholson

·  Mudhil Dawood Vahed

·  Mudhil Farid Ahmed

·  Mudhil Haamid Mulla

·  Mudhil Hashim Wadia

·  Mudhil Imtiaaz Ahmed Baiyant

·  Mudhil Luqmaan Mahomed

·  Mudhil Masihullah Kathrada

·  Mudhil Mehmood Yacoob

·  Mudhil Mohamed Choksi

·  Mudhil Mohammed Ilyas Cassim

·  Mudhil Mohammed Mangera

·  Mudhil Muhammad E Nanabhay

·  Mudhil Muhammad Saeed Navlakhi

·  Mudhil Muhammed Ameen Ravat

·  Mudhil Muhammed Vaid

·  Mudhil Muhammed Wahseem Saib

·  Mudhil Nazir Mahomed

·  Mudhil Rafiek Ahmad Hassan

·  Mudhil Reza Nanabhay

·  Mudhil Ridhwaan Vaid

·  Mudhil Shafiq Ahmed Hajee

·  Mudhil Shah Jehan Naicker

·  Mudhil Siraajoddeen Parker

·  Mudhil Sulaiman Kindi

·  Mudhil Suleiman Karani

·  Mudhil Syed Haroun

·  Mudhil Yaaseen Allie

·  Mudhil Zakariya Jeewa

·  Mudhil Muhammed Yusuf Seedat

·  Mudhil Nomaan Ishhaq

·  Mudhil Kassim Hussein Akili

·  Mudhil Abdul Hakim Kabetcha

·  Mudhil Abdul Karim Phiri

·  Mudhil Abdul Rashid Swaleh

·  Mudhil Emaan Chikwatu

·  Mudhil Hussyn Kamwana

·  Mudhil Muhammad Jumah Chiumbe

·  Mudhil Ndwandwe Nxumalo

·  Mudhil Shaffy Jaffar

·  Mudhil Shuaib Wasiya

·  Mudhil Yahya Wiseman Ibrahim

·  Mudhil Younus Bowman Khalea