It is commonsense that a Muslim will not eat the products of a company/restaurant/outlet that deals in pork/bacon or any other haraam foods. Knorr is one such company, which deals in pork/bacon and other haraam products. How can one trust the products of an entity which deals in pork as well?

Furthermore, many of Knorrs’ products contain meat extracts. These meat extracts are obtained from Kuffaar companies which deal in a variety of haraam meat products including pork. Would you as a Muslim enjoy and even think of consuming 100% ‘halaal’ chicken which is placed next to pork? The answer is obviously NO!

When this is the case with regards to 100% ‘Halaal’ meat next to pork, then one may surely understand how much worse it is to consume or even halaalize a doubtful product and haraam carrion products manufactured in the same factory which processes pork!

It is a fact that the company deals in Haraam products. A Mixture of halaal and haraam is undoubtedly haraam. Haraam + Halaal does not mean it’s Halaal. How can one trust a company which deals in haraam, especially pork?

Non-Muslims do not have the haziest idea of the concept of Halaal. They have been duped into believing that a halaal sign means that a product is Halaal. Consider the following example: An MJC halaal logo on a product containing gelatine is Haraam according to Sanha. This clearly indicates the mess and corruption of the Halaal certifiers. They only confuse the public with their stupid halaal certification.

When even a normal layman would not eat products from a restaurant which deals in pork, we find Sanha and the MJC certifying as Halaal the products of companies which even deal in pork. In fact, they have halaalized even pork. MJC with Orion, and Pick n’ Pay pork wors and Sanha with Steers bacon burgers and not to forget Sanha’s “delicious” pork spice! How then can a Muslim ever trust Sanha and the MJC when they have the nerve to certify even pork products as Halaal??? SANHA AND MJC LACK ISLAMIC CREDIBILITY!!!

Do you think Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam or any of the Sahaabah would have eaten the products of companies which deal also in pork???

Confound the silly arguments of the carrion Halaalizing Scholars for Dollars and Save YOUR IMAAN! KNORR PRODUCTS ARE HARAAM!

Click Here for Pamphlet: Knorr Products


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