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Rasulullah (sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:  “He who is silent about the Haqq is a dumb Shaytaan.”

The ‘Roggeland Duiwel-land Country Estate/House’ in Paarl has become a venue for much Haraam. The saddest and most dishonourable part of it is that the Roggeland Devil House is operated by Muslims. It is supported by Planet Mercy South Africa which is a Ninowi Bid’ati Shia initiative! Planet Mercy indulges in many Haraam activities in the name of fundraising, etc. It is Haraam to support Planet Mercy.

Concerning Ninowy, we had already written an article regarding this deviate which is available on our website. Furthermore, Deviate Ninowy has Shia inclinations. He is not a valid leader to the Muslim community. He might be a leader amongst the Shias and the Bid’atis – but not for those who follow the Deen. If you follow Ninowy as how he is currently with many corrupt ideologies and beliefs, then note well that you will be misled!

Very soon, the Roggeland devils would be hosting another Haraam merrymaking function which they deceptively dub as “Tala’al Badru Alayna – Eat! Pray! Love!” The “eat-pray-love” designation indicates their corrupt inclinations. What do these devils mean by ‘pray’?

They are undoubtedly Shaytaan’s prey. Hence, they do not have a conscience towards the Deen. It is Haraam piled upon Haraam. What ‘love’ and harmony can there be when we indulge in Haraam events?

 ‘Network Events’ is an organization founded by some devil. The evil events which it propagates in the name of Islam really makes us wonder if they really even know anything about Haraam and Halaal. The level of ignorance amongst Muslims is just too high and Muslims are not prepared to accept the truth. Instead, they look for corrupt Ulama and scholars for dollars who sing to their tune like MJC, SANHA, Ninowy, Taha Karaan, the Madinah Institute, the Fordsburg Jamiat, BMJ, Darul Uloom Pretoria, Ghazali School, Imam Suyuti Institute, CTIEC, IPSA, ICSA, NIHT, VOC, the so-called Islamic radio and TV stations, Mustafa College, Shaafi Institute, the Moslem schools, etc.

The Tala’al Badru function is a Haraam event because of the following:

  1. Habibia Siddique Muslim Brigade: Music is Haraam. Imitating the coons is Haraam. In fact, this faasiq brigade looks like a medley of clowns and coons merely to entertain the fussaaq. The one who initiated this brigade is the devil himself. There is nothing Islamic about this brigade. They dress up like Kuffaar and they are a bunch of miserable Shayateen.
  1. Music: Music is absolutely Haraam. Hadhrat Naafi’ (radhiyallahu anhu) narrates:

“Once when Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) heard the sound of a shepherd’s flute, he placed his fingers in both ears (to block the sound of the music), and he diverted his mount from that path. (As they rode on), he would say: ‘O Naafi’, can you still hear (the sound)?’ I would say: ‘Yes.’ He would then continue riding. Only when I said: ‘I can no longer hear it’, did he remove his fingers from his ears. Then he returned to the road. He then said: ‘I saw Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) doing like this when he had heard the flute of a shepherd.” (Ahmad and Abu Dawood)

      This was the reaction of the devotees of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). They could not tolerate the voice of shaitaan. When music dinned into their ears, they literally plugged their ears with their fingers. By what stretch of reasoning and on what basis of shame and honesty can it be claimed that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had permitted music and singing? He had described it as the voice of shaitaan. He would plug his ears to block the sound of shaitaan’s voice entering his ears.

  1. Tasleema Allie: This is a faasiqah Bid’ati Aunty. It is Haraam for women to speak publicly. All the Fuqaha agree that it is Haraam for a woman to project her voice. Lady presenters are Haraam! This is the way of the Kuffaar – not Islam!
  1. Top Ten Nasheed presenter of VOC (Voice of the Clowns): In Islam, there is no such a thing as top ten Naats or top ten Nasheeds or top ten Qiraats. This is Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar. Furthermore, professional singing of Nazms is Haraam. And this top ten nonsense refers to these Faasiq professional singers. These Nazms of today are absolutely Haraam. Even the singers have no respect for the laws of the Shariah. Hence, they and their listeners trample upon the laws of the Shariah. The top ten presenter of VOC is also a third-class Faasiq.
  1. Qari Idris Rajab: Another corrupt so-called Qaari. Majority of these Qurraa whom the public bring to South Africa are fussaaq involved in shaving the beard, photography, allowing themselves to be videoed, etc. Naina is also a faasiq munaafiq. These Qaaris have sold the Qur’aan down the drain for the carrion gains of the world.
  1. Aswaatul Madinah Band/Musician: Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said that Music breeds hypocrisy in the heart just as water grows plants! Those who listen to music should make Taubah (repent) that they will never ever again listen to music and ask Allah to remove the hypocrisy from their hearts. Don’t deceive yourself by believing that you are pure if you listen to music. A heart contaminated with music is a hypocritical heart. Hypocrisy is definitely found in those who listen to Music. We fully believe in what Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said.
  1. I’jaaz Nasheed group: Another group of fussaaq. These modern-day Nasheeds are not permissible. They resemble kaafir songs. They resemble the Bid’ati Nazms and Naats of the faasiq Qadri Bid’atis and their ilk. Some even have back-ground sounds like ‘Allah-Allah’ which is pure Nafsaaniyyat. There is no benefit in excuses and Shaitaani tricks to defend these Haraam Nasheeds. The purpose of these background sounds is for entertainment which is Haraam. Many of these so-called Nasheeds and Nazms resemble Bollywood songs and Arabian music! Inna lillaahi Wa inna Ilayhi Raaji’oon.
  1. Women leaving their homes: It is Haraam for women to exit their homes for reasons which are not deemed necessary according to the Shariah such as participating in public events. The Qur’aan prohibits such female emergence. In fact, this event is so evil that it is Haraam for men also to take part. There is absolutely no Hijaab at these fundraising events of Shaitaaniyyat.
  1. The Jilbaab and Niqaab: Even if a woman wears the ‘Fardh’ Jilbaab and the ‘Fardh’ Niqaab, then too it is Haraam for her to leave her home for this event as explained above. However, most women don’t cover their faces. This is indeed very shameless. According to all four Math-habs, even the Shaafi Math-hab, it is Waajib-necessary for a woman to cover her face. Ibn Hajar Haitami mentions the Shaafi Fatwa in his Tuhfah: “YES! She who is certain of the gaze of a stranger (ajnabi) falling on her, for her it is laazim (incumbent) to conceal her face from him, otherwise she would be assisting him towards haraam, thus she would be sinning.” It is obvious that men ‘ogle’ and ‘stare’ at women at these Haraam functions. After all, it is a Haraam function which is meant to attract immoral attention of the opposite sex.
  1. Shameless dressing: Jeans and tops and tops and pants are for the Kuffaar – not for Muslims. Love for Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam demands that we dress up Islamically. The modern-day Abaya reveals the shape of a woman’s body. These Abayas are absolutely haraam for appearance in public. These concerts are meant for the kuffaar. Hence, people will dress up like the Kuffaar at these gatherings.
  1. Intermingling of the sexes: This is a major sin. It is shameless to mingle with ghair-Mahrams or anyone to whom it is permissible to get married to. Intermingling leads to Zina.
  1. Wasting Time in Haraam: This is also a sin. We don’t own life. Life is a trust of Allah. Yet, we waste it in Haraam functions and shameless events. Allah Ta’ala has taken an oath on time. But we are at a loss because of indulging in Haraam functions of this type. Only those who utilise their time fruitfully in the obedience of Allah and encourage people towards good, are successful.
  1. Photos and Videos: This is also Haraam. The ones who will receive the most severe punishment on the Day of Qiyaamah are the one’s involved in pictures and photos.
  1. Zina of the eyes: Looking at ghair-Mahrams of the opposite gender which is Haraam.
  1. Zina of the ears: Listening to the voices of ghair Mahram women. The woman’s voice has the ability of inciting lust and passion in a man’s heart.
  1. Wastage of Money: Those who waste money are the brothers of Shaytaan as the Qur’aan says. On the Day of Qiyaamah, we will be questioned regarding our wealth. How did we earn it? How did we spend it? It is clear that it is Haraam to attend this Shaitaani concert. The tickets sold by Networks SA are tickets to Jahannam.
  1. Futility: Futility wastes time. It does not behove a Muslim to indulge in futility. Kuffaar sport, kuffaar games and merrymaking are not for those who are really concerned about the Qabr, Qiyaamah, The Bridge of Siraat, Jannah and Jahannam. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “The beauty of a man’s Islam is that he shuns futile acts.” There is nothing exciting in this Haraam concert. It is undoubtedly an evil show and party organized by misguided people.
  1. The Haraam Venue: The venue is evil. This Roggeland does not obey Allah’s laws of Hijaab mentioned in 7 Aayats of the Qur’aan and over 70 Ahaadeeth. Segregation of the sexes is Waajib. They also indulge in Haraam buffets where men and women are mixed. Thus, it is stupid and an insult to intelligence to claim that “Venue: this gorgeous Roggeland Country Estate. The only Halaal Estate in the Winelands. Find out about its rich Islamic Heritage…” It has a Shaitaani heritage. That is why it is able to host evil, shameless and haraam concerts and shows in the name of Deen. Even the weddings it hosts, are absolutely Haraam. These picnics and birthday parties are all Haraam!
  1. Corrupt Madaaris and Masaajid run by Fussaaq: The Madaaris and Masaajid who participate in this Haraam function are indeed signs of Qiyaamah. What can these misguided Madaaris teach the Children? No wonder the Muslim Ummah is so corrupt! They must learn to teach the young ones about Hijaab and Haraam functions. So many laws of Allah are violated at this Eat-Pray-Love Concert of the Devil. But the problem with these Madaaris and Masaajid, is that the laws of Allah are violated even at these Madaaris and Masjid venues which supposed to be Islamic. The Madaaris are treated like kaafir schools. The Masjids are treated like Churches.
  1. Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar: This event and concert is in emulation of the Kuffaar. It is Haraam to raise funds in this manner. Nowadays, most fund-raising activities are Haraam. 99,9% of all these charity and fundraisers are filled with Shaitaaniyyat, Nafsaaniyyat and several Haraam acts. We have forgotten Allah and we only interested in Haraam parties.
  1. VOC-Voice of the Cape Clowns: It is incumbent for the Muslim public to boycott Voice of the Cape. Don’t listen to VOC. Voice of the Cape is a station which propagates Haraam. They have shia inclinations just like Radio-Shia-786. Radio 786 even plays Music. We want to please Allah, but we break his laws. There are 4 Aayats and over 40 Ahaadeeth to prove that all types of Music is Haraam. This VOC and Radio-Shia-786 are involved in much Haraam. They are amongst the worst devils in Cape Town together with the Madinah Institute, The CTIEC, the MJC and a few other organizations. They are the main cause for misleading the Muslims in Cape Town. The ‘Sheikhs’ and Ulama who support these Radio stations are indeed shayaateen misleading the public.
  1. Misleading the public: The event is described as a ‘Muslim’ event. This is not a ‘Muslim’ event. This is a kaafir event. Any Muslim who fears Allah will not participate in this evil event. Everyone who participates in this Haraam concert is a Faasiq and a Faajir according to the Shariah. Openly sinning in public is Fisq. Don’t be fooled by the miscreants who are organizing such a Haraam event!
  1. Calling people towards Haraam: There is much Haraam already as mentioned above. It is Haraam to invite and encourage people towards wrong and evil. Music is Shaitaaniyyat. These organisers of the Haraam event are devils. The Qur’aan prohibits assisting one another in sin. Thus, it is very evil to say “Join us for a symphony of Nasheed, Qasaid, Naats & more from Sunset to a moonlit sky.” The Night is NOT meant for such Haraam nonsense and for Haraam games and partying.

These Haraam functions of merrymaking and fun will not bring people closer to the Deen. Haraam takes people away from Deen. It takes a person further away from Allah Ta’ala. These Haraam functions invite the wrath of Allah Ta’ala. May Allah guide us towards the truth and may He save us from attending these Haraam functions and events. Ameen.






Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Verily, I fear for my Ummah such Aimmah (muftis, molvis and sheikhs) who are mudhilleen (men who mislead others).”

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam has voiced his fear for the deviation of the Ummah by the ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’, so it is the duty of true Ulama to expose the ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’. True concern for the Ummah will not allow a real Aalim/Mufti/Sheikh to remain silent about the ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’. How can we allow others to mislead the Ummah? There is a need to thoroughly expose such deviates who mislead the Ummah.

The ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’ are the scholars for dollars – the ulama-e-soo’ who mislead the masses with their corrupt ‘fatwas’ in total conflict with the Shariah. The adjective (sifat) of ‘Mudhilleen’ used by Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam with the noun (mowsoof) of ‘Aimmah’ for the coining of the title of ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’, in fact explain that the Ulama-e-Soo’ adopt stratagems, tricks, shenanigans and skullduggery in order to mislead others. One of the common tricks of the Ulama-e-Soo’ of this era is the utilization of Islamic terminology and nomenclature for hoodwinking the unwary and ignorant  public.

The usage of the name “Madinah” for the Bid’ati’s institution dhalaal is extremely misleading. Many organizations love to use Islamic-sounding names for their associations and their wares which serve the purpose of duping the public into believing that they are Islamic or that their products or courses are valid and correct in the Shariah. An example of this is the so-called Halaal organizations which are the agents of Shaitaan. They are deviates and they wish that others should likewise become deviates like themselves. They don’t realize that the truth cannot be hidden as the Haq will always triumph immaterial of it sounding ‘ghareeb’ (strange) to the public and irrelevant of its number of followers.

In Cape-Town especially, the Ulama need to wake up. The majority of the Ulama nowadays are Faasiq Bid’atis involved in a variety of Bid’aat. Furthermore, a Bid’ati always defends his Bid’ah because Shaitaan has manipulated his thinking. Hence, he is unable to understand the villainy of Bid’aat which Shaitaan has presented to him in order to mislead the masses.

Many people will not understand our criticism and condemnation of the errant ‘Madinah’ institute. Thus, there is a need to elaborate. The following haraam misdeeds are found in the Mudhilleen:

  • Photography – this is found par excellence in the Ulama-e-Soo’. Skype and ITV is included here. According to the Hadith, the worst of people will be the people of pictures on the Day of Qiyaamah!  The deviates justify  their haraam  photo-pictures by ludicrously comparing it  with a reflection in the mirror. Can’t  they understand the difference between a mirror reflection and a photo?
  • Non-Observance of Proper Hijaab – This is famous amongst the Mudhilleen and the Ulama-e-Soo’ and the so-called Cape Town Sheikhs or ‘shakes’. They don’t even know what is Hijaab! Women are not allowed to leave their homes, except in cases of necessity. There is an  avalanche of dalaail for Niqaab and women staying at home, but some people remain blind and stubborn. Even the wives of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam covered their faces.
  • Facebook – a perfect place to find the Shayaateen in the form of the mudhilleen sheikhs and molvis!
  • Bid’aat such as Mowlood, Seerah Jalsahs, Customary loud thikr in congregation, Handshaking after Salaah, which includes hugging and shaking hands after Eid Salaah and the Nazm Jalsahs,  and so-called ‘islaahi’ jalsahs, etc.
  • Soccer Tournaments, Netball Tournaments, Souks, Fun fares, haraam kuffaar sports in general, etc.
  • Giving a green light and being totally silent about the Haraam secular schools. And not to forget their so-called ‘Muslim’ Schools. No wonder the Ummah can’t understand true Islam.
  • Mudhilleen supporting each other and being affiliated with the carrion clique such as The Sanha Shaytaan , The MJC devils, NIHT, ICSA, VOC-voice of the clowns, Radio Shiah-Shaytaan in Cape Town (Radio 786) and Jo’burg Radio Shaitaan (Radio ‘Islam’), Radio Nasaara, Channel Shaytaan, etc.

The above is merely a few signs of the Mudhilleen. There are other signs as well. Analyzing the above haraam factors and evils, one will find that the so-called ‘Madinah’ institute deserves a distinction from Shaytaan for being a public victim of each one of the above evils. Yet, these mudhilleen have dubbed their institute as ‘Madinah’ Institute. We are sure that if we study this ‘Madinah’ Institute deeply, we will find them to be amongst the worst agents of the devil in this country.


The Madinah Institute’s 12-page brochure of 2015 is filled to the brim with flaws. They offer a ‘one year intensive course designed under the guidance of’ deviate ‘Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Husayni An-Ninowy’. Let all the dumb students who attend this course understand very well that they will never  attain the qualification of a genuine Aalim by pursuing the  extremely deficient  crash course  provide by the institute of deviation.   The one year stint which this ‘Madinah’ Institute offers is misleading. The fact that they would ‘qualify’ as ‘scholars’ in one year indicates how stupid ‘scholars’ they would be. They would emerge from this institute of deviation with the idea of being Ulama who are the inheritors of the Ambiyaa as the misleading brochure portrays. How can they be the inheritors of the Ambiyaa when they don’t even observe the laws of Hijab and are involved in Facebook immorality?


Another salient feature of the misleading sheikhs and mudhilleen ulama is that when they know that the public is involved in wrongs, they remain silent like ‘dumb devils’. But, when it comes to speaking in the tune of the public, then they justify haraam acts like ‘vocal devils’. One of the admission requirements of this baatil college is ‘12th Grade or equivalent.’ It is so obvious that secular schools are Haraam and majority of the Muslim public is dwelling in deception in this regard. The evils of conventional secular schools are undeniable.

The secular ‘educational’ institutions are dens of zina and of vice of all kinds. The process of prostituting daughters by parents commences from the time the children are sent to primary school. One third of the lives of children is squandered in the evil environment and evil suhbat (companionship) of primary school, high school and university where the coup de grace in the destruction of morals and even Imaan is delivered.


Since studying at the so-called ‘Madinah’ Institute,  is not permissible , it is likewise haraam to squander your R36 000 down the drain in order to gain a worthless  certificate and ludicrous ‘Ijaazah’  from this so-called ‘Islamic’ college. One will observe that they are involved in a variety of Haraam activities. Don’t waste your money on these scholars for dollars. Each and every so-called sheikh is a deviated professional faasiq at this institute of dhalaal (deviation).


The propagation of immorality is part and parcel of the Ulama-e-Soo’s campaign. They are the main causes of all the zina in our Muslim community. Not observing proper Hijaab leads to zina even if a woman is in Niqaab. It is much worse if a woman is not in Niqaab. Intermingling of sexes is Haraam. It is Haraam for ghair mahrams to interact with one another. This is found excessively in all schools and universities – even the so-called Islamic ones.

Propagating lewdness and zina, the shameless devils states: “Madina World Madina Institute Students around the world are connected to each other via the latest social network mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Viber. The Global Madina Institute Family through it’s Intensive Seminars connects students in Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, and USA.” Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Viber are not for the Ulama. It is a forum for deviates and the Ulama-e-Soo’ and for those whom the Qur’aan describes as ‘donkeys loaded with books’. In one year, a person qualifies at the Madinah Institute as a donkey ‘loaded’ with hardly any books.


The rubbish shayaateen claim that its cauldron of immorality ‘is a place where your spiritual journey will flourish and help you grow deeper into your faith and serve humanity. Fosters academic excellence and manifests the line of truth and moderation commanded by the Qur’an and Sunnah.’ There is something really amiss in the brains of a hijaabless person who makes such a claim. What the hell do they know about moderation commanded by the Qur’aan and Sunnah when the Qur’aan and Sunnah clearly command that women must remain at home and that photography is Haraam? They foster haraam relationships and manifest the line of baatil in order to serve the people of Baatil and grow them deeper into Bid’aat which very simply facilitates that the journey to Jahannam will flourish!


Ninowy is in the league of the deviates such as Hamza Yusuf, Suhaib Webb, Ismail Menk, Moron Abu Laith, etc. Their participation in Bid’aat, their indulgence in photography and Facebook, and their reckless abandonment and neglect of Hijaab and anti-Hijaab propagation clearly confirm their deviate status which is known in Qur’aanic terms as ‘donkeys loaded with books’ and in our customary parlance, they are known as Deviate Fake Scholars for Dollars.

Instead of their views being based on Qur’an and Sunnah, their baseless baatil opinions are grounded in baseless opinions of desire. They are not all accredited by renowned Islamic Institutions of Islamic Learning.

Ninowy’s book on Meelaad/Mowlood is likewise baseless. Mowlood is Bid’ah! Not a single verse or Hadeeth proves the permissibility of Meelaad. A detailed article will Insha Allah be published on the evil of Mowlood as well as on Nazm Jalsahs and Seerah Jalsahs.

Had there been a basis for Mowlood in the Shariah, the Sahaabah would have been the very first to have a Mowlood. The Sahaabah understood the Qur’aan and Hadeeth better than Ninowy, the MJC Fussaaq, the entire Cape Town, Laudium, Lenz and Durban,   all the Barelwi Bid’atis, and all the Bid’ati deviates of  the whole world. Yet, the Sahaabah did not have Mowlood. There is no basis for this Bid’ah in the era of  Khairul Quroon. May Allah save us from the evil of these Mudhilleen. (Ameen)