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Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“They (the Mu’mineen) do not attend zoor. And when they pass by futility, they pass by with dignity.” (Surah Furqaan, Aayat 72)

Imaam Abu Bakr Jassaas, commenting on this aayat said: “It has been narrated from Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullah alayh) that az-zoor is singing.” (Ahkaamul Qur’aan)

Hadhrat Ali (Radhiyallahu Anhu) narrated that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “I have been sent (by Allah) to destroy musical instruments……The earning of a male singer and a female singer is haraam. The earning of zina is haraam. It is incumbent on Allah not to allow a body nourished by haraam, entry into Jahannum.” (Kaf-fur Ruaa’)

Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (Radhiyallahu Anhu) narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “Listening to music and singing are sinful. Sitting at such gatherings is fisq (immoral transgression). Deriving pleasure from it is kufr.”(Nailul Autaar)

Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (Radhiyallahu Anhu) was invited to a Walimah (marriage feast). When he arrived at the house, he heard singing. He halted at the door. He was asked: Why have you halted?’

He replied: “I heard Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) say: ‘He who increases the number of a crowd is of them. He who is pleased with an act of the people is a partner in its commission.”

(Al-Mataalibul Aaliyah as well as other kitaabs)

Hadhrat Ibn Mas’ood (Radhiyallahu Anhu) narrated that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “Beware of listening to musical instruments and singing, for verily, both these acts germinate nifaaq (hypocrisy) in the heart just as water causes vegetables to grow.” (Kaf-fur Ru’aa’)

These Nasheed shows and Nasheed tours which are becoming rampant are not permissible due to the following reasons:

1) Professional Singers: It is Haraam to be a professional singer in Islam – kindly view the following texts:

A – Hanafi Math-hab: “The Mashaaikh have explicitly mentioned that to sing for enjoyment/pleasure or to earn some money is Haraam without a difference of opinion” (Fathul Qadeer and other kitaabs)

What are these shows for? Mere fun and entertainment!!! Even their income is Haraam. A true Muslim understands that all these Nasheed shows, tours, etc. are for entertainment.

 “And the Shahaadat (testimony) will not be accepted of that singer with whom people associate and he gathers people (for his Nasheed shows, Nazm Jalsahs, and on his Naat tours).” (Mabsoot) – gathering people for singing (such as Nasheed Shows, Nazm Jalsahs, etc.) is very sinful and Haraam! This is mentioned in many kutub.

Explaining why the Shahaadat (testimony) of the one who sings for people/the public/ an audience will not be accepted, Sheikhul Islam, the great Muhaddith, Faqeeh-e-Mujtahid, Saahib-e-Hidaayah states: “…because he is gathering people for a major sin.”

“To sing for an audience even without musical instruments is a kabeerah (major) sin.”

(Fataawa Khairiyyah) – Singing for an audience is absolutely Haraam!

B – Shaafi’ Math-hab: Imaam Shaafi’ee Rahimahullah has clearly stated that the Shahaadat of a professional singer will not be valid. (Kitaabul Umm)

Allamah Ibn Hajar Haitami states regarding the person who becomes famous as a singer (like these Nasheed artists, Nazm singers , Album-launchers, etc.): “He is a Safeeh Mardoodush Shahaadah” (Kaffur-Ru’aa)

Safeeh means foolish, stupid. Mardoodush Shahaadah means such a person’s testimony will be rejected in an Islamic court.

Notwithstanding his leniency in the matter of singing, Imaam Ghazaali (rahmatullah alayh) states: “According to Imaam Shaafi (rahmatullah alayh) the testimony of a professional singer is rejected because singing is an abhorrent and Makrooh profession.” (Ihyaaul Uloom)

“And enumerated amongst the Muharramaat (Haraam acts) in At-Tanbeeh, is singing.” (Mughniyul Muhtaaj)

C – Maaliki Math-hab: Imaam Maalik Rahimahullah was asked about the singing gatherings of Madinah, he responded that these were the gatherings of the Fussaaq. (Al-Madkhal Li-Ibnil Haaj ; Al-Ilal)

“And singing and Lahw (futility/sport) – all of them – Teaching with a fee or without a fee is Haraam!” (Al-Kaafi)

“And (it is mentioned) in Mudawwanah: ‘The Shahaadat (testimony) of a male singer, female singer…, will be rejected when they are known/famous for it.” (Mawaahibul Jaleel)

D – Hambali Math-hab: “If someone is persistent in singing or he makes it a profession or he employs his slave or slave girl as a singer for audiences, his testimony will be rejected.” (Al-Ansaaf)

Imaam Ahmed bin Hambal states: “I asked my father about singing. He said: ‘Singing breeds Nifaaq (hypocrisy) in the heart just as how water grows crops and plants.”

Allaamah Ibn Jauzi Hambali states: “With regard to the singing which is in vogue nowadays, it is unlawful according to Imaam Ahmad….According to the Hambali Fuqaha, the testimony of a singer and a dancer is unacceptable.”         (Talbees Iblees)

There are many more quotes from all four Math-habs which indicate that professional singing is Haraam. However, the above suffices for the genuine truth-seeker.

There is, however, difference of opinion on the question of singing without musical instruments in solitude. For example, consider the following quote:

“…From this text of Imaam Muhammad it is proven that to sing even alone (without musical instruments) is haraam.”         (Bahrur Raaiq)

The text referred to above is a text in Ziyaadaat of Imaam Muhammed Rahimahullah.

Here is another text: “The apparent meaning is that singing is a major sin, even if it is not sung for an audience, but even for one’s self in order to banish loneliness and this is the view of Sheikhul Islam” (Bahrur Raaiq)

 “And the mas’alah indicates that singing alone (without musical instruments) is sinful and likewise listening to it.” (Badaaius Sanaai) – This is the opinion of many Fuqaha despite the fact that some have given permissibility to sing alone in order to banish loneliness – not for entertaining others!

The difference of opinion amongst the Fuqaha regarding the permissibility to sing in solitude to banish loneliness provided the song does not consist of immoral statements, and it has not developed into a habit clearly makes one realise that it is Haraam to sing for an audience and that Music is undoubtedly Haraam. Qawwaali, Nazm Jalsahs, Nasheed tours, Qaseedah Shows are thus Haraam. Singing with music is likewise Haraam even in solitude!

In fact there is Ijmaa’ (consensus) of all four Math-habs on the following:

  • Music is Haraam!
  • Singing for entertainment is Haraam, whether alone or for an audience – with or without musical instruments.
  • All songs which create negligence or contain any Haraam element or promote evil, shamelessness or any other impermissible act are Haraam even if they are sung in solitude with all the other accompanying factors necessary for the initial permissibility of singing in solitude.
  • Music or singing as one’s profession. It is Haraam to be a musician or a singer. Making musical instruments or singing as an occupation is Haraam. It is Haraam to be a professional singer or a Nasheed artist.

The above was a detailed explanation of the prohibition of professional Nasheed artists and Nazm singers which was the first reason explaining why Nasheed tours and Nasheed shows are Haraam. All these Nasheed shows, tours, Jalsahs, Najam Sheraz, etc. propagate and advertise the names of the famous singers as ‘Nasheed Artists’.

There is actually no need to present more reasons why Nasheed shows, Nasheed tours, etc. are Haraam. However, a few more reasons will briefly be mentioned:

  1. Singing for an audience – we have elaborated in much detail above. Even the singing of a non-professional for an audience is not permissible as understood from the above texts.

  1. Honouring Fussaaq – Imaam Maalik Rahimahullah declared such type of gatherings as gatherings of the Fussaaq. The singers are openly indulging in sin as explained in much detail above. Thus, attending such a function and giving the stage to such singers is honouring an open sinner (a Faasiq). Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said:

“When a Faasiq is praised, the Arsh of Allah shakes.”


  1. Listening to Haraam – when their singing is Haraam, then listening to it is likewise Haraam. Attending it and promoting it is also Haraam!

5. Women listening to Men Singing– this is Fitnah! The singing of a young beardless boy or a woman is likewise undoubtedly Haraam.

  1. The presence of women even if it is in a so-called ‘Purdah’ facility/section – Women are commanded to remain at home. The Qur’aan and Sunnah emphasizes that women should remain glued to their homes.

  1. Intermingling of the sexes – this is the gateway to ZINA.

  1. The Nazms/Naats/Nasheeds/ Qaseedahs are in emulation of the songs of the Fussaaq – the style and tune is sometimes like some English or Hindi song. They copy Bollywood tunes, weird rappers, and what not. Clearly, this is Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar which is Haraam. There is much harm in emulating Fussaaq and Kuffaar.

  1. Background sounds and musical tunes – The background sounds, etc. makes it sound like music. That is why many people ‘enjoy’ these so-called Zikr CD’s because it is fun ‘Zikr’ – not real Zikr. Shaytaan has misled these people with musical tunes and background sounds. This is indeed Istikhfaaf (treating lightly) the Zikr of the pure name of Allah.

  1. The singers are at times clean-shaven, dress up un-Islamically, etc. – This is the case with many of them. It is a mockery of the Deen.

  1. Videos, Youtube, Video Clips, ITV, etc etc – The singers indulge in videos. The video clips are propagated by Fussaaq. The whole show, tour, etc. is videoed. At times, it is broadcasted on TV. The Haraam songs are propagated on Youtube, Facebook, etc.

  1. Photography – this is like almost a must these days with every Haraam function. All photos of animate objects– digital or not – are Haraam! Even these so-called ‘Nasheed artists’ indulge in Haraam pictography.

  1. Defiling the sanctity of the Masjid – at times the Haraam Jalsah or show is held at a ‘Masjid’ or on ‘Masjid’ premises. This is disrespectful and a dishonour to the House of Allah. The House of Allah is for Ibaadat – not entertainment!

  1. Propagating all the Haraam as ‘Islamic’ – this is a major crime in Islam. They even justify the Haraam shows. They know deep down their hearts that it is Haraam entertainment, but they use titles like ‘Nasheeds for Syria’, ‘Nazm Jalsah’, ‘Ishq-e-Nabi Tour’, ‘Naat Khawan’, etc etc. These programs are very far from Deen. In fact, these Haraam shows divert a person’s attention away from Deen. This is Shaitaaniyyat!

  1. Music or musical styles – at times Music accompanies the singing. Most of the times, the style of the show, ‘Jalsah’, etc. is identical to the musical shows of the Kuffaar!
  2. Clapping of hands or Dancing – Sometimes people dance with the tune, which is Haraam. The clapping of hands is likewise a Kaafir custom. Dancing is Haraam!

  1. Imitating the Fussaaq – The singers imitate Fussaaq. Moreover, the audience imitate the Fussaaq singers. After the show, they even mimic the Nasheed Artists and sing the songs of the Haraam show.

  1. Showing respect and more time for songs than the Qur’aan – these shows and tours divert a person’s mind away from the Qur’aan. People show so much respect and have much time for these Kaafir types of entertainment that many do not show the same respect for the Qur’aan. In fact, attending such a function is in itself disrespectful and open disobedience to the Qur’aan. The Aayat was quoted right at the beginning.

  1. Futility – these gatherings are futile. They are not beneficial. They are harmful. And Haraam is never permissible despite some of its benefits. The harms outweigh the benefits. One attains nothing from such a futile show or gathering but the Wrath of Allah Ta’ala.

  1. Waste of time and money – These programs are a waste of time and waste of money – Muslims are suffering around the world, but we have money and time to squander. Have we become so forgetful of the Aakhirah, Qiyaamah and the Qabr?

  1. Unsavoury and Haraam venues – Many a times the venue is improper or Haraam.


The ‘One World Nasheed Show’ to be held at Jimmy’s is Haraam. Besides prawns being Haraam according to many Ulama which should caution us to prefer and choose abstention, Jimmy’s and almost all these famous restaurants like Spur, Debonairs, Steers, KFC, Adega, Wimpy, Chicken Licken, Mcdonalds, Panarottis, Flambos, Mochachoes, ETC ETC deal in Haraam meat. Their steaks, mutton and chicken is 99% of the time Haraam!

Also, most Muslim butcheries are dealing in Haraam meat. They obtain their Haraam meats from Karan Beef, Rainbow Chickens, GWK Mutton, Earlybird, Country Range, Country Meats, Chubby Chick, Farmer Brown, Romeo, Sadia, Supreme, Outspan, Countyfair, Rocklands, Brazil chickens, etc etc. All imported and commercial mutton, chicken and beef is Haraam! May Allah make it easy for us to understand this undeniable reality and may Allah make it easy for us to abstain from Haraam functions and Haraam food. Ameen



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The title describes it all. All of them fit perfectly together. Fisq, the Fordsburg Jamiat, Fussaaq, ladies facilities, Ulama-e-Soo, merrymaking, entertainment, corrupt Qaaris, Radio Stations of Shaitaan and other Haraam acts are all from the same basket in which Shaytaan has placed his ‘Easter-eggs’.

Allah Ta’ala has equipped the Ulama-e-Haq with the methods of Haq in order to demolish Baatil and Bid’ah. The way to demolish Baatil cannot be achieved by Baatil or by the ways of the people of Baatil. Similarly, the method to combat Bid’ah cannot be accomplished by utilizing the methods of the Bid’atis or by Bid’ah acts. This is something which the TV-Molvi-deviates need to learn.

The Fordsburg Jamiat most probably believes that Moulood is Bid’ah. All the people of Haq understand that Mass Mawlids, Meelaads, Mouloods, and Ladies Mowlids are Bid’ah. But, the Fordsburg Jamiat has enacted a very same merrymaking function in emulation of the Bid’ati Haraam Meelaad/Moulood! The one difference is that the Bid’ah Seerah Jalsah will not have the Bidah Salaami or Polony with it. Yes, it might have some of Sanha’s Haraam carrion which is like the Bid’ati MJC or NIHT’s carrion.

Another difference is the name difference. But, the different name does not alter the reality. If Black is called brown, then it will remain black immaterial of who calls it what. The reality of a function needs to be seen – not just the name! Furthermore, these Bid’atis are starting to have their Mawlids from Rabiul Awwal onwards which is also a trend with the Bid’ah Seerah Jalsahs which are hosted by so-called Deobandis! This specific Seerah Jalsah is impermissible because of the following reasons:

  1. Hosted by the corrupt Fordsburg Jamiat falsely parading as Jamiatul Ulama South Africa. They are amongst the worst Ulama-e-Soo in this country. The ‘Fatwas’ which their Fatwa department issues, indicates their liberal Ulama-e-Soo status. They are linked to much Haraam. They promote fussaaq and TV. Hence, it should not be difficult to understand that they are very evil so-called ‘Ulama’. Their association and hosting of this Haraam Seerah Jalsah is a clear sign of their deviation.
  1. The Faasiq so-called Radio ‘Islam’ International which is a media partner which prostitutes the voices of women and promotes Baatil and Haraam in the name of Deen. Radio Islam is not Islamic. It is misleading the Ummah with much Haraam. It advertises Haraam and indulges openly in Fisq. We are exhorted by the Shariah to acquire Ilm only from reliable sources. A Faasiq is not a reliable source for proper Islamic knowledge. Radio Islam’s Fisq is not hidden. They are evil Fussaaq and Ulama-e-Soo!
  1. Nurul Islam Centre – a place and a venue for much Haraam. Certain Masjids have become centres for Baatil, merrymaking and Fisq. The ones in charge of Nurul Islam are really immoral Fussaaq. The molvis overseeing Nurul Islam are Shayaateen because they allow much Haraam and Baatil at Nurul Islam and even allow the Nurul Islam halls to be hired out for Haraam weddings. It seems as if there is something drastically missing in the brains of the Ulama in charge of Nurul Islam that they even allow Haraam weddings!

Besides the Haraam weddings, we find Nurul Islam hosting much baatil and rubbish. The Masjid is in the control of Ulama-e-Soo. The Masaajid are used nowadays for much Haraam. Nurul Islam is a sign of Qiyaamah! They are Mudhilleen. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: : “Verily, I fear for my Ummah such Aimmah (muftis, molvis and sheikhs such as those of Nurul Islam, Faasiq Bham, Faasiq Suliman Moola, Faasiq Qaaris, etc.) who are mudhilleen (men who mislead others).”

The fact that it allows the Shayaateen of Radio Islam and ITV to give Bayaans at the Masjid is enough to prove that the Nurul Islam Masjid is run by unscrupulous Ulama-e-Soo and shameless deviates.

  1. Faasiq Sulaiman Moola will be one of the speakers. Appearing on TV, allowing people to video one’s self, and taking photos, or allowing one’s photo to be taken is flagrant Fisq. Such a person is a Faasiq. The Bayaans of a Faasiq are dangerous for one’s Imaan. His Fisq will definitely affect you. Therefore, stay away from him. Some liberal Muftis in South Africa have attempted to defend this Faasiq Moola character. The act of taking photos is not a quality of our pious elders. The opinion of Mufti Ebrahim Desai in this regard is extremely unprofessional, baseless and unprincipled, and he is deceitfully promoting a Faasiq! In fact, Mufti Ebrahim Desai remains silent about the videos and photos of Faasiq Suliman Moola! This is indeed treachery to the department of Ifta and a sign of being a dumb Shaytaan! He is using his darul ifta to promote haraam and fisq.
  1. Faasiq Ebrahim Bham is notorious for his fisq and breaking the laws of Hijab and for allowing himself to be photographed. It is not permissible to listen to the Bayaans of Fussaaq and Ulama-e-Soo like Faasiq Molvi Bham, Faasiq Suliman Moola, Faasiq Menk, Faasiq Ninowy and their Ilk!
  1. Qari Ayub Ishaq is also a Faasiq who participates in Qiraat competitions and allows himself to be videod, photographed, etc. He is undoubtedly a Shaitaan who has no real respect for the Qur’aan.
  1. Naats and Qasidah Burdah. The Masjid is not a place for entertainment. It is for Ibaadat. But these Naats are sung in the Masaajid for pleasure, enjoyment and entertainment. Most people don’t even know or understand what is being sung. They only interested in the tune. Furthermore, professional singing is Fisq and it is not permissible to sing for an audience. See our detailed article on Nazm Jalsahs!
  1. Ladies accommodation will be in the adjacent hall. We did say that the Ifta department of the Fordsburg Jamiat is corrupt. The Muftis of the Fordsburg Jamiat are Ulama-e-Soo and according to Ibn Hajar Haitami Rahimahullah, they are morons. See the detailed Fatwa on our website regarding women attending the Masaajid. When it is Haraam for women according to all four Math-habs to attend the Masaajid, then how can it be permissible for women to attend the hall next to the Masjid for a Haraam Bid’ah Seerah Jalsah? The Muftis of the Jamiat have no Aql. They are worse than morons. We wonder in which Darul Uloom they qualified and if any of their existing seniors are aware of their Fisq!

Furthermore, the hall is next to the men’s hall! Inna Lillaahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’oon. The Janaazah of Hijaab has long ago departed with the blessings of this evil Fordsburg Jamiat. Allah says that women must remain in their homes and all four Math-habs are unanimous that women may only leave their homes for necessities, but this corrupt Fordsburg Jamiat has accommodation for women! They are amongst the worst of Fitnah-makers. Are they not aware that the Fuqaha declare female emergence as Fitnah?


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Rasulullah (sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:  “He who is silent about the Haqq is a dumb Shaytaan.”

The ‘Roggeland Duiwel-land Country Estate/House’ in Paarl has become a venue for much Haraam. The saddest and most dishonourable part of it is that the Roggeland Devil House is operated by Muslims. It is supported by Planet Mercy South Africa which is a Ninowi Bid’ati Shia initiative! Planet Mercy indulges in many Haraam activities in the name of fundraising, etc. It is Haraam to support Planet Mercy.

Concerning Ninowy, we had already written an article regarding this deviate which is available on our website. Furthermore, Deviate Ninowy has Shia inclinations. He is not a valid leader to the Muslim community. He might be a leader amongst the Shias and the Bid’atis – but not for those who follow the Deen. If you follow Ninowy as how he is currently with many corrupt ideologies and beliefs, then note well that you will be misled!

Very soon, the Roggeland devils would be hosting another Haraam merrymaking function which they deceptively dub as “Tala’al Badru Alayna – Eat! Pray! Love!” The “eat-pray-love” designation indicates their corrupt inclinations. What do these devils mean by ‘pray’?

They are undoubtedly Shaytaan’s prey. Hence, they do not have a conscience towards the Deen. It is Haraam piled upon Haraam. What ‘love’ and harmony can there be when we indulge in Haraam events?

 ‘Network Events’ is an organization founded by some devil. The evil events which it propagates in the name of Islam really makes us wonder if they really even know anything about Haraam and Halaal. The level of ignorance amongst Muslims is just too high and Muslims are not prepared to accept the truth. Instead, they look for corrupt Ulama and scholars for dollars who sing to their tune like MJC, SANHA, Ninowy, Taha Karaan, the Madinah Institute, the Fordsburg Jamiat, BMJ, Darul Uloom Pretoria, Ghazali School, Imam Suyuti Institute, CTIEC, IPSA, ICSA, NIHT, VOC, the so-called Islamic radio and TV stations, Mustafa College, Shaafi Institute, the Moslem schools, etc.

The Tala’al Badru function is a Haraam event because of the following:

  1. Habibia Siddique Muslim Brigade: Music is Haraam. Imitating the coons is Haraam. In fact, this faasiq brigade looks like a medley of clowns and coons merely to entertain the fussaaq. The one who initiated this brigade is the devil himself. There is nothing Islamic about this brigade. They dress up like Kuffaar and they are a bunch of miserable Shayateen.
  1. Music: Music is absolutely Haraam. Hadhrat Naafi’ (radhiyallahu anhu) narrates:

“Once when Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) heard the sound of a shepherd’s flute, he placed his fingers in both ears (to block the sound of the music), and he diverted his mount from that path. (As they rode on), he would say: ‘O Naafi’, can you still hear (the sound)?’ I would say: ‘Yes.’ He would then continue riding. Only when I said: ‘I can no longer hear it’, did he remove his fingers from his ears. Then he returned to the road. He then said: ‘I saw Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) doing like this when he had heard the flute of a shepherd.” (Ahmad and Abu Dawood)

      This was the reaction of the devotees of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). They could not tolerate the voice of shaitaan. When music dinned into their ears, they literally plugged their ears with their fingers. By what stretch of reasoning and on what basis of shame and honesty can it be claimed that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had permitted music and singing? He had described it as the voice of shaitaan. He would plug his ears to block the sound of shaitaan’s voice entering his ears.

  1. Tasleema Allie: This is a faasiqah Bid’ati Aunty. It is Haraam for women to speak publicly. All the Fuqaha agree that it is Haraam for a woman to project her voice. Lady presenters are Haraam! This is the way of the Kuffaar – not Islam!
  1. Top Ten Nasheed presenter of VOC (Voice of the Clowns): In Islam, there is no such a thing as top ten Naats or top ten Nasheeds or top ten Qiraats. This is Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar. Furthermore, professional singing of Nazms is Haraam. And this top ten nonsense refers to these Faasiq professional singers. These Nazms of today are absolutely Haraam. Even the singers have no respect for the laws of the Shariah. Hence, they and their listeners trample upon the laws of the Shariah. The top ten presenter of VOC is also a third-class Faasiq.
  1. Qari Idris Rajab: Another corrupt so-called Qaari. Majority of these Qurraa whom the public bring to South Africa are fussaaq involved in shaving the beard, photography, allowing themselves to be videoed, etc. Naina is also a faasiq munaafiq. These Qaaris have sold the Qur’aan down the drain for the carrion gains of the world.
  1. Aswaatul Madinah Band/Musician: Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said that Music breeds hypocrisy in the heart just as water grows plants! Those who listen to music should make Taubah (repent) that they will never ever again listen to music and ask Allah to remove the hypocrisy from their hearts. Don’t deceive yourself by believing that you are pure if you listen to music. A heart contaminated with music is a hypocritical heart. Hypocrisy is definitely found in those who listen to Music. We fully believe in what Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said.
  1. I’jaaz Nasheed group: Another group of fussaaq. These modern-day Nasheeds are not permissible. They resemble kaafir songs. They resemble the Bid’ati Nazms and Naats of the faasiq Qadri Bid’atis and their ilk. Some even have back-ground sounds like ‘Allah-Allah’ which is pure Nafsaaniyyat. There is no benefit in excuses and Shaitaani tricks to defend these Haraam Nasheeds. The purpose of these background sounds is for entertainment which is Haraam. Many of these so-called Nasheeds and Nazms resemble Bollywood songs and Arabian music! Inna lillaahi Wa inna Ilayhi Raaji’oon.
  1. Women leaving their homes: It is Haraam for women to exit their homes for reasons which are not deemed necessary according to the Shariah such as participating in public events. The Qur’aan prohibits such female emergence. In fact, this event is so evil that it is Haraam for men also to take part. There is absolutely no Hijaab at these fundraising events of Shaitaaniyyat.
  1. The Jilbaab and Niqaab: Even if a woman wears the ‘Fardh’ Jilbaab and the ‘Fardh’ Niqaab, then too it is Haraam for her to leave her home for this event as explained above. However, most women don’t cover their faces. This is indeed very shameless. According to all four Math-habs, even the Shaafi Math-hab, it is Waajib-necessary for a woman to cover her face. Ibn Hajar Haitami mentions the Shaafi Fatwa in his Tuhfah: “YES! She who is certain of the gaze of a stranger (ajnabi) falling on her, for her it is laazim (incumbent) to conceal her face from him, otherwise she would be assisting him towards haraam, thus she would be sinning.” It is obvious that men ‘ogle’ and ‘stare’ at women at these Haraam functions. After all, it is a Haraam function which is meant to attract immoral attention of the opposite sex.
  1. Shameless dressing: Jeans and tops and tops and pants are for the Kuffaar – not for Muslims. Love for Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam demands that we dress up Islamically. The modern-day Abaya reveals the shape of a woman’s body. These Abayas are absolutely haraam for appearance in public. These concerts are meant for the kuffaar. Hence, people will dress up like the Kuffaar at these gatherings.
  1. Intermingling of the sexes: This is a major sin. It is shameless to mingle with ghair-Mahrams or anyone to whom it is permissible to get married to. Intermingling leads to Zina.
  1. Wasting Time in Haraam: This is also a sin. We don’t own life. Life is a trust of Allah. Yet, we waste it in Haraam functions and shameless events. Allah Ta’ala has taken an oath on time. But we are at a loss because of indulging in Haraam functions of this type. Only those who utilise their time fruitfully in the obedience of Allah and encourage people towards good, are successful.
  1. Photos and Videos: This is also Haraam. The ones who will receive the most severe punishment on the Day of Qiyaamah are the one’s involved in pictures and photos.
  1. Zina of the eyes: Looking at ghair-Mahrams of the opposite gender which is Haraam.
  1. Zina of the ears: Listening to the voices of ghair Mahram women. The woman’s voice has the ability of inciting lust and passion in a man’s heart.
  1. Wastage of Money: Those who waste money are the brothers of Shaytaan as the Qur’aan says. On the Day of Qiyaamah, we will be questioned regarding our wealth. How did we earn it? How did we spend it? It is clear that it is Haraam to attend this Shaitaani concert. The tickets sold by Networks SA are tickets to Jahannam.
  1. Futility: Futility wastes time. It does not behove a Muslim to indulge in futility. Kuffaar sport, kuffaar games and merrymaking are not for those who are really concerned about the Qabr, Qiyaamah, The Bridge of Siraat, Jannah and Jahannam. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “The beauty of a man’s Islam is that he shuns futile acts.” There is nothing exciting in this Haraam concert. It is undoubtedly an evil show and party organized by misguided people.
  1. The Haraam Venue: The venue is evil. This Roggeland does not obey Allah’s laws of Hijaab mentioned in 7 Aayats of the Qur’aan and over 70 Ahaadeeth. Segregation of the sexes is Waajib. They also indulge in Haraam buffets where men and women are mixed. Thus, it is stupid and an insult to intelligence to claim that “Venue: this gorgeous Roggeland Country Estate. The only Halaal Estate in the Winelands. Find out about its rich Islamic Heritage…” It has a Shaitaani heritage. That is why it is able to host evil, shameless and haraam concerts and shows in the name of Deen. Even the weddings it hosts, are absolutely Haraam. These picnics and birthday parties are all Haraam!
  1. Corrupt Madaaris and Masaajid run by Fussaaq: The Madaaris and Masaajid who participate in this Haraam function are indeed signs of Qiyaamah. What can these misguided Madaaris teach the Children? No wonder the Muslim Ummah is so corrupt! They must learn to teach the young ones about Hijaab and Haraam functions. So many laws of Allah are violated at this Eat-Pray-Love Concert of the Devil. But the problem with these Madaaris and Masaajid, is that the laws of Allah are violated even at these Madaaris and Masjid venues which supposed to be Islamic. The Madaaris are treated like kaafir schools. The Masjids are treated like Churches.
  1. Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar: This event and concert is in emulation of the Kuffaar. It is Haraam to raise funds in this manner. Nowadays, most fund-raising activities are Haraam. 99,9% of all these charity and fundraisers are filled with Shaitaaniyyat, Nafsaaniyyat and several Haraam acts. We have forgotten Allah and we only interested in Haraam parties.
  1. VOC-Voice of the Cape Clowns: It is incumbent for the Muslim public to boycott Voice of the Cape. Don’t listen to VOC. Voice of the Cape is a station which propagates Haraam. They have shia inclinations just like Radio-Shia-786. Radio 786 even plays Music. We want to please Allah, but we break his laws. There are 4 Aayats and over 40 Ahaadeeth to prove that all types of Music is Haraam. This VOC and Radio-Shia-786 are involved in much Haraam. They are amongst the worst devils in Cape Town together with the Madinah Institute, The CTIEC, the MJC and a few other organizations. They are the main cause for misleading the Muslims in Cape Town. The ‘Sheikhs’ and Ulama who support these Radio stations are indeed shayaateen misleading the public.
  1. Misleading the public: The event is described as a ‘Muslim’ event. This is not a ‘Muslim’ event. This is a kaafir event. Any Muslim who fears Allah will not participate in this evil event. Everyone who participates in this Haraam concert is a Faasiq and a Faajir according to the Shariah. Openly sinning in public is Fisq. Don’t be fooled by the miscreants who are organizing such a Haraam event!
  1. Calling people towards Haraam: There is much Haraam already as mentioned above. It is Haraam to invite and encourage people towards wrong and evil. Music is Shaitaaniyyat. These organisers of the Haraam event are devils. The Qur’aan prohibits assisting one another in sin. Thus, it is very evil to say “Join us for a symphony of Nasheed, Qasaid, Naats & more from Sunset to a moonlit sky.” The Night is NOT meant for such Haraam nonsense and for Haraam games and partying.

These Haraam functions of merrymaking and fun will not bring people closer to the Deen. Haraam takes people away from Deen. It takes a person further away from Allah Ta’ala. These Haraam functions invite the wrath of Allah Ta’ala. May Allah guide us towards the truth and may He save us from attending these Haraam functions and events. Ameen.





This article has been written for those who follow the four Math-habs – those who subscribe to the Waajib doctrine of Taqleed. Those who pretend that they have a right to refer directly to the Hadeeth for proofs are not really targeted in this article. We are Muqallideen and our target is Muqallids – neither is our aim the plastic Mujtahids nor the salafi coprocreeps (Ahle-Hadath – the so-called Ahle Hadeeth).

The issue of singing is simple. It is recorded in the books of all four Math-habs in much detail. There is simply no need for a real Muqallid to bypass the Fuqaha of the four Math-habs in order to ascertain the ruling of singing songs, Nazms, Nasheeds, Qaseedahs, etc. Bypassing the Fuqaha and directly referring to Hadeeth for a Mas’alah is a salient trait of all ignoramuses such as modernists, liberals and the ghair-Muqallideen.

“And the mas’alah indicates that singing alone (without musical instruments) is sinful and likewise listening to it.” (Badaaius Sanaai) – This is the opinion of many Fuqaha despite the fact that some have given permissibility to sing alone in order to banish loneliness – not for entertaining others!

“And the Shahaadat (testimony) will not be accepted of that singer with whom people associate and he gathers people (for his singing Jalsahs).” (Mabsoot) – gathering people for singing (such as Nazm Jalsahs) is very sinful and Haraam! This is mentioned in many kutub.

As far as the rejection of the Shahaadat of a female singer is concerned, it is mentioned:

“because they have perpetrated a major sin due to Nabi Alayhis Salaatu Was Salaam’s prohibition on two repulsive/vile sounds/voices: the Naaihah – the female mourner (not the one who mourns upon her own calamity) and the Mughanniyyah – the female singer…The word ‘Mughanniyyah’ is used in general terms, so it (the prohibition) includes the woman who sings for herself as raising her voice is Haraam contrary to the singing of a man as the prohibition of a man’s singing is when he sings for an audience.” (Bahrur Raaiq)

There is absolutely no difference of opinion among all Authorities of all Math-habs, from the era of the Sahaabah, that singing for an audience is haraam. Such a singer is Mardudush Shahaadah (i.e. his testimony is not acceptable in the Shariah). Explaining this issue, Allamah Ibn Nujaim states the reason: ‘because he gathers people for a major sin’ – Bahrur Raaiq. Professional singing is Haraam according to all four Math-habs.

“The apparent meaning is that singing is a major sin, even if it is not sung for an audience, but even for one’s self in order to banish loneliness and this is the view of Sheikhul Islam” (Bahrur Raaiq)

“The Mashaaikh have explicitly mentioned that to sing for enjoyment/pleasure or to earn some money is Haraam without a difference of opinion” (Fathul Qadeer and other kitaabs) – What are Nazm Jalsahs for? Fun? Enjoyment?

If a person sings to himself in order to ward off loneliness, then it is permissible on condition that one does not sing to one’s self even for enjoyment. The song may not consist of immoral statements, and it should not develop into a habit. This is understood by studying the views of Allamah Sarakhsi, Allamah Kaasaani, Allamah Ibn Humaam, Allamah Aini, Fataawaa Hindiyyah etc.

It is explicitly mentioned in our Hanafi kutub that it is not permissible to attend gatherings of sin. One is not allowed to attend gatherings of sin. Allamah Margheenaani and other Fuqaha. explain this mas’alah very clearly. It is thus confirmed that to attend Nazm Jalsahs is not permissible. The magnitude of this major sin multiplies manifold when this haraam practice is perpetrated inside a Musjid as has become the practice nowadays. There are many more texts of our Fuqaha which prove that Nazm Jalsahs are Haraam. What the Fuqaha have stated, is in fact the view of the Qur’aan and Hadeeth.


The following evils are attached to Nazms and Nazm Jalsahs which are in fact qawwaali clowning functions.

  • Singing for an audience which is Haraam.
  • Attending a Haraam function.
  • Listening to haraam.
  • Defiling the sanctity of the Masjid.
  • Professional Singing which is Fisq.
  • Honouring Fussaaq such as the so-called Hafez Abu Bakr, Ziyad Patel, Zain Bhika, etc.
  • Gatherings of Fussaaq.
  • The presence of women even if it is in a so-called ‘Purdah’ facility/section.
  • Female emergence from the home for this haraam function is Haraam.
  • Women listening to males singing which is Haraam.
  • Justifying the Haraam misdeeds – the trademark  quality of the Mudhilleen & Ulama e Soo’.
  • Broadcasting over radio or TV the Haraam Jalsah. Women also listen to it.
  • Singing for enjoyment and entertainment which is Haraam even in privacy.
  • Haraam tunes and back-ground sounds.
  • It is in conflict with All Four Math-habs, i.e. the Shariah of the Qur’aan and Hadeeth.


As far as the Ummah is concerned, the final word in any matter of the Shariah is the ruling of the Fuqaha (the Jurists) of Islam, the highest of whom were the Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen such as Imaam Abu Hanifah, Imaam Maalik, Imaam Shaafi and Imaam Ahmad Bin Hambal (rahmatullah alayhim). These were the greatest authorities of the Shariah after the Sahaabah.

The Qur’aan and all the Ahaadith pertaining to an issue were in front of them. It is the height of stupidity, insolence and absurdity for any one in this belated age to attempt to negate and refute the rulings of these illustrious Fuqaha by citing certain Ahaadith which ostensibly conflict with their rulings. It is kufr to refute the rulings of the Shariah which the illustrious Fuqaha have formulated on the basis of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. No one can ever hope to understand the Qur’aan and Sunnah better than the Aimmah Mujtahideen and the Fuqaha in general.

Ignoramuses, zindeeqs and mulhids see contradictions between the rulings of the Fuqaha and the Qur’aan and Hadith. It is the kufr and nifaaq lurking in their hearts, which impels them to refute the rulings of the Fuqaha of Islam.

On the issue of singing and music, there exists a consensus which is as old as Islam. This consensus of the Fuqaha cannot be scuttled by the nafsaani corrupt opinions of the modernist deviates and ignoramuses of this age.


We are sorry to say this, but we find even Ulama/Sheikhs of the Idaarahs/Darul Ulooms and Jamiats condoning such Haraam by quoting the Hadith of Hazrat Hassaan Bin Thaabit Radhiyallahu Anhu. We doubt such ‘Ulama’ being true Ulama as they don’t even understand the meaning of Taqleed and they don’t seem to appreciate or even understand the value and role of the Fuqaha.

Hadith is not the function and playing field of a Muqallid. Only Mujtahideen are allowed to pasture in the Field of Hadith. It is deviation (dhalaal) for a muqallid to present daleel from Hadith. It is Waajib for the Muqallid to present daleel only from the statements of the Fuqaha of the Math-hab.

Nowadays, this diversion from this acknowledged principle displays the unprincipled way of argument of the present-day Ulama. Whilst it is permissible to cite a Hadith for a bayaan on moral issues, it is not permissible for a muqallid to attempt to substantiate his case on the basis of Hadith. This unprincipled way of arguing becomes more abhorrent when a stupid muqallid who has become too big for his boots presents a case in conflict with the Fuqaha of the Math-hab.

It is indeed lamentable to observe that in this entire argument of Nazm Jalsahs, Mowlood, halqah and bid’ah thikr, and all other Bid’aat, the votaries of these practices have left out the Fuqaha in entirety. They cite and distort what the Sufiya have said. The Fuqaha are the Physicians of the Ummat. They are extremely far-sighted. They understand the basis and purpose of the Ahkaam. They penetrate to the depth of the Ahaadith, extract the true illat (rationale) of the commands and prohibitions. Then they extend the law of prohibition wherever they detect the presence or the development of fitnah (corruption). They therefore prohibit all forms of singing be it without musical instruments in order to close the avenue of future corruption and moral turpitude. Hence, in any clash of opinion between the Muhadditheen and the Fuqaha, or the Sufiya and Fuqaha, the word of the latter is the Law of the Shariah.. It is the verdict of the Fuqaha which is final and binding.

Such Ghair-Muqallid type of arguments are rejected. The votaries of these bid’ah practices should  present the dalaail of the Fuqaha of the Math-hab whom we are following. Singing which has become an occupation and a profession is not permissible. Such unlawful singing is a predominant feature of nazam-singing which the satanic radio stations run by misguided Muslims have introduced. It is not permissible to listen to the radio-qaseedahs on account of it having become an occupation, entertainment and a money-making profession, and also because of the haraam kuffaar musical tones which accompany the futility of nazams.

The English nazams are particularly evil and haraam due to the kuffaar style and tune of the singing. Nazms with musical instruments/tunes or accompanied by music is much worse and obviously Haraam as Music is Haraam!

One of the most effective tools of enticement which Dajjaal will offer will be music and singing with which he will lure, entrap and destroy people in the cauldron of kufr he will boil for them. May Allah Ta’ala save His servants from this captivating snare of Dajjaal.